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A Cat Named Kenny
Kenny Logo
Created by Kidboy24
Original run April 12, 2014
Spin-off status Active
Writer(s) Kidboy24
Plot creators Kidboy24
Supervising producer(s) Rarity7Best

A Cat Named Kenny is a spin-off created by Kidboy24 about Kenny living with Sandy. Anybody can help write!

A Cat Named Kenny

The Show's Old Logo.


  • Teleram as Various Roles (2014-2014)


  • Kidboy24 (Creator, Writer. Plot Creator, Editor)
  • Alexjake14 (Animator)


  • Best Pilot Episode Award
  • Best Spinoff of 2019 award


Award images go here.


Season One

  1. The Return Of Kenny/Kenny VS Benny
  2. Inventions/Kenny and Jerry
  3. Sandy's Surprise Party/Kenny Meets The Quickster
  4. Dog!/Sweet Dreams, Kenny
  5. Falling To Pieces (LEGO Special)
  6. Kenny Needs A Job/Pineapple On Fire!
  7. Stupid Star/Baby Simon (Longer Episodes Start Here!) 8. On thin ice

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