A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 1 Is Alive!

A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 1 Is Alive is a DVD featuring all the Episodes of Season 1 of the Spin Of A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants.

A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 1 Is Alive!

DVD Card

Release Date:
Sometime Around Summer.
IRmjii, Nickleodeon, IR Entertainment, SuperFanon'D!
$5.99 (US), £4.99 (UK)
IRmjii, SuperFanon'D!
IRmjii, SuperFanon'D!
Production Company
Krusty Krab Productions

It Features...

Disc 1

1. There's No Place Like Home !

2. Krusty Krisis

3. Artist At Work

4.Time To Shine

5. Mountain Climbing

6. Sleeping On The Job

7. Seeing Double

8. Hide And Go Missing

9. Independence Day

Disc 2

10. A New Pet

11. Pretend King For A Day

12. Back To School

13. Close Call

14. Educating Patrick

15. The Cook-off

16. Jellytropolis

17. Super Sponge

18. Plankton On The Run

19.Burnt To A Crisp

Disc 3

21. One Simple Wish

22. The New Heroes

23. Areodynamic Duo

24. The Golden Acorn

25. Krusty Labyrinth

26. Fright Night

27. The Curse

28. Live And Drive

29. Silly Sponge

Disc 4

30. Stupid Stunt Students

31. Customer Relations

32. A SpongeBob Thanksgiving

33. Ho Ho Ho No

34.A Christmas Sponge

35. Resolution Ruckus

36. Soap Opera Mountain Climbing

37. The End.

Bonus Features

1. Interview With The Cast

2. Behind The Scenes: The Voice Actors

3. Behind The Scenes: The Making Of

4. How To Draw SpongeBob

5. How To Draw Patrick

6. Season 2 Preview: What's Next?


1. Some lines in some episodes are cut out because it doesn't  feature commercial breaks.

2. The How To Draw Series also appears as a book called How To Draw: SpongeBob SquarePants which will be released soon.

3. This is the First DVD ever going to be released on the series A Day With SpongeBob

4. The Song used in Episode 1 is different than in the T.V Version because of legal issues.

5. The Theme Song in this version uses more brighter colors than the T.V Version

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