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A Mermaid's Love

A Mermaid's Love is a fanmade episode made by Esa6426. In this episode, Uma meets a handsome Australian merman named Roy Marine, and they fall in love with each other. But is Roy hiding a dark secret?


  • Roy Marine (debut)
  • Harmony
  • Genelie (debut)
  • Police
  • Burglars


Uma, Sandy, Jervis, and SpongeBob were in an alley. Just then, some burglars attacked them. Jervis and Sandy fought them, scaring them away, but one of them threatened to attack Uma. Just then, a trash can lid flew out of nowhere and knocked him out! It came from a merman. He introduced himself as Roy Marine. Uma started liking him, and he started liking her. Jervis was a little envious of him after he left.

The next day, the police reported in the news that a cloaked figure broke into the museum and stole the Sapphire of Harmony (Esa's sister, the Goddess of, well, harmony). It had the power to cease war and hatred. If the crystal is broken, hatred, anger, and even war will break out! SpongeBob and the others went on a mission to find it, and Roy offered to help. Jervis regretfully accepted. As they were going along, Roy and Uma started liking each other more and more every second. Roy led them to the Forbidden Side, a scary place with bones and dead trees. They nearly got attacked by a few crazy fish, but they were able to escape. Then, they got trapped, except Roy. Then, an evil sorceress named Genelie came out with the sapphire. She said to Roy, "Good work, Son." Everyone realized it was all a setup and that Roy is Genelie's son and the one who stole the sapphire! Genelie made an evil plan of destroying the gem so the aquatic world will be history! Uma was heart-broken. Roy was filled with regret for doing this. He quickly snatched the sapphire, set everyone free, and swam off with it. Genelie tried to stop him, but Esa and Harmony suddenly appeared and defended him with their powers. They were able to defeat the sorceress. Genelie was then arrested. She swore she would get revenge on Roy. Uma came to him after the gem was placed back in the museum. She slapped his face for being a jerk, then kissed his cheek for saving their lives. The episode ends with Esa saying, "Now that's true love." and Harmony adding, "And harmony. Don't forget harmony."

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