Rated E10+ - For Ages 10 and Up

This Video game is rated E10+, meaning that it may be considered suitable for children 10 years of age and up. The content is moderate in impact.

This is the first video game in the series of the same name made by Runnervous.



When Plankton finds a orb of darkness, only SpongeBob can stop the madness he makes.


  1. Jelly Cliffs
  2. Goo Temples
  3. Crystal Condo
  4. Haunted Bottom
  5. Mega Mountain Range
  6. Pyro Wasteland
  7. The Plankton Dimension (only one level.)


  1. Robo Gary
  2. Robo Puff
  3. Robo Krabs
  4. Robo Pearl
  5. Robo Jellyfish
  6. Inferno King
  7. Dark Plankton (5 phases.)

The tower boss is Glue-Goop, a pile of glue in the shape of Plankton.



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A Spongy Quest
Created A Spongy Quest
Released Jan 17 2016
Genre 2D Platformer
Format Big Pebble Games
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