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Adventures From The Deep Blue Sea
Created by Cosmobo
Original run August 23, 2015 - present
Genre Comedy
# of seasons 2
# of episodes 24
Spin-off status Hiatus
Directed by Cosmobo
Writer(s) Cosmobo, Totalraichu
Production company Fanon Sponge TV and Luis TV
Title card creator(s) Cosmobo

Adventures From The Deep Blue Sea is a comedy spin-off created by Cosmobo.


Adventures From The Deep Blue Sea is a series full of silly adventures starring everyone's favorite Sponge, SpongeBob SquarePants.


Season 1

Episode card Prod # Name of episode Description

"Long Lost Brother!?" November 18, 2015
SpongeBob meets his rich Long Lost Brother. He must help him to get enough money but it isn't so easy.

"A Very Spongy Christmas" December 24, 2015
SpongeBob and Patrick must travel to the North Pole to save Santa from getting put to sleep by Plankton's evil gas.

"SpongeBob SquarePants and The Case of The Diamond Thief" December 25, 2015
When SpongeBob is accused of breaking into a museum and stealing a famous diamond he and Plankton must go and find the real burglar.

"Rusty's Revenge" December 31, 2015
Rusty Rickets comes back to the Krusty Krab to steal ingredients for his restaurant in the after life world. SpongeBob and Patrick end up having to hunt for him whilst also trying to save Bikini Bottom from the army of dead!

"Quest For The Holy Grail" January 17, 2016
Patrick ends up being in hospital as he thinks he is dying. SpongeBob goes on a quest to find the holy grail located on Grail Island so he can save his best friend!

IMG 3337
"What if SpongeBob Never Arrived?" July 30, 2016
We get to see what some of the characters lives would be like if SpongeBob never came into them.

"The Republic of Krusty" August 9, 2016
Mr. Krabs decides to expand his Krusty Krab fast food empire into something more - a whole country to be exact. SpongeBob and Squidward think it's way to suspicious and hire a detective to crack the case.

"Body Switching" August 14, 2016
This episode is a prequel to The Republic of Krusty. SpongeBob and Squidward end up switching bodies.

SpongeBob, SpongeBob
"SpongeBob, SpongeBob and....SpongeBob?" August 15, 2016
A bunch of SpongeBob Clones end up getting made. The problem is that the clones are the exact opposite of the real person. SpongeBob is the nicest person in town, the clones are some of the evilest.

"My-Pads" August 15, 2016
When MyPads come out they start to control everyone and its up to SpongeBob & Friends to save the day.

"A Neptune Family Reunion" August 19, 2016
Neptune's parents are coming over to the Krusty Krab. And when things don't go according to plan things start to get a little strange...

"Talk Shows and a Few Foes" October 18, 2016
When SpongeBob's favourite talk show host retires and he finds out he only works for the money, he decides he'll make his own talk show. However, the company SpongeBob has partnered with though turns out to have a dark secret of what they do to their workers...

"Welcome To The Camp" November 14, 2016
SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward find themselves entering a camp where people get brainwashed to worship The Chosen One.

"Mistletoe & Murder" December 24, 2016
SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Patrick find themselves stuck inside of a mansion with a killer on Christmas Eve. The murderer has a plan to pick them off one by one during the night.

Season 2

Episode card Prod # Name of episode Description

"Know That Squid" June 22, 2017
SpongeBob gets a form that he needs to get Squidward to fill out.

First/Only Movie
"Adventures From The Deep Blue Sea, The Movie." Unknown
To be announced.

"Memories" Unknown
SpongeBob's high school band friends visit his pineapple and they want a new player for the guitar.

Snail Problems: Patrick ends up finding a lost snail that he starts caring for. Patrick gives SpongeBob one week to find out if it belonged to anyone. After not finding where the snail came from SpongeBob says that Patrick can keep the snail. In Downtown Bikini Bottom an evil agency called The Snail Catchers want to collect all of the snails in Bikini Bottom for an evil plan. Can SpongeBob and Patrick stop them? Find out in this episode!

Malfuctions: SpongeBob and Patrick face their fears by riding Glove Universe's newest ride, The Tunnel of Horror. But the ride breaks down leaving them both stranded in a gloomy maze full of plastic skeletons and crawly clowns!

PatBob: SpongeBob and Patrick start playing in Sandy's lab one day. By doing this, they accidentally clone themselves together. Causing a person to come out who is half SpongeBob and half Patrick. And then the trouble starts.

The Switch: SpongeBob finds someone who looks exactly like him. And SpongeBob has to go on holiday with his parents. SpongeBob tells his look alike to look after his house and do what he does. But the look alike doesn't like Patrick that much. Could this be the end of their friendship?

Saving Private Puff: SpongeBob finds out that Mrs. Puff's husband is living somewhere above the surface after he escaped Shell City. It is SpongeBob´s job to find him.

The Sea Monster From Goo Lagoon: SpongeBob and Patrick get told about a sea monster who walks about in the sea of Goo Lagoon. So they try to find him. And they stumble upon a old ship. The ship that the monster owns. Uh oh.

Would You Like a Free Toy With That?: Plankton starts selling free toys with every purchase of chum. Causing the children of Bikini Bottom to drag their parents directly into the Chum Bucket. Soon the children get brain washed with these new toys and end up pulling their parents to the Chum Bucket everyday.

Le Seau Kèta: A fancy French chef gets fired from Fancy and starts working at the Chum Bucket making chum into lovely tasty food. As long as Plankton keeps paying him enough he will stay working there.

UTube: SpongeBob joins a website called UTube. SpongeBob ends up with millions of fans after he accidentally shows a recording of him ripping his pants at Goo Lagoon.

Navy Krabs: Mr. Krabs gets called by the navy to finish off a evil person who wants to destroy all of Bikini Bottom.

ISpongeBob: SpongeBob and Patrick start a new website called ISpongeBob. But the show gets cancelled as they are copyrighting ICarly. So it's up to SpongeBob and Patrick to find Carly and Sam before every episode gets cancelled.

Season 3

Swag-Ward: Squidward ends up realising that he is a brilliant Footballer and ends up getting rich and moving out of Bikini Bottom. Squidward will have to think about him moving back into his real home in Bikini Bottom or staying in his new town with all of his money.

Lights, Camera, Plankton!: The Krusty Krab is making a video for future employee's of the resteraunt and Plankton ends up behind the camera! Will Plankton find out the secret formula? Find out in this episode!

SpongePuff: SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff swap bodies!

Promo Cards


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Cosmobo: Creator, Writer and a Title Card Creator.

SBCA (Luis): Writer and Producer.

TheCreepyPastaLover: Writer.

Itsshehahnbro: Writer and Director.

SpongeBot678: Writer and Plot Creator.

Kash R: Plot Creator.


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Soisoisoisoisou's idea- SpongeBob characters and Sonic characters comments on my Sonic and Spongebob: Clash Worlds spin off pilot

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