Before Nick 2: The Revenge is a sequel to Before Nick.


4 Years after the events of the Abandoned Nick Studio's being burned down, 20 year old Matthew Walton is getting haunted by the angry spirits of the Characters and Zachary Kikins himself. Now he has to survive in his own home for a week for what he has done 4 years ago.


You play as Matthew Walton and you're in your own home. You have to run around the house and do various things to keep the characters from getting to you.

Characters and Information

Zachary Kikins- The main antagonist of the game. He appears to resemble Nick except reveals possessed, human eyes and teeth hidden in the mouth with small, orange line of slime covering it. He has a big hole revealing flesh and bones and has holes in his legs, also revealing flesh and bones. He also appears to have big hands with claws and a second set of small, arms with human sized hands. He starts outside on day 1. If you see him, you must close the curtain if he's peeking in the window. If you hear him, turn off the lights so he can't see you. You can also close doors or hide in places like closets. If you failed, then he will kill you.

Burnt Spongebob- He appears to resemble his self except all burnt and charred. He is missing his left arm and his pants appear to be very dirty and burnt. His phantom eyes appear to be red. He first appears on day 2. He can appear in the house anywhere. The player must run to another spot, hide, or go to thermostat and lower the temperature to make him less active and slow. Failing to do that leds him to killing you.

Burnt Tommy- He appears to resemble his self, except all burnt and fleshy. He also has red phantom eyes. He first appears on day 2. He will laugh loudly, attracting other characters, be in hiding places so you can't hide, and will turn up the temperature, making the enemies more aggressive. The player must run to another place or go to the thermostat and cool the temperature to make him go away.

(More characters coming soon)


This takes place after the events of the true ending from the first game.

The game revealed who burnt down the building.

The characters appear to be in a burnt state.

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