Bikini Bottom Desert

Bikini Bottom Desert
Bikini Bottom Desert/World 2

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Bikini Bottom Desert Is The Second World Of Starfishman: Defender Of Bikini Bottom. It Consists Of 9 Levels.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
Bikini Bottom Desert-1 Sand Dune Blues No Preview. A desert level with Shifting Sand Dunes.
Bikini Bottom Desert-2 Cousins In The Dark No Preview. This is a level with Plankton's Cousins and shifting sand.
Bikini Bottom Desert-3 Fortress Tunnel Cavern No Preview. It is an underground level with Fortress Cannons And Fortress Guards, And Introduces Flashlight Gadgets.
Bikini Bottom Desert-Fortress Desert Guard Fortress No Preview. The Tower of Bikini Bottom Desert. The boss is the second round of Thunder Frog.
Bikini Bottom Desert-4 Puffy Fluffy's Spouting Sands No Preview. A level featuring Puffy Fluffies and many Sandy Geysers.
Bikini Bottom Desert-5 Dry Desert Jellies No Preview. The fifth course of Bikini Bottom Desert with many Hypnotized Jellyfish and Jellyfish Platforms.
Bikini Bottom Desert-6 Railway Chase No Preview. A level featuring Fortress Cannons and many Plankton Cousins.
Bikini Bottom Desert-Train The Oceanic Express
The Oceanic Express
The Train of Bikini Bottom Desert with a Cannon at the start, and the boss of Bikini Bottom Desert, Plankton.
Bikini Bottom Desert-Secret Is Starfishman An Ice Skater? No Preview. A secret course with Plankton's Cousins and ice blocks.
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