• DontAskWhoJoeIs

    Salutations fellow squids and undecided! My name is Not-Joe, aka, DONTASKWHOJOEIS! Today I will be ranking every episode of Hoopla's Fantastic Beach that has released so far between 0 and 5 out of 5. 0 being the worst thing ever and 5 being awesome. I want to do more of these in the future so if there is any specific spin-off you want me to do a revue on, let me know in the comments! So now, with out any further delay... Let's dive in... Right now! (Note: I will not be reviewing the shorts in this blog post. Maybe some day later.)

    Episodes (Only the ones that already have an aire date)

    1. "Surf's Up! " - 4/5 - I don't think this episode is as bad as people, and the creator himself, makes it out to be. Sure, there is a lot of "filler" in this ep…

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  • EinsteinBlllllllllll


    February 16, 2020 by EinsteinBlllllllllll

    PURPLE133 ROCKS!!!

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  • The Toon Tomahawk

    Hey guys, Amanda back here again. I got a message from someone on the wiki who wanted to take over a group of mine that I created back in 2016/2017 (i can't remember...) so I've decided to come back to put out a blog post and you know, other stuff.

    So... main attraction, yes... I'm finally ending Basket Sponge for the real and final time this year. With the show entering it's fifth year in syndication, I feel like enough is enough with the series and I'm finally putting the nail in the coffin to the series that in all due respects, I feel like the first ending was better placed, both in the wiki's life and in the life of myself. There are TWO, yes TWO more episodes that are to be completed for the show and yes, these will be now in dedicati…

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  • JPacc

    Bad News and Good News

    February 15, 2020 by JPacc

    Hi, guys. I'm CaptainLinc9171 and I'm sad to say that my creations, KELP and The Patrick Show, are going to be deleted. So that's the bad news so far. The Good News is that my said deleted creations will be replaced with a new TV Network and for The Patrick Show a new Spin-Off! Yay!

    Anyways, if anyone's sad about the deletions of my 2 awesome creations, the blame it on me! And I'll tell you to be grateful for what's coming because as a lesson I'll whip the crap out of y- (Sorry that was just a joke)

    So bye guys I'll see you next time with my new creations.

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  • BritishFish3

    it is mine bitch

    February 15, 2020 by BritishFish3

    kelpy keeps trying to steal the atl from me even though it's my legal property

    • make me the legal owner of the atl so kelpy cant take it
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  • Squidnerd

    give me back the atl bitch

    February 15, 2020 by Squidnerd

    travis and his fascist insurgents have used mob rule to take my beautiful atl, i'd like it back. thanks.

    this proposal will also edit the proposal policy. future proposals to take over political parties will now be invalid.

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    The upcoming series titled "SpongeBob's Wonderful Life With Joe Biden" of which its pilot aired on NOT-JOE Studios TV on 1/25/20 has been canceled. More info on this topic will be released in the upcoming days.

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  • EinsteinBlllllllllll

    Hi, I'm EinsteinBlllllllllll and i returned since various admins and bureaucrats had gone. I am planning to join both Tea and Crumpets Corporation and SpongeBobia Reconnection Association, i am planning to be the new leader because the two leaders are inactive. O, and also, i am planning to revive Wikians For A Lawful SBFW. The principal goal that i am putting to those three parties will be to demote and block both Lock and Travis. Lock is restoring Water Sex, and that breaks Wikia's ToU.

    Otherwise, that's all

    Sincerely, Einstein8P 17:46, February 14, 2020 (UTC)

    EDIT: In the comments section, Squidnerd gave me SpongeBobia Reconnection Association. Einstein8P 13:09, February 15, 2020 (UTC)

    EDIT 2: I renamed SpongeBobia Reconnection Association to…

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    This morning I was looking at the SBFW Discord server's history and found that when I was blocked for proposal fraud, that wasn't the only thing people qere talking about... They were actually also talking about how dumb the rule below is and how it should be abolished. I agree, because what if your entire series is rated just one rating and no episodes have any different rating, also I didn't even know this rule was a thing until just now.

    "Content Moderators/Administrators must use the wiki rating system. Disobedience of this rule will result in an automatic user rights review."

    Also, I've got an upcoming Man-Ray movie coming soon to be rated R, I say this because every movie I make I plan to use the G-R rating, different than every show w…

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  • JPacc

    SpongeBot678 Rules!

    February 11, 2020 by JPacc

    I kid you not, This dank dude is the best user to ever exist on this wiki.

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  • JellyfishSponge231

    Request for admin

    February 11, 2020 by JellyfishSponge231

    this is my request for admin. I'm now bored of my rollback position (I'm also RedDragon2515, but with changed username)

    here are my reasons to be a admin

    1. I'm bored of rollback position

    2. I will work hard to improve the community

    3. I will protect the wiki from trolls or spammy users

    4. I will delete junk pages

    5. I will help other admins in news team & other

    6. I will protect pages that are always vandalized & undo spam edits

    7. I will close spam, outdated or unnessecary threads

    that's all

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  • NoNameExists

    I Have Left The Wiki

    February 11, 2020 by NoNameExists

    Yep. This is my last contribution on this wiki.

    Check me out on my wiki if you would like to.


    So, bye.

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  • PrimitiveSponge129

    Greetings damn fools and blasted buffoons.

    I'm back, I guess. I'm ready to do stuff here again. Kinda.

    I've gone somewhere, done something, made things change, and written a new episode for Welcome to Fancyland!.

    So yeahhhhhh das 'bout it.

    PrimitiveSponge129 (Talk) 01:59, February 10, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Locknloaded23

    Hello, and welcome to something i totally didnt steal from another user who stole that from another user.

    So today i wanted to discuss a more recent mystery. The mystery of EB's Dad 2. Now you might be thinking: what's so mysterious about this obvious troll?

    Well, here's the thing about EB's dad 2: he and TC12 both share the same IP address, meaning whoever TC12 is, he's EB's dad.

    Now here's where the mystery comes in: Tomchocolate was a new user before EB's Dad came in. So why does he and EBD share IPs? It is very unlikely this user just suddenly learned about all the EB shit that has happened, since he's a new user.

    Dan had run the old EB's Dad account, but when confronted, he denied all connections to EB's Dad 2. Even if Dan was EB's dad, w…

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    Super Star: "Each of us have our own unique abilities. We need to train, practice our skills, and improve,"

    RockStar: “My name’s RockStar, because I’m wild, loud, and proud!” Invi-Star: “Skin made of metal, I’m Invi-Star! You know, as in, invincible!” Jarod Atom: “And I’m Jarod Atom! I’m small but strong!”

    Hot-Dog stretched his right arm made of fire forward, whipping the tank in the air! A mother held her son in her arms, as the tank was about to fall on top of them! She flinched away and closed her eyes, as Super Star landed on his feet from the sky! He caught the tank in his hands! Mother: “Who are you?!” Super Star: “I’m Super Star!”

    Narrator: "Monorail TV's hit new show is EPIC!"

    Super Star ran the other direction yelling: “EVERYONE GET D…

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    This user has been badge farming ever since he joined this wiki back in 2017, has added nothing positive to SBFW, and even after I politely warned him to stop yesterday, he still continues to this day.

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  • SpongeBot678

    Welcome to the SC&S Upfront, my name is Callum Lastname and I am the CEO of SC&S.

    CrazySponge: Nobody cares. Box Productions is better.

    Okay. Anyway today we at SC&S will be announcing several new projects from the company. What are we waiting for?

    CrazySponge: For you to be sold to Box Productions.

    Box Productions suck di-

    I am sure the one person seeing this has seen this logo already. But what is it for? Well…

    Plus is a streaming service, with a twist. You see, all these other streaming services have all this stuff nobody really cares about. Like come on, who would subscribe to Netflix just for that Super Mario cartoon?

    Kid: I would-

    With Plus we separate stuff into different "channels."

    Let's say you're buying Plus just for your kid, but you ca…

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  • SpongeBot678


    February 7, 2020 by SpongeBot678
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  • Ianthenicedsguy

    proposal: block me

    February 7, 2020 by Ianthenicedsguy

    Did some thinking and the cactus is already consuming us is fucking cancelled. Release your tracks as part of it's own project, that is what I am doing. You will probably see some leaked messages courtesy of a member of your fucking pathetic secret society that doesn't realize there exists a thing called contacting fandom to demote a corrupt crat and then banning them afterwards instead of making a snot-nosed proposal/rant and forcing him to quit under the curtain or something of anonymity. Good day to you too. Wonderful weather we're having.

    no like seriously though, just block me already lol. apparently i'm hitler (dylan's favorite insult) so why have i not been blocked yet? y'all already have enough screenshots to twist out of context an…

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    What's up squids, it's QnA time. My name is Not-Joe, aka DontAskWhoJoeIs.

    So while I have been on the wiki for a few months now and I am very active on Discord, it comes to my attention that you guys don't really know much about me. Therefore, I'm doing a QnA. Comment below your questions and I will try my best to answer them. Notice: I will not be answering questions about where I live or where I go to school. Any other question are valid. -DontAskWhoJoeIs

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  • SpongeBot678

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    Need I say more?

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  • EB's Dad 2

    fuck you

    February 3, 2020 by EB's Dad 2
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  • DontAskWnoJoeIs

    Stop Worrying

    February 2, 2020 by DontAskWnoJoeIs

    Hello fellow squids and undecided! My name is Not Joe, aka Don'tAskWhoJoeIs! Yes it is me on Discord. I could not log in to my old Discord account so I created a new one. I am not someone else. Just... Stop worrying. -Not Joe

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs


    February 2, 2020 by DontAskWhoJoeIs

    Super Star Adventures has been renewed for a second season that will consist of 23 episodes and the second half of season one (out of 13 episodes) will continue airing after Man-Ray: Rise of The Mega Glork hits theaters. Super Star Adventures is created by DontAskWhoJoeIs, produced by NOT-JOE Studios, and airs on Monorail TV.

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  • EB's Dad 2


    • hes racist
    • hes mean to me
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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs


    February 2, 2020 by DontAskWhoJoeIs

    So... Now that NoName and Jasbre both are no longer admins, how many admins do we have?

    1. Locknloaded23

    2. Purple133

    Two. Ok... Cool. I don't really have anything to say, other than we may need a new admin so the only 2 we currently have don't become overworked and overwhelmed.


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  • TheJasbre202

    Good day fleshy mammals, it is I, your Favorite Black Duck here with a special blog post. Today is the day that I joined the SpongeBob Fanon Wikia, on this account, exactly 5 years ago. It's been a weird 5 years, and I've met a lot of great friends through this website. But that's not what this blog is about. No, no. I'm going to be retiring from writing fanon.

    Aliens! is nearing completion of production and I've decided I'll finish the series on my own because I can do it at my own pace. Still unsure about the future of FutureBob considering I have a plan to write some stuff through the 3rd season and I'm unsure about giving the spin-off to Rocky Lobster because he's a very busy user and he doesn't output a lot. I'll can most of Better Day…

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  • EB's Dad 2

    get rid of racists

    February 1, 2020 by EB's Dad 2

    im so fed up with racists

    • ban anyone who opposes my proposals because they're racist
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  • TheJasbre202

    Good day fleshy mammals, it's your Favorite Black Duck here with a proposal about the wiki's wordmark. As you all know, it's been the same since 2014, and there's nothing wrong with that, but i'm suggesting that, in a week, we take down the 20th anniversary logo for a new revised version i did of the 2020 logo with new text and some color corrections on SB. Vote below as you wish.

    2014 Wordmark:

    2020 Revised Suggestion:

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  • AceBlueWolfe

    Hello, It's me, AceBlueWolfe. So, I've been thinking about something for a while now. I told SpongeBot678 that the reason I made my account (I forgot the name lol) was that I got a chromebook for christmas and that I was hoping to be on the wiki on that instead of using the family computer (which I'm using right now).

    So I've decided that i will for now go on other websites on my Chromebook, and the SBFW on the Family Computer. Also, this will be my new outro in my blogs:

    Change da world, my final message, goodbye. AceBlueWolfe (talk) 00:47, February 1, 2020 (UTC)AceBlueWolfe

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  • Purple133

    Jasbre Demotion Request

    January 31, 2020 by Purple133

    This is a collaboration by a group of people who wish to remain anonymous.

    This proposal has been a long time coming, sorry (not sorry) Jasbre. But some of the things you’ve done are just inexcusable, and after a long conversation it was decided that this was finally necessary.

    Jasbre, eh? This man has been on the wiki for about 5 years now, and is still editing to this very day. However, in this 5 year span, Jas has done some questionable and downright inexcusable things. Who could forget that time he just decided to cancel the SpongeBob Fanon series just because he didn't like it? Or when he decided to turn an entire community against a user who, looking back, was 100% innocent? Or perhaps when he fired someone from a project just because …

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  • EB's Dad 2

    request for admin

    January 31, 2020 by EB's Dad 2

    i want admin

    reasons you should support:

    • i had to raise eb for 18 years 
    • im eb's father
    • chicken
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  • Cosmobo

    I predicted the recent Jaystation Drama 6 years before it happened, I'm so proud of young me for once.

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  • MagicWoofs

    Wassup y'all my name's MagicWoofs and my Favorite number is 52

    Anyway, Today I have a request to add the list of spin-offs to the welcome message. Why? Because it said in the welcome message that the user who joined can be inspired by other spin-offs, so we should probably add it in because the user could get better ideas that way. 

    And by the way just so you guys know, that wouldn't be stealing because whoever made the welcome message added in, "No Stealing ideas!". Yeah, so I guess bye now.

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  • NoNameExists

    So yeah.

    This is the first time in awhile that I've gone back to Scratch.

    It needs voice actors if any of you would like to participate.

    So yeah.


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  • ArcticSquid

    (1) PolarTem

    (2) RadioGuy42

    (3) The Imperial Ghost

    (4) JCM

    (5) Softest Boi

    (6) Cosmobo

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  • SpongeTron D

    the story is over

    January 27, 2020 by SpongeTron D

    guys I'm sorry that the spinoff (the epic quest of spongebob and doodlebob) is cancelled but I can't do it all by myself. I just can't.

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  • NoNameExists


    I am NoNameExists.

    So, as most of you know, Wheel Of MisFortune's sequel is coming out in May of this year.

    I have decided to change the plot of it.

    The Reason: Well, the tensions between the US and Iran were a MAJOR part of the story, and know that they're starting to cool down, I'm changing the plot a bit.

    The tensions will still play a big part in the story, but not as big.

    There are also some characters I'm planning on eliminating from the series.

    So, that's all.

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  • SBCA


    January 27, 2020 by SBCA

    Woke up this morning to the worst news I could have never imagined happening all of a sudden. The reason I loved basketball since I was a kid, my first favorite player, a forever basketball icon of my generation, my generation's Michael Jordan, has sadly passed away.

    Really hurts to have this all happen all of a sudden, truly heartbreaking to see this happening to your childhood idol.

    RIP Kobe & Gigi Bryant

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  • The Toon Tomahawk

    Hello everyone. Erm... this has been a sort of been very much in a rush, I wasn't even privy to the news when it broke today as I was watching the current episode of Doctor Who but Kobe Byrant has sadly passed away today at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash.

    Now you can tell why this has been put out, Basket Sponge's current and unfinished season at this very time and day STARS Kobe as the main star and the coach. So, me and Jasbre have decided that we are going to finish the season in his memory and I will be reworking through the next batch of stories that were going to star him as the main character to be someone else.

    I hope none of you will ridicule this for this descion, but there are only two episodes left of the season... so we wil…

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  • ArcticSquid

    Hello, everybody. It's me, ArcticSquid aka AceBlueWolfe! 

    Yeah so I'm only making this blog bc I'm not sure if the first blog post worked out so instead, so for now, imma try a proposal for discussion moderator! And like in my last post, I'll give out reasons, but this time 3 or 4.

    1. Same reason on the last blog
    2. Same reason on the last blog
    3. Same reason on the last blog
    4. SpongeBot said on the last blog that only 2 conmods would be allowed in a huge wiki like this, so I thought that PrimitiveSponge129 is the only Discussion Moderator, so I created a second blog.
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  • ArcticSquid

    Hello, everybody. My name's ArcticSquid and I want to be Content Moderator. You'll probably only read this passage and oppose right away but HANG ON! Because I have 2 or 3 reasons why in the next passage.

    1. I want to become something small, then work myself up till I eventually get bearucrat.
    2. There are only 2 content mods right now, so if this proposal passes, I could fit in with Matchy and SpongeBot.
    3. I've made some very, very stupid proposals over the months, so this one would probably be the most reasonable one if you know what I mean

    Anyway, goodbye.

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  • Sunr1seAtMidnight


    January 25, 2020 by Sunr1seAtMidnight

    Jasbre you suck

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    ‘Warning: The following trailer contains mild mature language and may not be suitable for all ages.’

    Bob Davies: “I’m sorry Ernie.”

    [In an alleyway] Bob Davies (wearing the Man-Ray suit) jumped and bounced off the wall of a building and body slammed a ninja!

    A one second shot of a train going by is shown.

    King of the cult: “HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!”


    The king of the cult is seen walking in a hallway with glass walls and a railing. The scene cuts to him leaning on the railing, looking into the distance as a wave of microbots blow by.

    Bob Davies sat in his doctor’s office. Bob: “Isn’t there anything you can do?!” Doctor: “I’m sorry. The cancer is too spread out in your body. You’ve got approximately two weeks left.” Bob lowered his head…

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  • DontAskWhoJoeIs

    Being banned for 2 weeks gave me a lot of time to rethink about some of the stupid and arrogent tings I have done on the wiki in the past, and one of my biggest problems was being unable to admit it when I've messed up. I plan to change my poltical "campaign" and also just the way I do things on this wiki going forward, and I feel this is one step in the right direction.

    Salutations fellow squids! My name is Not Joe, aka DontAskWhoJoeIs. Today I am requesting to repeal my past proposal that DID pass, that was requesting a Z+ rating to be added to the wiki. This was incredibly stupid and could maybe even cause the wiki to once again be shut down. Thank you Bot for adressing to issue to me.

    If you'd like to see the original proposal, the link…

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  • SpongeBot678

    The B+ rating has existed on this wiki for over a year. One problem though, it doesn't have any guidelines… Let's fix that.

    Today I am proposing a set of guidelines for the B+ rating. Keep in mind the B+ rating is 10+.

    Discriminatory language is only acceptable if clearly disapproved of or in an educational or historical context. Discriminatory behaviour is acceptable as long as it's mild and clearly not condoned. Aggressive discriminatory language or behaviour is not acceptable even if it's not endorsed by the work.

    References to illegal drugs or drug misuse must be brief, not glamorised, and no instructional detail is given. Or carry a suitable anti-drug message.

    Frightening sequences should not be prolonged or potentially disturbing.


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  • NoNameExists

    Hello everyone. Today I am requesting the demotion of TheJasbre202. 

    Jasbre is a veteran user on the site. He joined in February, 2015.

    He gained the Bureaucrat status here in 2018, only to be demoted by FireMatch in August of that year.

    Today, I am requesting that Jasbre be demoted.

    With this proposal, I have compiled reasons he should be demoted, along with the evidence. So let's dive in.

    • In early January of this year, Jasbre decided to use his account "Carl" to pose as SpongeFan11 to harrass me, DontAskWhoJoeIs and current content moderator SpongeBob678. While we al realized it wasn't SpongeFan and it was another account, I didn't know if SpongeFan actually operated that account or if it was another person. 
    • Soon after, Jasbre hopped onto ano…

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  • ModernStarfish

    Goodbye SBFW

    January 21, 2020 by ModernStarfish

    Hello everybody and now goodbye

    I am leaving bc of this

    1: TheJasbre202 and others won't stop interrupting me and SpongeTron D. Here's proof [1]

    2: It's kinda stressful working on transcripts for my spinoff because of me and SpongeTron both have amazing ideas and we both kinda go each other's ideas even though we may want to go with our own ideas, which may be an issue happening to SpongeTron, too.

    Anyway, goodbye guys. Btw Spongetron D, you now own our spinoff. 

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  • SuperJoeyBros9

    Yup I have yet again new show, ZPWBIHT was a failure and some can take over that if they want to, FTSE has been shelved for now, so this my brand new show!

    As you'd expect this show involves Joel, (Maybe Mike) Crow, and Tom Cervo riffing episodes of SBFW shows, and you get to choose which episodes there are, it'll be amazing!

    But that's not all, do you want to work for this show? Just ask and I'll hire yeh!*

    These are the requirements:

    You can't write more than two episodes, let some else have a chance.

    I will not write host segments, mainly because I'm better at riffing than actually talking about the movie, like wise this a reason I want writers.

    Have questions? Go on my message wall and not discord, I can't get it like I've said millions of t…

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