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LittlePrettyFlower LittlePrettyFlower 3 days ago

D!ck P!x Snap! August 2022

Welcome to D!ck P!x Snap! the official newsletter for the D!ck P!x streaming service!

  • 1 New for August 2022
  • 2 Top 5 Trending Series in July 2022
  • 3 Top 5 Trending Movies in July 2022
  • 4 Coming up in September 2022

  • New episodes of SpongeBob Says Fuck the Police
    • New episodes week from August 1st through August 5th.
  • D!ck F!lms Saturday N!ght Fl!cks
    • New movies will continue releasing on the service every Saturday.
  • Battle for Bikini Bottom: Extra Hydrated
    • Battle for Bikini Bottom: Extra Hydrated shorts streaming on August 5th.
    • The Battle for Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob vs. SpongeBot television film streaming on August 8th.
  • The Garfield Show season 2 streaming on August 12th.
  • CatDog season 1 streaming August 19th.

  1. SpongeBob Says Fuck the Police remains a fan favorite for Jul…

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Super Clit Man Super Clit Man 4 days ago


Hello internet! I am new user here! Why is there advert for free gay people

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MusicalDoodleFan MusicalDoodleFan 5 days ago

SpongeBob Zombie World Episode 1 Released

The first episode of a new series I made called SpongeBob: Zombie World is out now! It's basically a zombie apocalypse series. The first episode is called "A Day in the Life", in reference to the awesome Beatles song. Season 1 is gonna have 13 episodes, and an overarching story. Each episode will be titled off of a rock song. I'm going to have every two episodes of the series titled off of songs made by a different rock band or singer. For example, the first two episodes are titled off of Beatles songs. The 3rd and 4th episodes are gonna be titled off of Alice in Chains songs. The 5th and 6th will be titled off of Rob Zombie songs. I plan on doing Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, and some others. Also, the theme song for the series is "In…

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SpingeBoi QuadGarments SpingeBoi QuadGarments 6 days ago

Microwave Society

Microwave Society (also known as MWS) is an internet web series hosted on YouTube. It stars Jude Howard, Brendan, and Josiah Brown, a trio of 20-year-old men, who make various videos of various genres. Although early Microwave Society features a variety of different video genres, modern MWS mainly features commentary video on a variety of movies. A link to the channel can be found here.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Main Trio
    • 2.2 Guests
  • 3 Videos

Microwave Society initially began as We Are The Beef, and featured gaming videos. However, the channel was quickly changed to Microwave Society, though the general videos uploaded wouldn't change. As time went on, the channel would begin to make more videos of other genres, and would eventually make a commentary video r…

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Request II: Discussions Moderator

Hello, it's Don. I'm writing this blog to request being promoted to a Discussions Moderator. Here's eight reasons why:

  • One, I'm often active. I find myself looking through the comments section of pages quite a bit.
  • Two, my edit count has reached 2K edits.
  • Three, I've been here for over a year.
  • Four, like I said in the first reason, I look through the comments section quite a lot. This is probably a rather useful trait for a Discussions Moderator.
  • Five, I don't intend on abusing my rights (e.g. removing a comment out of spite).
  • Six, I've had experience before on the Horrid Henry Fandom, going back as far as 2020.
  • Seven, controversy exhausts me and I want to try and prevent that from happening.
  • And finally, eight. There are currently no Discussions …
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CoinklySpoinger CoinklySpoinger 7 days ago


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Cheese sauce fan 2007 Cheese sauce fan 2007 7 days ago

request for admin 2

if i get admin i'll never kenpost again

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PrimitiveSponge129 PrimitiveSponge129 8 days ago

i'm not retired anymore


so um

remember when i said i was gonna retire from this wiki

well, um, funny story really

i wanted to, but um

this wiki has a curse, i tell you

even if you wanted to quit, you find yourself coming back

and, to be honest, i was kinda deprived of sponglebongle fanfiction writing

so when i wrote more again i was like

"damn. i don't wanna quit"

i wasn't gonna make this blog because the retirement blog was so well written and had a lot of thought and emotion put into it and i didn't wanna feel like i was baiting for attention and reactions

but like, i thought about it some more

and then i was like, "yeah, i think i'm gonna stay until further notice"

so um yeah

please don't get mad at me it wasn't my intent to bait i just thought i was done but it turns out…

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Highway10101 Highway10101 11 days ago

Charlton Boatmobiles

a new boat/vehicle manufacturer exists now. it's called charlton boatmobiles. that's about it.

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Actiondude2 Actiondude2 14 days ago

Update on my spin-offs

Hey everybody. It's been a while since I did a update on my spin-offs.

So I'm placing The Plankton Show on hiatus because I can't think of any good ideas for it. I got the pilot episode almost done but I can't think of any new episode ideas so I'm placing the show on hiatus. The show is not cancelled as of right now but things could change.

Patrick the Mayor has been canceled as of right now. Same reason for the Plankton Show. If anyone wants the show, message me on the message wall.

New episodes are coming in the near future. The movie is still tentatively planned and a 2nd season is in consideration.

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LastLivingSoulz LastLivingSoulz 24 days ago

NOW HIRING: Writers for Bikni Botoms Advenchers

Hello, everyone, Ace here. As you've probably noticed, I've started working on two spin-offs, Urchin City and Bikini Bottom Slayers. Since I haven't made an episode for my other spin-off, Bikni Botoms Advenchers, and the fact that working on 3 spin-offs will most likely be a challenge, I've decided that I will now be hiring writers for the series to keep the series alive because there are only two SBFW shows on Soul TV and I need more content for the channel. Just simply ask to be a writer below and I will accept. However, you have to consider some things before becoming a writer on the show.

1. Have you had any past experiences writing episodes or similar content on this wiki or elsewhere?

2. Have you read episodes from Bikni Botoms Advench…

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LittlePrettyFlower LittlePrettyFlower 25 days ago

D!ck P!x Snap! July 2022

Welcome to D!ck P!x Snap! the official newsletter for the D!ck P!x streaming service!

  • 1 New for July 2022
  • 2 Top 5 Trending Series in July 2022
  • 3 Top 5 Trending Movies in July 2022
  • 4 Coming up in August 2022

  • D!ck F!lms Saturday N!ght Fl!cks a new programming block that releases two new movies to the platform every Saturday starting July 2.
  • New episodes of SpongeBob Says Fuck the Police starting July 11.
    • Season 3 finale airs on July 22.
    • Season 4 premieres on July 25.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants season 3 now streaming as of July 17.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius season 1 now streaming as of July 22.
  • The Garfield Show season 1 now streaming as of July 29.

  1. SpongeBob Says Fuck the Police remains a fan favorite for July, catch all-new episodes when the series re…

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Thatjess Thatjess 27 days ago

proposal: make zoltan's mum public domain

every day millions of children are affected by not being able to use zoltans mum in the spongebob and daddy pig show

this is why i propose we make zoltans mum public domain

with your support ik we could do anything, maybe even live underwater

because if fish can make zoltans mum public domain, then so can i!

thank you

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FireMatch FireMatch 12 July

Proposal: Revision of Article Policy

Since it's been over two years since most of the SBFW policies have been updated, I think it's overdue for a little bit of updating. Here's what I'm proposing to change for the Article Policy:


  1. Articles must be related to SpongeBob or the wiki: While it should be a given, there have been problems with this rule in the past. Pages for crossover characters are acceptable, but you must include some kind of indication of their relationship to SpongeBob, the fanon, or the wiki (user articles, etc).
  2. All articles must be appropriate: Unlike most other fanfiction sites, we are open to all forms of content that don't violate Fandom's Terms of Use. However, we have an organized rating system, and content that is inappropriate must be properly r…
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LastLivingSoulz LastLivingSoulz 12 July

phenomenal gorillaz songs

Magic City Hillbilly Man Hong Kong Souk Eye The Lost Chord

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NonExistingSponge NonExistingSponge 10 July

Announcement about An SBFW Hub Christmas

An SBFW Hub Christmas (also known as The SBFW Out Of Control Crazy Party Filled Camera Breaking HOOPLA! Shouting Longest Ever Titley Travis-Dabbing Show: An SBFW Christmas in its first form) will be released today as part of a little thing called Christmas In July!

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1033Forest 1033Forest 8 July

My honest thoughts on the "story arc" seasons

(examples being season 87-90 [though I wasn't around during those seasons], and season 157)

In my opinion, I honestly do not like the idea of the writers all being forced to have to make every episode in a certain season focus on a certain theme. Like people plan episodes for the next season, only to find out that the season is themed, and they'll have to delay it to the next season (or two, or three). It even doesn't help that some season banners are for certain "themed" seasons (for example, season 293 was originally gonna be the "Backrooms Season" but the episodes ended up being barely to none related to the Backrooms). I even attempted to make some themed seasons myself with a certain Nature Cat character appearing throughout the season…

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LastLivingSoulz LastLivingSoulz 8 July

what do you guys think of wendy's

their baconators are incredible man

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Fernando Burnando Fernando Burnando 6 July

Squidward watches the Dawn is your enemy

I made this video on YouTube you guys should go check it out. I may make more in the future.

Link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvm7l57pd_w

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requestr for content moderator: me


hey wait didn't i retire


please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

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FinderOfMarkiplier FinderOfMarkiplier 29 June

proposal delete the policy


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FinderOfMarkiplier FinderOfMarkiplier 29 June

djskdjkfjskldjflk;sd;asdlkfaklsdjkj sijfioj iosjikjk jnsd;jai;jiodfajld;sjf

asjf8uHW8AH9SINJIO haui ehf9idhfoiuhu ijipwj8tuj-39r0239r0oef[ijSDPIOJI IJijiodjpaoifn ijiwoejfi


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LittlePrettyFlower LittlePrettyFlower 19 June

D!ck P!x Snap! June 2022

Welcome to D!ck P!x Snap! the official newsletter for the D!ck P!x streaming service!

  • 1 New for June 2022
  • 2 Top 5 Trending Series in June 2022
  • 3 Top 5 Trending Movies in June 2022
  • 4 Coming up in July 2022

  • Morbius now streaming as of June 9, 2022
  • Squirrel Boy now streaming as of June 19, 2022, in memory of the late Everett Peck
  • Early Sponge season two finale drops June 27, 2022

  1. SpongeBob Says Fuck the Police remains a fan favorite for June, catch all-new episodes when the series returns starting July 11
  2. Planet Sheen beloved Nickelodeon classic and continuation of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius!
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants the hit Nickelodeon series about everyone's favorite sponge, catch the first 2 seasons now
  4. No Malarkey in Bikini Bottom a political satir…

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Spongybobchum Spongybobchum 18 June


Donald Duck (evil) is a evil duck who runs several motels to steal stuff from, especially issues of Donald Duck Comics, which he basically repossesses from the owners. thankfully, this evil version of one of america's biggest comic stars only exists in the Ratatoing 15th anniversary special Train Story of Terror, but in order to erase evil Donald Duck completely, the plush used for him was shredded after the filming finished. he's likely never to be seen again, unless he appears for Donald Duck Comics' 70th anniversary.

Donald Duck got tired of people buying his comics, so he turned evil. he keeps 1 print of new issues for himself, and steals stuff in his motels- not just the old comics, but also other things, which he sells to buy issues th…

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Duckqueen77 Duckqueen77 12 June

Happy Pride Month SB!

Turns out Spongebob is asexual and homoromantic!


I got a link!

Jewel sings Born this Way

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Tails cat Tails cat 11 June

New episode!

I made a new episode, Or first episode (it's a work in progress) of the spongebob fanon series!

Censorship is a Piece of Sh- I Mean, Coral!

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Um, Hello

Hello there. Um...

(hands slab of meat)

(Comment if you got the reference!)

Update: Fine, it's Ferb Latin. You know, from Phineas and Ferb. The joke is that I was handing the reader a slab of meat, something that you do in Ferb Latin to signify the ending of a conversation. I didn't want to talk for much longer and so ended the "conversation" in the weirdest way possible, by handing the reader a slab of meat. I honestly hate that I had to explain the joke.

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Pongo99 Pongo99 5 June

Little Play of horrors

Here’s a little sneak peek of my current episode/special I’m working on.

it’s a parody and tribute to one of my favorite musicals Little Shop of Horrors.

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NKC Movie Delay

Hello, it's me, still struggling on how to make proper openings to these stupid blog posts.

Well, you read the title, so there's no use beating around the bush. The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED movie for NKC, Bubble Poppers Forever, will unfortunately be delayed, meaning it'll be completed & released sometime in very late 2022 or very early 2023.

The reason? Well, I'm a huge fucking dumbass.

Thats all.

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Moony192 Moony192 3 June

Should I move from “Moony192” to “NonExistingSponge” or not?

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proposal: crazysponge for crat

I hope that our few remaining friends

Give up on trying to save us

I hope we come up with a fail-safe plot

To piss off the dumb few that forgave us

I hope the fences we mended

Fall down beneath their own weight

And I hope we hang on past the last exit

I hope it's already too late

And I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here

Someday burns down

And I hope the rising black smoke carries me far away

And I never come back to this town again

In my life, I hope I lie

And tell everyone you were a good wife

And I hope you die

I hope we both die

I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow

I hope it bleeds all day long

Our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises

We're pretty sure they're all wrong

I hope it stays dark forever

I hope the worst isn't over

And I hope you bl…

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Which is heavier Chlocolate Muffin or Chocolate Chip Muffin


What do you predict will be more unhealthier for the average child to enjoy I predict the chocolate muffin because guys common sense

now follow me as I search on the not so deep or far reaches of Google.com with unknown and not verified sources that I can or cannot deny I may have used

And before you ask no this is not a final project and no my parents did not force me to do it I did it myself with my to clickity typity serchity fingers and my good Ol friend google!

Now let’s begin my strange and very weird and unimportant challenge ,shall we? :/

  • 1 Grams of Sugar
  • 2 Calories
  • 3 Heaviness (Heaviness is a real word go search it up)
  • 4 Fat
  • 5 CCM tally …

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NKC Movie Hiatus Maybe

Long story short, I'm a huge fucking dumbass, accidentally leaked the entire movie, now I need to put it on hiatus as I decide whether or not I need to rewrite it for a 3rd time or to continue the story as I am writing it. Read the page for more info.

See ya later.

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Alanoliva Alanoliva 22 May

Sponge Wars: A Small Comeback (But Not Immediately)

To those who knows my little parody concept, I decided to return in a little bit in the making to say this here is in sort of process.

I was in the making of the original with this parody, when I got the critical to say "It's good, but not Great" kind of talk. Not that this is terrible, it's more of the term "Too Much Star Wars, and Not enough SpongeBob" ordeal when making this.

I Decided to break it off and see if this would go anywhere with some people, while be in process to think it all over to be more convincing as a Star Wars Movie if it were made to be like a SpongeBob Cartoon. So after I finished school off and started to be a little on my own I return to art in less then full time. Overall I did made a new concepts and ideals to have…

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SquidwardTime SquidwardTime 22 May

Bikini Bottom Journey (Sneak Peak)

A new show i want to make. It will have 5 seasons. The sneak peak first episode is now available to view

S1 EP1 The Journey Just Begun


  • [Cut to Conch street panning to SpongeBob's House]
  • SpongeBob: Gary I won all the kelp flakes!
  • Gary: Meow?
  • SpongeBob: Finally, I can eat breakfast now. [Opens his Mouth to eat the kelp flakes]
  • Patrick: Hay SpongeBob!
  • SpongeBob: Patrick what the hell!
  • Patrick: Take a look what I found.
  • SpongeBob: A map?
  • Patrick: Not just any map. A secret map!

More Coming soon

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LastLivingSoulz LastLivingSoulz 20 May

I figured it out

I think the wiki might actually have a feature where new accounts have to wait 4 days to comment? I literally just saw a post on community central lmfao

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JuandalePringle JuandalePringle 19 May

i can't reply to comments fsr

I'm signed in and I can't :/

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JuandalePringle JuandalePringle 18 May

hey all

ace here

This could be my new account maybe? Idk but I don't think I'll be editing on here anytime soon just wanted to say hi

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Erik Nicholaz Erik Nicholaz 18 May

anyone care to help

i made a new spinoff recently and i need someone to help me make episodes the idea itself is ambitious in its own right so i need help, not really urgent but depending on who agrees to help

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Hello Once again Probably Mysterious strangers I have a question

how do I get the SpongeBob Font

and also how do I make a SpongeBob text logo on an iPad for free

and how do I make a SpongeBob text title card(s) on an iPad For Free

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NotNotJoe NotNotJoe 15 May

Black Lives Matter

I wasn't going to say anything else on this wiki, but what happened recently is atrocious. I encourage anyone who hasn't heard of what recently happened to look into the (I can't really say much about it on Fandom) racially motivated shooting, and I strongly encourage everyone to advocate for equality, there's only one way to get rid of white supremacy, and that's fighting against it. Fuck the state of America and the rest of the world.

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WoofWoofGam3r WoofWoofGam3r 15 May


Since my GCSE's begin tomorrow

I am going to be rating every exam I do on sbfw out of 10, if anyones interested

starting with tomorrow, it will be religion and computer science

May 16:

Religion Paper 1: 8/10 pretty easy
Computer Science Science Paper 1: 9/10 very easy

May 17:

Combined Science Paper 1 (Biology): 9/10 very easy

May 18:

English Language Paper 1: TBA/10

May 20:

Maths Paper 1: TBA/10

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Hi: Pt 2

Hello! Again Mysterious Strangers it is me Spongebobsuperfunfan (long name) anywho has anyone wanted to work on a cannon SB show with someone but can’t find the right person with good idea(s) Well I may be the person your loooking for so I have came up with this idea a few weeks ago (before I joined this wiki) to instead of Babies instead of Grandpeople we turn all of the SpongeBob characters into Teenagers the series prototype name will be: Spongebob’s Teenage Years Remember that is a prototype name so it will probably won’t be final unless you guys give me some ideas anywho if you wanted to work on a fannon SB show with someone with good idea(s) then I am the person if you like what you read then get back to me pepole

bird tweets*

Oh I’m sor…

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Zoltan40 Zoltan40 15 May


Yes you heard that right im back because nothing can stop me because 2022 IS THE YEAR OF THE ZOLTAN my output will be huge dude

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WoofWoofGam3r WoofWoofGam3r 14 May

I need help...

My GCSE's literally begin tomorrow and it's midnight and I can't sleep

i am very stressed, what do I do?

also why am I asking for advice on sbfw

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Hello! I am Titan R. I am a 14 year old drawer, imaginer, thinker, pizza and ice cream lover, and Nickelodeon lover but I only mostly like SpongeBob in my free time anywho sometime in 2020 (online school) I discovered this wiki and I mostly just page surfed and stuff I was really quiet and mostly kept to myself but not I want to do something with this wiki well I did want to make a show idea but I’m not trying to get attention but I only kinda want someone to Help Me Make a fan TV show or be a writer or something anywho yes that’s it bye guys I hope I will meet lots of people please

- This is Spongebobsuperfan Signing off

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An NKC Movie Update

Hello party people, it's Lock here and today I wanted to make an announcement regarding NKC's production. I was gonna post this on the account I made specifically for NKC movie hyping (Incarcerated Patchy) but I felt it was more appropriate to announce it on this account instead.

I will present a short version and a long version of this update, the former for people who don't care about the reasoning and just want the news and the latter for those who want reasoning AND the news.

So, short version: The NKC Movie, Bubble Poppers Forever, will be getting a major rework in terms of its story.

Now the long version:

When I conceptualized the idea for this film, I was excited to get it going. I made the document for it soon after and the logo, writi…

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Big NKC Movie Update!

The NKC movie has officially entered its writing stages, after weeks of slow development! Now you people can finally know what in God's name this movie is about!

The official plot is as follows:

"Bikini Bottom's most notorious gang, long since disbanded, reforms together to take back their rightful place as the baddest gang to ever exist."

Stay tuned for more awesome updates, while I sacrifice my cellmate to the almighty lord Cthulu!

But that's not all I got, as this second announcement is also pretty big. What is it, you may ask? Well, today, the official plot for the movie is being unveiled!

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