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PrimitiveSponge129 PrimitiveSponge129 1 day ago

Goodbye SBFW

One faithful day about four years ago in 2017, a younger me got the sudden and rather foolish idea that SpongeBob SquarePants was going to end (even though it was far from ending and entering a new season rather soon.) I decided to Google if SpongeBob was ending just to make sure if this was the case, and I found the page on this wiki about The SpongeBob Series Finale. Intrigued, I pressed on this link, and that would send me deep into a rabbit hole that would last four eventful years.

As I was curiously looking through this wiki, I found and read SpongeBot678's Dunces and Dragons. spin-off inspired me to make my own, which resulted in the similar but still somehow pretty popular Adventures in Bikini Gulch. This spin-off wasn't all that fant…

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 2 days ago

Reviewing The Not-Joe Diss

Btw if you're gonna diss me, do it using my proper nickname. It's Not-Joe, not NotJoe. Yes, I've used NotJoe before but the professional and actual way of addressing me is Not-Joe. But anyways...

So, TheBoysomethingsomethingnumbers made a diss track... ON ME. I don't blame you if you didn't know that though. The only direct mention of me is in the title, and I struggle to find what any of this has to do with me. "You're gonna be dead, bitch. I'm gonna kill you, bitch. Fuck with me? You're gonna regret it!" You could really switch the subject in this song from me out with one of Eminem's unlucky girlfriends and the song would be the EXACT same.

Yeeahh... As a Not-Joe diss track this leaves so much to be desired. A Not-Joe diss track done righ…

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TheBoy2007 TheBoy2007 2 days ago

TheBoy2007 - Go 2 Sleep (NotJoe Diss)


I ain't gonna eat, I ain't gonna sleep

Ain't gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see

And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep, in the dirt

Permanently, you just being hurt, this ain't gonna work

For me, it just wouldn't be, sufficient enough

'cause we, are just gonna be, enemies

As long as we breathe, I don't ever see, either of us

Coming to terms, where we can agree

There ain't gonna be, no reasoning, speakin wit me

You speak on my seed, then me, no speak-a ingles

So we gonna beef, and keep on beefin, unless

You're gonna agree, to meet with me in the flesh

And settle this face to face, and you're gonna see

A demon unleashed in me, that you've never seen

And you're gonna see, this gangster beat on himself

I see you Jay, and thanks, but me need …

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Angryfoodfood Angryfoodfood 2 days ago

Sponge Olympics

Today I will be telling you what Sponge Olympics is gonna do and what will happen.

Just like a bunch of spin-offs in this wiki I will be just making as many seasons/episodes as I can.

I'm expecting season 2 to get more dramatic and maybe less competitive for excitement reasons.

So far in the first few episodes in Sponge Olympics are mostly pointing at Larry. I did this so people who "watch it" can feel that Larry is more of a main character. I wanted people to grab a firm understanding of Larry's part in the show.

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1033Forest 1033Forest 2 days ago

9 seasons left

Just letting everybody know, season 310 will be the season I retire from SBF. 9999 will be the last episode that I ever write for the SBF series.

While you all wait for that season to come, let me tell you a story about my life on here.

One early October day in 2019, I was just wandering around wikis looking for SpongeBob and other Nick related stuff until I got a message from a user on here named SwedishWalrus (now Daniloeverton II) asking me if I'd like to write episodes for the SBF series. I looked at this series, thought it was something interesting that I would like to contribute to, then I agreed and began writing my first episodes in season 122. After writing two little episodes this season, I thought this series was something I would…

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 3 days ago

I Have An Album!

Listen to it here!


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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 3 days ago


The first ever BOMB NFT! It blows up as soon as you buy it! In all seriousness though, NFTs need to stop. I mean they're really pointless and a huge scam, and they're also slowly destroying the environment.

"Individual pieces of crypto art, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are at least partially responsible for the millions of tons of planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions generated by the cryptocurrencies used to buy and sell them." (The Verge.)

Look, I'm not very educated and I don't know a ton about cryptocurrency, but I know enough to understand NFTs pose a serious problem. I recommend all of you to look into the damage of NFTs yourself to truly learn more about what they are doing to the world you live in and to share the knowledge you gain…

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Moony192 Moony192 4 days ago


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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 4 days ago


So, I retired from this wiki forever like what was it a week ago? Stepping away was definitely healthy for me to do, because, well, too much of any website isn't good for you. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Including this wiki.

I was feeling like I was losing my passion for writing SpongeBob fanon. That was basically the main reason I left. But earlier today i started writing another episode of The Plankton Chronicles and I actually started having fun. So... To everyone's surprise, I know you're all super surprised by this, I'm un retiring. But I'm not gonna be trying to keep any strict schedules for my spin-offs or anything like that.

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KennyFan69 KennyFan69 4 days ago

I'm tryna make this dickhead's hair blue

help, i need somebody, help

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TheBoy2007 TheBoy2007 6 days ago

Top Ten F Words!

  • 1 #10
  • 2 #9
  • 3 #8
  • 4 #7
  • 5 #6
  • 6 #5
  • 7 #4
  • 8 #3
  • 9 #2
  • 10 #1
  • 11 Honorable Mentions












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Speedboi999 Speedboi999 6 days ago

If Spongebob Season 1 Episodes were ordered in production order

1a: Help Wanted

1b: Tea at the Treedome

1c: Squeaky Boots

2a: Jellyfishing

2b: Boating School

3a: Bubblestand

3b: Ripped Pants

4a: Pizza Delivery

4b: Hall Monitor

5a: Scaredy Pants

5b: Sandy's Rocket

6a: Pickles

6b: Opposite Day

7a: The Chaperone

7b: Plankton!

8a: Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

8b: Naughty Nautical Neighbors

9a: I Was a Teenage Gary

9b: Jellyfish Jam

10a: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

10b: Nature Pants

11a: F.U.N.

11b: Culture Shock

12a: Musclebob Buffpants

12b: Home Sweet Pineapple

13a: Employee of the Month

13b: Reef Blower

EXTRA: Help Wanted ( Newer Version )

14a: Valentine's Day

14b: SB-129

15a: Arrgh!

15b: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

16a: Suds

16b: Walking Small

17a: The Paper

17b: Karate Choppers

18a: Hooky

18b: Neptune's Spatula

19a: Rock Bottom

19b: …

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LittlePrettyFlower LittlePrettyFlower 6 days ago

LPF State of the network 2022

Ongoing LittlePrettyFlower productions 2022

  • SpongeBob Says Fuck the Police (renewed through to sixth season)
  • Early Sponge (renewed through to fifth season)

Ending/ended LittlePrettyFlower productions 2022

  • Battle for Bikini Bottom: Extra Hydrated (ending Summer 2022)
  • Stanely SquarePants (cancelled, final episode aired on January 1, 2022)

Upcoming LittlePrettyFlower productions 2022

  • Into the Garfverse (Theatrical film, May 13, 2022 premiere, final installment in the Garfield Gets Real reboot)
  • My Gym Partner is Thanos! (TV series, September 5, 2022 premiere)
  • The Cosmic Shake: Across the Spongeverse (TV series, Fall 2022 premiere)
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KennyFan69 KennyFan69 7 days ago

Retiring From Writing for SBFW

Yeah, you read the title. No, I'm not retiring from SBFW as a whole, but retiring from writing episode transcripts. Yeah, I know, I'm a lazy fuck. But I just can't meet deadlines for episodes like I promise anymore. I feel like I've completely lost my inspiration for writing episodes, I don't know what else to say.

And I have no fucking idea what I'm gonna do with AceQuest, I'll probably just request for it to be deleted. Another damn good idea, faded away due to my lack of motivation, that's probably why I cancel all my spin-offs. Maybe I'll just make one of those spin-offs with non-transcript episodes, but I feel like everyone will think I'm just lazy. Cause I've seen some stuff...like Wild SpongeBob and the "Cries Like a Baby" series (no…

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KennyFan69 KennyFan69 10 days ago

NOW HIRING: Writers, Title Card Makers (maybe), and Artists!

Hey, guys. I've been having some trouble getting the plot and script done for AceQuest episode 3, Hostile, so I'm hiring writers, title card makers, and artists. Writers will write scripts with me in Google Docs, Title Card Makers will make title cards for future episodes and/or replacement cards, and artists will design the characters' appearances. I can't do all the characters on Pixlr E, all that editing shit. Leave a comment if you want to be hired, and while you're at it, make sure to like, subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications so you won't miss a single upload. Ken out.

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AllisonLoaded AllisonLoaded 10 days ago

Cult Of Squid: Terminated Timeline Update

What's up, this is Lock here with a bit of an update for a series I announced a while ago that still hasn't released. The series in question is Cult of Squid: Terminated Timeline, which I promised would have a 2021 release date, but has yet to happen. The project's not cancelled, it's just that the development of it crashed to a halt when I was globally blocked for 3 months. Production will resume, so expect an episode to release sometime in the next few weeks.

Also, I will reveal the spinoff's plot sometime before when the first episode releases.

Lock out.

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1033Forest 1033Forest 11 days ago

CLAB episode apology

I was the one who came up with the idea for all those "cries like a baby" episodes starting with season 168, and seeing how I've plagued too many SBF seasons with them... I'm sorry I ever did. After writing two transcripts for these kinds of episodes, now I realize all of these are only there to serve as pure filler in the SBF series and as an excuse to race through seasons super fast. I feel sorry I ever made all of these and also as a result prevented others to add their own actually good episodes to seasons. Sure, a few of those CLAB episodes do have some substance to them but most of them are just less than a minute long.

I admit it. As a result of having both a rough 2019 (and 2020 too), I was writing all these CLAB episodes as my stre…

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KennyFan69 KennyFan69 11 days ago

I'm getting a new computer next week

HP Envy Desktop!

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Koopsers Joopsers Koopsers Joopsers 11 days ago

Fun website I found, check it out.


Remember Annotations on YouTube, well this lets you annotate random videos with other people.

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 16 days ago

I'm Retiring

(TLDR at the bottom)

Hey guys. NotJoe here. I am retiring from SBFW. I've been planning on retiring for the past few days, but I wanted to first release everything I announced, such as The Affliction of Love, the rest of the series Super Sponge, the conclusion to The Plankton Chronicles, the movie Starfish Skillz, and also a sitcom series starring Kenny the Cat, but I just can't bring myself to write anything else for SBFW. I've lost the passion. And writing SpongeBob fanon isn't fun for me anymore. Being on this wiki as a whole isn't fun for me anymore. At that point, why force myself to write all this content I wanted to write? For myself? No. I've been thinking about this all day, and it seems like it all boils down to my legacy and what…

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Koopsers Joopsers Koopsers Joopsers 16 days ago

What is the origin of your username?

What is the origin of your username? I don't remember the origin of mine too well so I may get some stuff wrong, but I liked the name "Cooper" when I used Discord for some reason. Terrible name, I know. At the same time, I wanted to change my username on Fandom. At first, I was thinking stuff like "BirdistheWord983." (Imagine if I went with that.) But I wanted to change it to something that rhymed, like "Jeepers Creepers." My liking of the name Cooper I assume came in, and so my username became "Koopsers Joopsers."

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Teamspongetress2fan Teamspongetress2fan 16 days ago

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What is the difference?

here's something i just brewed up today guys!!

Since its inception, there have been questions surrounding bitcoin’s ability to scale effectively. Transactions involving the digital currency bitcoin are processed, verified, and stored within a digital ledger known as a blockchain. Blockchain is a revolutionary ledger-recording technology. It makes ledgers far more difficult to manipulate because the reality of what has transpired is verified by majority rule, not by an individual actor. Additionally, this network is decentralized; it exists on computers all around the world.

The problem with blockchain technology in the Bitcoin network is that it’s slow, especially compared to banks that deal with credit card transactions. Popular credit card…

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Teamspongetress2fan Teamspongetress2fan 16 days ago





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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 16 days ago

Shows Up For Adoption

Leave a comment if you want to become the owner of any of these shows and let me know which one(s) you want.

• Plankton and Spot

• SBFW: Invasion of the Clowns

• SpongeBob's Wonderful Life With Joe Biden

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 16 days ago

Announcement 2

I have given Plankton Moves back to Allison. She owns the series again.

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Speedboi999 Speedboi999 17 days ago

Guide to Title Card creating

This is how Speedboi999 currently makes title cards.

  1. Open up https://www.fontspace.com/spongeboytt2-font-f41984
  2. Open up Pixlr https://pixlr.com/
  3. On Pixlr, Click on Pixlr X
  4. Open up https://spongebob-new-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Gallery_of_textless_title_cards
  5. Pick one of the Title Cards you like best
  6. Download it ( Or copy the adress )
  7. import the image into Pixlr X
  8. Use the font generator you opened earlier
  9. Download the font
  10. import the font into your pixlr
  11. Give the text shade ( Copy the layer, move it down-right and make it black ) To make the title card look nice

Now you're done!

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AllisonLoaded AllisonLoaded 17 days ago

I Lost All My Dignity Years Ago

today I am announcing something that I never thought I'd ever fucking announce

If you are on the SBFW Discord you'd have already seen this but whatever amirite

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MrDaGuy MrDaGuy 20 days ago



Find the secret in the 3rd one

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 21 days ago



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Entity1987 Entity1987 25 days ago

New oppose thingy

As all of you probably know the old support and oppose things dont work in comments anymore so im trying something

Oppose -

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Moony192 Moony192 25 days ago

Just wanted you to know…

YTP collab's coming! We need editors, stat!

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Daniloeverton II Daniloeverton II 25 days ago

Happy new year!

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SBCA SBCA 25 days ago

2021 SBFW Awards/Square Logo Awards VOTING

2021 SBFW/SL Awards Voting Form:

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 31 December 2021


I will be releasing a new movie soon which will be a rewrite of an old unreleased movie I wrote called SpongeBob: Robot Stove, and it'll now be called SpongeBob: Robot Grill.

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 31 December 2021

Admin Campaign: FridayNightStar02

Hello. My name is FridayNightStar02.

Over the past few months I have seen an increase in sockpuppets and vandals, harrasement and breaking of the wiki policy.

I have seen people who needed to be blocked before. 2 examples are Seth (Now blocked) and the guy who keeps spamming Gs onto pages. I'll just call him Spammy G.

I've watched stuff like this happen before, and we need another person who is active everyday.

That person is me.

I am announcing an admin campaign.

I think I should become admin because:

  • I have previous experience with staff, I was a content mod.
  • I have a generally good relationship with most of the users here.
  • I am active almost everyday, as I have been editing for 45 days straight now.

So, now, as I have finished writing this blog p…

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Moony192 Moony192 31 December 2021

End of 2021 game of Pretend You’re XYZ!

Rendezvous to this coordinate: https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=19!

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FridayNightStar02 FridayNightStar02 29 December 2021

I Have


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Gavin the Animal Gavin the Animal 28 December 2021

I’ll be honest

I might as well stop beating around the bush. I think I should probably just leave this place permanently. I know that I had returned just a month ago, though after I did, I quickly forgot about this place until a few days ago. I've done nearly nothing on this wiki aside from leaving comments on random blogs and articles. I've honestly been forcing myself to do it most of the time too. I honestly did feel like it was probably annoying to a lot of people.

There's no point in holding this back. All nostalgia I had for this place died a long time ago. I had a lot of good memories here, even just until about 2 years ago, there were a few small fun times I had here. There's simply no motivation for me to visit this place anymore.

I had a fair sha…

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Moony192 Moony192 27 December 2021

The Krusty Krab Chronicles Movie Trailer

(GB Productions logo)

Narrator: This summer, between gender and species. Between normal people and Digimon. Between Krabby Patties and Chum. A line will be drawn...and then colored in pink.

Patrick: Run! Run! Jump! Jump! Rest! Rest! Now, I know we've had a rough day but I’m sure we can put all that behind us and...

(the worms attack Patrck)

Narrator: On July 27, a secret will be revealed.

Terriermon: Look at that. You can see the four states that border New Kelpy: Fishio, Squidvada, Staraine and Kenspongy.

SpongeBob: Oh, yeah.

Narrator: An empire will rise.

Plankton's Dad: I have two buttons behind this desk. One will supply your town with power, the other releases the jellyfish with lasers on there heads.

Fred: Just look into your heart and you'll find t…

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Moony192 Moony192 26 December 2021

SpongeBob Fanon Goodbye Patrick and A Mysterious Visitor Double Premiere Promo

  • Announcer: Next season on SpongeBob Fanon....
  • Miss Appear: Patrick-Man's died and so will the rest of the Patricks! You have to make sure this is the best day ever before the Patrick anomaly is closed up!
  • Patrick: Uhhhhhh...okay.
  • Announcer: Will he be happy with his best day ever.......
  • Patrick: Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing!
  • Announcer: .......or will the anomaly close with a frown on its face?
  • SpongeBob: (crying) WHYYYYYY?!
  • Announcer: And after that......
  • Sandy: There's a yellow spark in the sky.....
  • Squidward: Is it New Years already?
  • Mr Krabs: Holy fist paste!
  • Announcer: Catch a Double Premiere of SpongeBob Fanon coming soon on Bubblegum TV!
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Moony192 Moony192 25 December 2021

hey guys

i've got a chromebook and i'm accessing sbfw on it. this marks the beginning of a new generation of moony. also, merry christmas.

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Thatjess Thatjess 24 December 2021


hey all, jess here, and i just want to wish everyone a merry christmas ig, and if you dont celebrate christmas then i wish you a happy whatever youre doing and a happy new year! :)

the last few years of basically everyones lives have just been complete dogshit but, although it feels less and less like christmas the older i get, for me at least christmas is the only time of the year where the world feels almost at peace... like for a few weeks you can just forget everything because a big fat man is going to break into your house or something. i hope yall get some neat presents btw, thats another great thing about christmas lol

ik this is a spongebob fanfiction website but im honestly really thankful to have somehow found my way onto this weir…

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Actiondude2 Actiondude2 23 December 2021


  • Will there be new episodes of your two spin-offs? Yes. I will make new episodes but four of each per month. I will post new episodes every Saturday. This month will be Plankton show then the SpongeBob show for next month and then the new spin-off.
  • When will your new spin-off air? Next year.
  • Will there be a second season of The Plankton Show? Maybe.
  • When will the movie air? I literally have no idea. Maybe late next year.
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Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 22 December 2021


I thought I missed being called DontAskWhoJoeIs which is why I changed the name of this account from FridayNightStarr to Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2, but I was wrong. My new account is FridayNightStar02.

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Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 19 December 2021

Super Sponge

New plan. I'm gonna release the third episode in two weeks from now. On the Saturday after Christmas. I've been busy working on an animated short for Christmas.

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Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 16 December 2021

Taking a Step Back

Fuck my browser. It just crashed while I was halfway through writing this blog. Anyways, where was I... Salutations, everyone! My name is Not-Joe, aka Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2, everyone's favorite squid. This isn't a break from SBFW or anything, but I just gotta be honest with you guys, man. I sorta feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew.

This is not ethical. (I hope I used that word right.)


I said before on my old account, DontAskWhoJoeIsHD, that I have bigger ambitions than the size of my dick, and while I was joking when I said that, that is kinda true. Like, I had this whole plan where I would write a shit ton of SpongeBob fanon stuff in basically under a month, then showcase trailers for it all at the end of the month during an event …

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FireMatch FireMatch 14 December 2021

Kamp Koral fanon series?

Ever since Kamp Koral came out, I was wondering about the possibility of a Kamp Koral fanon series on this wiki. Since the main fanon series is extremely popular, why not make a fanon series for the spin-offs? I dunno though, what do you guys think? Comment below, like, and subscribe.

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DonaldTheScottishTwinEngine DonaldTheScottishTwinEngine 14 December 2021

Proposal: Limiting Users' Amount of Episodes in a Season

Hello everyone, I have a proposal: To limit the amount of episodes a user can have in a season.

Season 296 has proved that this was a major problem. Eric Nicholas literally took up half of the season, meaning that other users couldn't contribute with their ideas, like a proper community (I'm not attacking you, Eric. Please try to understand what I'm getting across).

Thank you for reading this. Be sure to support or oppose. Thank you.

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Koopsers Joopsers Koopsers Joopsers 11 December 2021


man another borin' day for SBF might as well put a whole bunch of random pictures from this wiki that I found.

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Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 Don'tAskWhoJoeIs2 10 December 2021

SpongeBob And Dora: Toons On The Run Teaser

  • (Note: The narrator in this teaser is a guy with a really dramatic and epic voice.)
  • Narrator: "When the world needed the greatest heroes…"
  • Police lady holding a walkie talkie: "Call Michael Jordan and the Toon Squad!"
  • They didn't answer…
  • Narrator: "When the world needed heroes slightly less as great…"
  • Police lady: "Call the X-Men!"
  • They didn't answer…
  • Narrator: "When the world needed heroes even less great…"
  • Police lady: "Call the Teen Titans from Teen Titans Go!"
  • They didn't answer…
  • Narrator: "When the world was extremely desperate…"
  • SpongeBob and Dora appeared.
  • SpongeBob: "We're here!"
  • Dora: "And we're ready to kick some butt!"
  • SpongeBob And Dora: Toons On The Run! In theaters February, 2022.
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