Boxazines is the magazine by Box Productions. It has comics, interviews, news, jokes, and more.



Image Link Date
Boxazines1.png Cutting Out Exciting Stuff! - Boxazines #1 November 18th 2018
250px Movi(e)ng On to The Big Screen - Boxazines #2 TBA


  • Welcomes and News - Written by CrazySponge
  • Topic of the Day - Written by CrazySponge
  • Other Information - Written by CrazySponge
  • Video Armageddon! (Video Game News) - Written by GraniteToast1992
  • Drama Channel - Written by CrazySponge
  • SpongeBob OC of the Month - Written by FireMatch
  • Stav and Mlath (Comic) - Written by CrazySponge
  • Comic (Different every issue) - Written by Purple133
  • Rip-Off Everything - Written by CrazySponge
  • Fluffward's Petting Zoo - Written by FireMatch
  • Zero Plot Whatsoever: Behind the Scenes - Written by Purple133
  • SpongeBob's NEW Fanon Wiki: The Amazing Comic Series! - Written by GraniteToast1992, CrazySponge & PolarTem
  • Polar Sits Down With... - Written By PolarTem
  • The Angry Spin-off Nerd - Written by GraniteToast1992 (Under the Pseudonym: The Nerd)
  • The Happy Spin-off Nerd - Written by GraniteToast1992 (Under the Pseudonym: The Other Nerd)
  • Hoopla Fan Club Updates - Written by CrazySponge
  • Crazy's Wisdom - Written by CrazySponge
  • Goodbyes and Coming Soons - Written by CrazySponge
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