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ChrisGriffinXx founded this wiki on June 10, 2013 after the founder decided to make a production company for his shows. Their first and only show is The Life Of A Computer. Due to the show's success, Computer Productions has decided to start to think about new productions for the company. On June 12, 2013, they have announced their first feature film, Untitled The Life Of A Computer Feature Film


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The Life Of A Computer

The Life Of A Computer is a spin-off series created by ChrisGriffinXx that ANYONE can write. It revolves around Karen, Plankton's (ex)-computer wife, and her friends. So far, there are 4 episodes of the series with 28 planned.

The Doctor's Medical Adventures

The Doctor's Medical Adventures is a spin-off created by ChrisGriffinXx which serves as a side project and a replacement for Street Racer Sponge. The series revolves around Dr. Forrest's daily life and adventures, and him being a doctor. Each episode lasts for around 11 minutes (excluding specials and movies). The series will start production around August 2013.

Nick Jr. Awkward, Octopus

On June 11, 2013, the company began writing episodes of the second Awkward, Octopus season alongside The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions. The new episodes began production over a year after the alleged cancellation of Awkward, Octopus, generating controversy among Wikians. However, original creator Mélodilous okayed the continuation of the series in 2014, shortly after the two companies began work on an upcoming double-length episode whose completed plotline will surface on Wikia in spring 2015.


Street Racer Sponge

Street Racer Sponge revolves around the gang as street racers. This spin-off is about the gang doing heists, race on the streets, drift, etc. Each major character has a tuned car that is the character's color. They sometimes attract the police but this usually fails. Each episode is about 11 minutes long (excluding specials and TV Movies). This series is rated PG-13 due to violence and swearing. 


Untitled The Life Of A Computer Feature Film

SpongeBob: Future Worlds

SpongeBob: Future Worlds is a fanon movie based off the television series SpongeBob SquarePants. It is set 200 years after SpongeBob SquarePants. The movie will have the characters from the original show, as well as original characters made by ChrisGriffinXx

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