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Definitely Not SpongeBob SquarePants is a spin-off created by Kidboy24 about two presenters hosting a show about (and making fun of) SpongeBob. Each episode has Adam and Jake being puzzled at logic and setting SpongeBob in strange places.

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  • Kidboy24 (Creator, Writer)
  • SuperFanonD (Editor, Plot Creator, Writer) QUIT


  • Definitely Not Hollywood was going to be called Definitely not Paramount Pictures but it sounded weird.
  • Spongealot was supposed to be a series on its own but, it would be to short.
  • Spongelanders was meant to be a video game but it never happened.
  • Definitely No Presenters was meant to be about Adam and Jake dying so the fan wiki took over. It was scrapped since it would be hard to make a episode after that.
  • A Behind The Scenes show has been announced. It will go BTS at the show and show deleted scenes clips from scrapped episodes.


Season One

1. Definitely Not The Pilot Episode (Written By Kidboy24, Aired March 17, 2014) Adam and Jake kick-off a exciting new show by not only making fun of SpongeBob, but their short animator!

2. Definitely Not Ice Cream City (Written By SuperFanon'D!, Aired April 22, 2014) The DNSS studio is being moved to Ice Cream City, but Adam and Jake prefer the old studio.

3. Definitely Not Expensive (Written By SuperFanon'D!, Aired June 2, 2014) Todays show costed a bit more than expected.

4. Definitely Not Shorts Land (Written By SuperFanon'D!, Aired June 3, 2014) There are no more shorts! Adam and Jake need to get some more.

5. Definitely Not Hollywood (Written by Kidboy24 TBA) Adam and Jake poke fun at the second movie.

6. Definitely Not Adventure Time! (Written by Kidboy24 TBA) Adam presents the show while Jake sets out to prove SpongeBob is fake.

7. Definitely No Presenters (Written by Kidboy24 TBA) Adam and Jake are forced to Skype an episode.

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