Dr. Plankton is a main character on the series Plankton Moves.

He first appears in the episode “Potions” and has been a main one ever since.


He is a testy guy and mostly does tests on Plankton.

He mostly does science stuff, sometimes learning things.

He can have very little patience as seen in The TV Show where he gets angry at Plankton for sitting on the couch for too long.


Season 1


Plankton Jr.

Plankton and Plankton

The TV Show

Opperation: Plankton

Plankton Goes Bowling

Lo-Fi Sheldon

Time Machine


Season 2

8-bit is Enough

New Plankton Ivanders

Best Lines 

"This is the LAST time I bail you out!" - The TV Show

"I pay.

(Plankton speaking) Pay what?

Nothing." - Potions

"You don’t even have a car!" - The TV Show

"You've been on this couch for 5 days!?!" - The TV Show

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