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DoodleBob Moves In! is the pilot of DoodleBob DrawingPants, in this episode: DoodleBob moves into Bikini Drawing, the home of many drawings, paintings, and art


(We see SpongeBob's house)

(Cut to the living room)

(We see the page from "Frankendoodle" with DoodleBob in it)

(DoodleBob moves out of the page)

DoodleBob: Me hoy minoy!!! (I'm tired of living in that page! i'm fonna find a new place to live in!)

Time card: What follows is a brief home-looking montage

(We see a giant house)

DoodleBob: Too big!

(We see a tiny house)

DoodleBob: Too tiny!

(We see a fancy house)

DoodleBob: Too fancy shmancy!

(We see an old den)

DoodleBob: No

(Scene cuts to DoodleBob walking sadly)

DoodleBob: ee moy nimoy.....(I don't think I can find a good place to live in)

(We see a doodle dolphin going to DoodleBob)

Doodle Dolphin: Hmm...I can't understand what you're saying, i'll put a magic spell on you

(Doodle Dolphin puts a magic spell on DoodleBob)

DoodleBob:, two three....I can talk! Not just say ME HOY MENOY

(Doodle Dolphin transports DoodleBob into Bikini Drawing)

DoodleBob: WOW, this place is amazing!

(DoodleBob looks for a house)

DoodleBob: Hmmm....

(DoodleBob finds a doodle easter island head next to a doodle garden and doodle rock)

DoodleBob: Wait! I have a pencil! I could've drew a house all along!

(DoodleBob erases the garden and draws a doodle pineapple)

DoodleBob: Perfect!

(We see DoodleTentacles, with a watering can, walking to the pineapple, with his eyes closed)

(DoodleTentacles waters the pineapple)

(DoodleTentacles opens his eyes)


DoodleBob: Hi, neighbor! I'm DoodleBob! And we're gonna be best friends!

(DoodleStar walks and sees the two doodles)

DoodleStar: Hey, DoodleBob?

DoodleBob: DoodleStar!

DoodleStar: DoodleBob! It looks like you are hugging the squid.

DoodleBob: (hugging DoodleTentacles) I am!

DoodleStar: Neighbor hug!

(DoodleStar and DoodleBob hug DoodleTentacles)

DoodleTentacles: Grr!


  • This is the first episode of DoodleBob DrawingPants
  • This episode can also be called: Welcome to Bikini Drawing
  • The second name can be a reference to "Welcome to Bikini Gulch" in Adventures in Bikini Gulch
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