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Family Unbonding is the sixth overall episode of Tales of Dawn and the first episode of Season 2. In this episode, Dawn is worried that her little half-sister, Pallas, might not approve of her like Savantia does. Meanwhile, Savantia's guilt from the past is causing a storm... literally and figuratively.



The episode started off with the aftermath of Savantia accepting Dawn into the family. Three days passed as the queen watched over the redhead, having regrets for the way she used to treat Esa. When she told Triton about it, he assured her that what happened was in the past. Dawn was happy, and as long as it was that way, it was going to be alright.

However, Dawn had one problem; she was not sure what Pallas, her half-sister, thought of her. She told Leon that she worried that Pallas was going to be the kind of sister that would ruin the older sister's life for various reasons (or worse, make her wear pink). Leon assured her that Pallas was actually a sweet kid and doubted she would treat her like that. To prove it, Leon scheduled the two to have a little play-date.

Meanwhile, Savantia still felt bad about how she treated Esa, which was starting to annoy Triton because one, he hated it when she mentioned his former wife's name, and two, her sadness caused a small storm outside and gave him complaints about the agriculture from the mortals in charge of it.

Meanwhile, the play date seemed to be quiet, with the two girls staring at each other awkwardly. After about ten seconds, Dawn finally asked Pallas if she wanted to make a pillow fort, to which the young one agreed.

Triton, fed up with the complaints and his wife being upset over someone he did not want either of them to think of, immediately confronted Savantia about this, telling her that he knew that she was upset. He explained that anyone could make mistakes, but that it could be a good thing because it would help them learn to not make them again and that something good could come out of it (his example being how she met him after he was locked away). Savantia finally calmed down, the storm stopping outside. The two then went to their room, only to discover that all the pillows were gone, before hearing chatter from Pallas' room. Investigating it, they discovered that Pallas and Dawn made a massive pillow fort with literally every pillow they could find and were having a friendly chat within it. The couple looked at each other before deciding to leave them alone for now, glad that they were getting along, and ground them later if they didn't return their pillows to them.


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