Gender Male
Age 51
Color Brown
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Parents Ted (father)

Fran (mother)

Siblings Ned (blue brother)
Monroe and Tommy (sons)
Debbie and Lillie Rechid (daughters)
Spouse(s) Sadie (wife)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance reef blower
Last Appearance SBBB
Voiced by Tom Kenny (debut)

Mr. Lawrence
Dee Bradley Baker (Something Smells)
Steven Blum (Wormy)
Paul Tibbitt

Fred is a greenish-brown fish and one of the first generic background character models to appear in the series. He has a famous running gag of yelling "my leg!".

Famous Quotes

  • "My leg!"
  • "My eyes!"
  • "DEUUEAUGH!!!"
  • "My legs!!"


  • During the 1st season of Livin' in Atlantis, the explosion from the autonomic bomb (that destroyed Bikini Bottom beyond repair) also put Fred in the hospital.
  • For this duration his Catchphrase, "MY LEG" was carried over by Duke Toro.
  • In SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show, he is a test dummy, which gives him several opportunities to use his famous phrase.
  • He is the co-founder of Fred Rechid Productions, Inc. He even appears in the logo.
  • He also appeared in the first movie with his famous phrase "MY EYES!!"
  • He speaks 32 other languages.
  • He is portrayed as being brownish green.
  • He is Squidward's friend.
  • He's the star of My Leg!: The Series.


  • Monroe and Tommy - Sons
  • Debbie and Lillie - Daughters
  • Sadie - Wife

Appearances in fan series


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