Frycook Hero 4 is a Nintendo Switch game by Jellyfish Console. This game is compatible with Amiibo.

Special thanks to PolarKey for achievements.


SpongeBob finds a cave and finds another sponge called Platinum SpongeBob, Mind Smasher, however, wants to kill Platinum SpongeBob and the two are put in serious danger!


In every world, one level has the two fuse together into a vechicle.

  • Car: Makes them go at faster speeds.
  • Hot Air Balloon: The two soar through the sky, if they start sinking, press the jump (A) button and Platinum SpongeBob with inch a bit in the sky.
  • Ship: Set sail! Ride through bodies of water and use a cannon to shoot at mines.


  1. Sea Swamp
  2. Mangrove Edge
  3. Sea of Tea
  4. Beanstalk Beaches
  5. Beanstalk Plains
  6. Sky Glacier
  7. Frozen Fortress
  8. Minigame Hut (Amiibo Required)


  1. Plankton
  2. Treebot
  3. Teacup Whirlpool Maker

    Mind Smasher, the final boss.

  4. Geyserbot
  5. Big Beanbo
  6. Hail Cloudbot
  7. Mind Smasher

Mega Combo Box


The Mega Combo Box was a special box sold only in Frycook Hero 4's first 5 months, it contains both the game and a Platinum SpongeBob amiibo.

Nintendo Switch Achievements

Name Description
It's Hero Time! Create a save file
GET OUT OF ME SWAMP! Complete Sea Swamp
That Was a 'Ton' of Work! Defeat Plankton
I'm On the Edge of Glory Complete Mangrove Edge
Tree Powers Activate! Defeat Treebot
I Prefer Coffee Complete Sea of Tea
Teacup Whirlpool Workshop Defeat Teacup Whirlpool Maker
Soaking Up the Sun Complete Beanstalk Beaches
That Was a Splash! Defeat Geyserbot
That Was Plain... Complete Beanstalk Plains
Baked Beans Defeat Big Beanbo
Brr... Complete Sky Glacier
All Hail Me! Defeat Hail Cloudbot
Let it Go! Complete Frozen Fortress
My Mind is Blown Defeat Mind Smasher
Hooray for the Post-Game! Complete the Minigame Hut
Platinum Complete the game
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