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GameBob is a mini-game compilation and design video game developed by Polar Inc. exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game allows players to make games, animations, comics and other stuff (by using the game creator). It is bundled with Party Tem. The game comes with a tablet-like device called the GameBob Tablet (which has a 24x12 pixel screen with five buttons - including the on/off one) which allows users to program pixelated games/animations and create other stuff using simple coding. Games made by other users can be downloaded for free without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The GameBob Tablet can be connected wirelessly to the Switch, by a cable to a laptop or computer or (also wirelessly) to a tablet. The computer/laptop/tablet modes can be used to code games if you don't have a Switch (the GameBob tablet is therefore sold separately) by using the GameBob page on the Temmie Central website where there is also lesson plans if teachers wish to use the device to teach coding in lessons. The educational version disables the ability to download games. While the GameBob tablet only allows pixelated games/animations/coded stuff, the Nintendo Switch version allows you to draw out your games/animations/comics as well as pixelating them (this unfortunately means comics are removed from the website version but you do get to code the device). It is worth mentioning the GameBob Tablet can't be edited unless connected to any of the devices mention. The device in question can store up to 100 mini-games where as games on the Switch can store up to 500. Despite the GameBob Tablet having a 24x12 pixel screen, four pixels can be put inside a pixel and four pixels can be put in one of them and etc. This method is used to make really detailed pixelated games. GameBob recieved critical praise upon release, with the game creators on both hardware simple and easy to understand and yet can make really powerful games.


Pre-Installed Games

No pre-installed games may be deleted. Some games may play similarily but will obviously have different graphics.

​Nintendo Switch Console Only

All pre-installed games have a host but games made by players don't.

Name Description Host
Attack on Chum A strategy game similar to Clash Royale where the player attempts to destroy the Chum Bucket while Plankton's minions try to destroy the Krusty Krab SpongeBob
Donkey Kong Literally the classic Donkey Kong game. Donkey Kong
Money A simple and short platformer game starring Mr. Krabs as he goes on a quest to find the world's largest dollar (currency doesn't change in other languages). Mr. Krabs
Mrs. Puff's Boating School A limited port of Temmie Central All Star Racing. Mrs. Puff
Patrick Kong Literally Donkey Kong but Donkey Kong is replaced with Patrick Star, Pauline is replaced with what looks like Patricia and Jumpman is replaced with SpongeBob. Patrick
Plankton's Block Fall A game similar to Tetris, mostly oddly shaped blocks fall and the objective is to fill a gap with a certain shap (there are five in total)without messing up. Plankton
Squidward's Dance Studio A dance game similar to Dance Dance Revolution starring Squidward. Squidward
Super Spongy Bros. A platforming game starring SpongeBob going to work. SpongeBob
Temmie and Temmy: Superhoi Saga A simple and short RPG where players play as Temmie, 'Temmy' (whoever that is), SpongeBob and Patrick and go on a journey to defeat The Evil Dr. Tem Tem Temmie Overlord Temmie
Temmie Central: All-Star Rumble A Temmie Central version of Smash Bros. The stages are Conch Street, The Chum Bucket, The Krusty Krab and Rock Bottom. The characters are SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Temmie, Timmy, Pearl and Mr. Krabs. Sandy

GameBob Tablet Only

Name Description
Barrel Dodge Simply a pixelated port of Patrick Kong.
Block Fall Simply a pixelated port of Plankton's Block Fall without the Plankton theming.
Catch A simple game where the you control a badly drawn pixelated SpongeBob and the goal is to catch as many falling blocks as you can hold.
GameBob Racer A racing game similar to the Temmie Central All Star series (but obviously pixelated). The characters are SpongeBob, LightBob and Temmie (creating a gender even roster, Temmie's gender is ambigous) and the courses are Bikini Bottom and Rock Bottom.
Pong A tennis game similar to the iconic Pong.

Pre-Installed Animations

​Nintendo Switch Console Only

Name Description
Facepalm Plankton facepalms himself.
Patties SpongeBob flips some Krabby Patties and serves them to a customer.

​GameBob Tablet Only

​Pre-Installed Comics

All comics are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch console.

Pre-Installed Coded Stuff

All coded stuff can only be viewed on the GameBob Tablet, although can be coded in both versions.


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