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Gary The Snail
Original run June 06, 2013
Genre Spin-Off
# of seasons 2
# of episodes 28
Spin-off status Active
Directed by Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold
Writer(s) Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold
Creative directors Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold

Gary The Snailis a spin-off created by Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold. This spin-off revolves deeper into the life SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary, and the adventures that he finds himself in at his new school. Between trying to fit in, starting new crazes, and being bullied, how much more can a snail take?


The workers for the Gary the Snail spin-off.


Season One

Title Card # Title

"Gary Goes to School" TBA
SpongeBob now has to work twenty four hours, forcing Gary to have to attend a snail school.
"Gary in Love" TBA
Gary falls in love with a new lunch SpongeBob packs him, but things arise when he begins to get in trouble for sneaking a peek at it.
"Beat It Bully!" TBA
The Bad Snail Boys have made a new hit song entitled "Don't Beat It, Bully!", and Gary becomes addicted to it.
"Egg on Shell" TBA
Martha, the prettiest snail in school, starts a new egg fad.  Gary joins in, but gets an egg on his shell!
"Gary's Splinter" TBA
Gary is embarrassed when he steps on a splinter in class.
"SpongeBob's Day Off" TBA
Gary is amused when SpongeBob gets a day off.
"Cancelled" TBA
Gary is depressed when his favorite cow-snail show is cancelled.
"Gary's Third Birthday" {{{Date}}}
Gary is upset when Patrick wrecks the cake on his third birthday; SpongeBob and Sandy argue over which cake is better: Chocolate or Nuts.
"SpongeBob, You're Fired!" {{{Date}}}
Gary tries to help SpongeBob find new jobs in the newspaper after he is fired.
"Gramma's Cookies" {{{Date}}}
Gary hates SpongeBob's Grandmother's cookies, but doesn't want to admit it because he knows it can easily hurt her feelings.

Season Two

Title Card # Title

"Gary's Real Name" {{{Date}}}
Gary attempts to change his name after Binkin and Scar tease him about it.
"Gary's Babysitter" {{{Date}}}
SpongeBob, feeling Gary is too young to watch the house, hires Sandy as a babysitter.
"Patrick's Club House" {{{Date}}}
Gary has a rough time sleeping when his idiot cousin Patrick starts a really loud active club house with SpongeBob and an un-happy Squidward.
"Patrick Moves In" {{{Date}}}
Gary isn't as happy as SpongeBob is when a terrible storm shrucks Patrick's rock down (It couldn't "survive" as Patrick likes to say).
"Sandy Gets Sick" {{{Date}}}
When Sandy gets a fever, Gary, SpongeBob, and Patrick try to entertain her to make her feel better because Mr. Krabs says "Laughter is the best medicine".
"Gary The Stealer" {{{Date}}}
Gary tries to contnuisly apologize to the new snail Mary after he eats a tuna sandwhich of hers, but everywhere he goes fish and snails are yelling "Stealer"!
"Gary's Little Brother" {{{Date}}}
Gary fights for attention when SpongeBob buys him a little brother named Henry.
"Gary, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Squidward, Pearl, and the Hotel" {{{Date}}}
When Sponegbob's friends move into a hotel with Gary for Thanksgiving, Gary is not sure how he is going to handle scientific Sandy, Mean Squidward, or nonsense Pat.
"Gary The Expelled" {{{Date}}}
Gary has to start Glenwood Snail School after being expelled; Meanwhile SpongeBob is fighting to get Gary back to "Snail School" up until he is at least 5.
"Angry Birthday, Gary!" August 4, 2013
Gary is not sure if he can forgive his dumb cousin Patrick after he ruins a cake on his third birthday; Meanwhile SpongeBob, Squidward, and Sandy argue over which cake is the best. SpongeBob likes chocolate, Squidward loves banana, and Sandy likes nuts.
"Gary The Tough" August 7, 2013
To impress his friends at school, Gary tries to become tough and mighty like the "Big Bad Snail Boys" are.
"Henry's First Birthday" August 8, 2013
On Henry's first birthday, Gary tries to ruin the party out of jealousy.
"Gary Gets Sick" August 12, 2013
When Gary fakes being sick, SpongeBob and Sandy go to extreme courses to take care of him; Squidward has a fight with Squilliam when they both want to buy the same bottle of soap.
"The Odd One" October 3, 2013
Gary meets a squirell who goes to snail school, and studies her; SpongeBob and customers have a fight with Mr. Krabs after SpongeBob burns his hand and Mr. Krabs refuses to let him go home.
"The Other Snail" {{{Date}}}
Gary is jealous when Sandy has to babysit another snail, too.
"Gary's Musty Day" {{{Date}}}
When SpongeBob and Patrick have a fight, Gary goes on Patrick's dirty side (Because he is musty) but soon he really regrets it.
"Pa The Babysitter" {{{Date}}}
When Sandy comes down with a fever (again) her father, otherwise known as Pa comes and babysits Gary but things become a disaster! The Texan style the house is in, the hats Gary is forced to wear, and worst of all Pa's horrible catchphrase "Howdey 'yal"! that he won't stop saying!
"Back To The Snail-Ture" {{{Date}}}
After getting grounded by SpongeBob for something the Bad Snail Boys did, he travels to the past to see what it would be like if he were raised by Sandy or Squidward, and to the future to see how poor all snails will be when they're 23 if groundments didn't exist.
"Hard, Hard, Math" September 15, 2013
Gary is having a hard time with math at school; Sandy Cheeks is upset when she cannot solve Dr. Oogley Boogley (Claimed the smartest fish in the sea)'s problem, E+y=7, and clearly does not understand it.
"Way.......... To Much Snail Juice" {{{Date}}}
Gary becomes addicted to the new brand called, "Snail Juice".
"Who's That Boop-Doop A Doop Girl Right There?" {{{Date}}}
When a new invention is created on land to let cartoons go to Bikini Bottom, Betty Boop launches there and SpongeBob falls so much in love he plans to marry her; Gary must stop the wedding when he finds out Betty has a boyfriend named Freddy.
"Patrick The Horrible" {{{Date}}}
After an argument about having sleepovers with SpongeBob, SpongeBob sends Gary to Patrick's house for a weekend.
"Shelia+SpongeBob= Trouble" {{{Date}}}
When SpongeBob meets a, "beautiful lady", Gary refuses to let him marry her. When SpongeBob goes and does it anyways, it ruins Gary's life.
"I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way" {{{Date}}}
When Gary and his classmates doodle a picture of SpongeBob jokingly, DoodleBob comes back to life; Meanwhile, SpongeBob is busy at work trying to earn extra money by doing extra work.
"Winter Break!" {{{Date}}}
Gary is embarrassed when every snail in town is going on Winter break except for him, and SpongeBob tries to cheer him up by taking a day off work, but that only makes things worst; Patrick tries to deal with his winter without SpongeBob, which is very hard to have fun.
"PG+13=PG13?" {{{Date}}}
Gary and his friends want to see a PG13 movie for 13 year old snails before winter break ends, but when SpongeBob says no, they sneak out; SpongeBob and Patrick have a battle about who has the biggest snowball.
"Pa, Ma, Sandy, And Gary" {{{Date}}}
When SpongeBob goes out of town with Patrick for the last day of Winter Break, Gary is left with Sandy; Patrick, thinking he needs some time away from his best friend, calls his big sister Samantha over for a play date.
"I Don't!" {{{Date}}}
After Gary gets a tummy ache in class, Gary decides he hates cookies and whenever Grandma SquarePants comes over he says, "I don't"! Sandy is trying to help Bikini Bottom get Plankton out of roam for once and for all.

Theme Song

Gary is a rockin' snail, and his TV show was not originated in Dale He loves Da' things but he...

Patrick: Is not Kings!

Gary: Meow!

And we continue, to tissue! Yeah snails out there I'm talkin' bout -

Patrick: You!


Patrick: (Rubbing Foot) Whoops sorry, cotinue.


SpongeBob: (After walking in) Don't I get a line too?

Gary: Meow.

Season Three

1.  Who Ever Thought He Would Divorce The Boop, Doop, A-Doop Girl?

Gary, who has gotten to know SPongebob's wife Betty Boop so well over the months, is depressed when he finds out it is Jessica Rabbit's turn to use the underwater mask and share it with her husband, Roger.  That means Betty Boop will start to feel more like a human than a fish again.

2.  And Who Ever Thought SpongeBob would Try And Get Another WIfe?

SpongeBob is having trouble finding another wife, so Gary sets him up on BikinFace.

3.  Where's My Cookie?

SpongeBob hides the cookies from Gary; Sandy and Plankton have a fight over how the world will end and weather or not King Neptune will  allow Plankton to destroy the world first. 

4.  The Other, Utterly, Ugly, Selfish, Babysitter

When Sandy, Pa, and Ma get a fever, Squidward has to babysit Gary.  At firts Gary thinks it will be fun, but soon he gets bored when Squidward makes too many rules. 

5.  I See You, Pwa!

Gary has a hard time saying "Pa" to SpongeBob and pronounces "Pwa", instead; Patrick cannot pronounce "Ma", to his Ma.

6.  Whoever Met The Dead Fish?

When Sandy Cheeks is in her lab, apparently, a werefish comes on the first moon and kills fish.  Whoever met the ol' dead fish?

7.  Garoween!

It is Halloween, but snail school does not let you wear your costume, and Gary tries to get them to;  SpongeBob unfortunately takes another day off work.

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