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I Lost My Pet Snail Part 1
Pilot Nat Peterson Adventures!
Series Back To Slack
Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate July 6, 2013
Story by Newleaffan
Written by Newleaffan
Storyboard artist(s) Newleaffan
Directed by Newleaffan
Creative director(s) Newleaffan

I Lost My Snail Part 1 is the 6th episode (last episode of season 1) of Back To Slack. Part 2 will be the Episode 1 for Season 2.


SpongeBob: Gary!! I'm home!!!

Gary: Meow. (Hello)

SpongeBob: My cousin Stanley wanted me to stay for another day but he destroyed the futon. So...Gary?

[Gary walks away]

SpongeBob: Well, do what your want. I'll watch TV.

[Gary goes into kitchen and gasps]

French Narrator: 15 minutes earlier

[music plays as Gary stays still]

[Gary sighs and tears up SpongeBob's glove]

[Gary's thought bubble poofs]

SpongeBob: GARY!?! MY GLOVE!?!

[Gary goes into SpongeBob's room and cries. Then hears SpongeBob]

SpongeBob: Yes. Can I get a new...

[Gary gasps and sneaks downstairs and out of the house]

To Be Continued...Until September 2013

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