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Illuminati Entertainment is the fourth short of SpongeBob n' Stuff and the first short of season two. In it, Plankton loses a bet and is forced to watch Despicable Me 3 but it gives him and idea to hypnotize the Temmies to serve him like the minions in the film.


(in the Chum Bucket)

Karen: Ha! You lost the bet! You know what that means!

Plankton: What even was the bet?

Karen: I dunno, this is supposed to be a short so it doesn't really matter. But you know what does?

Plankton: Yes, yes. I have to pay for and watch Despicable Me 3 in its entirety.


Plankton: I knew I should've installed the laugh application in you.

Karen: HA! WHAT WAS TH- (Plankton switches her off)

Plankton: I could just turn back on this now but anything for my wife. (drinks some coffee out of a 'Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life' cup before cutting to a time card)

Narrator: One viewing of Despicable Me 3 later...

Plankton: (after watching the film, he re-enters the Chum Bucket) Ugh, that film sucked. As I imagined. I can't believe it's gonna gross so much! (to audience) Well, not as much as The SpongeBob n' Stuff Movie. (winks) But it did give me an idea! I could hypnotize those Mudkips into becoming my minions like the ones in the film!

Karen: They're called Temmies!

Plankton: Hey! Who switched you on? (Robbie Rotten waves from a near table) Anyway, time to put my plan into action. (pause) Why am I talking to myself? (cut to Plankton getting the Temmies into the Chum Bucket by leaving a trail of Temmie Flakes, they all get in, the Temmies all say stuff during this process but they are so many of them it's impossible to make out what they are saying) Perfect! They're all here! But how do I hypnotize them?

Karen: Y'know, you really should've thought of that before dragging them all in he- (Plankton switches her off again)

Plankton: You're worse than Siri sometimes!

Temmie: y r u talking to her when she is turned off?

Plankton: (facepalm) Now, time to hypnotize you. (he enters the kitchen and comes back out with an old television on wheels, he turns it on to Teletubbies)

TV: Tinky winky! Dipsy! Lala! Po! (the show continues as the Temmies are mesmerized by the show)

Temmie: they look like tem's grandma!

Plankton: You are now getting very sleepy! (instead off falling asleep the Temmies start dancing to the music) WHAT? THEY LIKE IT? UGH! Well, I suppose I could do some dancing. (he is hypnotized into dancing with the other Temmies)

Temmie: when them claps tem's paws, you will work for tem! (the camera zooms out and the short ends)

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