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Jingle Smells is the second short of SpongeBob n' Stuff.


(SpongeBob and Patrick are in SpongeBob's house in the living room)

Patrick: Hey SpongeBob, what are all these presents doing here?

SpongeBob: Presents? (looks at the pile of presents on the floor) Oh, thank you Gary! (Gary meows and SpongeBob looks at the label of a present) From... Santa? Oh, Gary! I know it's you?

Patrick: Wait, Santa? Santa has five letters, I received five letters in the post the other day who were all from Squidward. Squids squirt ink, ink has three letters. A triangle has three points: illuminati confirmed!

SpongeBob: Hey, what does this say? 'Merry Christmas'? Oh Patrick, we forgot to celebrate Christmas!

Patrick: Oh... Guess we're not to late for Kwanza!

SpongeBob: Well, we kinda are but what the heck! (It ends with a ending card saying 'Happy Kwanza!')

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