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Shoot Squidward


Kill Squidward is a video game for the Viacom Video Digital and Playstation 2, the PSX/PS1 (JP/AUS Version). In the video game, the player can play as SpongeBob, Patrick, Mario, and Stephen Hillenburg. After the player chooses who they want to play as, they will be able to select their weapon, which is either a Pistol, a rocket launcher, a bazooka, an SMG, or a revolver. Automatic weapons include A machine gun, an AK-47, and a Uzi. After that, the player will go into Squidward's house with their weapon, and go into Squidward's room where he is sleeping. He will then wake up, and scream, and then you just shoot EM' DOWN to gain points. 

This game was released in April 8 2002 (JP) May 1 2002(AUS) June 4 2003 (US).

If Squidward is left without an eye, that is a combo.

If Squidward is left without both of his eyes, that's a mega combo.

If Squidward is left without both his eyes and his jaw falling out, then that's a monster combo.

If Squidward is left without both his eyes, his jaw falling out, and blood gushing out his head, then that's a super monster combo.

If Squidward is left without both his eyes, his jaw falling out, blood gushing out of his head, without his nose, and blood gushing out the side of his head as well, then that's a Monster Super Monster Combo.

If Squidward is left with no head at all, that's a Super Monster Super Monster Combo.


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