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Life in Bikini Bikini is a rip-off of Life in Bikini Top, which in turn is a rip-off of Life in Bikini Bottom. It was created by Percyblu. It will air sometime.


After Bikini Bikini's mayor arrests Mr. Krabby Buns for his heroin addiction, SpongeBoob and Squidnerd immigrate to New Kelp City cuz Bikini Bikini is full of weed bro.


  • SpongeBoob
  • Patricia
  • Squidnerd
  • Mr. Krabby Buns
  • Sell-the Weed-don (say it over and over if you don't understand who the counterpart is)
  • Sir Kelpy G
  • Sir Philly Dan
  • Sir Polar Key
  • Sir Hoopla Man
  • Travis the Great
  • Travis the Terrible
  • TBA


  1. NeW kElP cItY
  2. CoCkLoVeR
  3. PhIlLyDaN's PhIlLy StEaKs
  4. DaViD's SpEcIaL sAuCe
  5. LiFe In BiKiNi BoTtOm NeEdS tO dIe
  6. HoOpLa

Theme Song

I hate you, yes you,

I hate you, yes you,

I saw a fat monkey,

And I thought it were you.

And if you thought I stole this joke......

I hate you, yes you.

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