This is a list of characters (actual and fanmade) appearing on SpongeBob SquarePants and/or its fan-made series. This list is divided into Already Existing Characters and Fan-Made Characters.

Main (Already Existing)

  • SpongeBob SquarePants - A cute and optimistic sea-sponge who loves jellyfishing and strives to earn his boating license.
  • Patrick Star - SpongeBob's Goofy best friend who is a pink starfish.
  • Squidward Tentacles - A grumpy, artsy octopus who plays the clarinet. He is Neighbors with SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Mr. Krabs - A greedy crab who loves money, Owner of The Krusty Krab (SpongeBob's Job), and is the father of Pearl.
  • Pearl Krabs - A teenage sperm whale and Mr. Krabs' daughter.
  • Sheldon J. Plankton - A tiny planktonic copepod who runs the failing Chum Bucket restaurant with his computer wife, Karen, And who tries to steal Mr. Krabs's Secret formula, but always fails.
  • Karen Plankton - A very smart, waterproof supercomputer and the co-owner of the Chum Bucket.
  • Sandy Cheeks - A sporty squirrel from Texas. She wears a space-suit to breathe underwater.
  • Mrs. Puff - SpongeBob's teacher at boating school.
  • Gary the Snail - SpongeBob's pet.

Notable Recurring (Already Existing/Return in episodes)

  • Patchy the Pirate - The live-action host of the show's special episodes and on—air continuity.
  • Potty the Parrot - Patchy's not-so-faithful sidekick and pet parrot.
  • Nat Peterson - A yellow and green fish with purple fins and blue shorts. He appears in a lot of SpongeBob episodes for a background character.
  • Tom - A tan fish. He is a chocoholic as seen in "Chocolate With Nuts."
  • Fred And Blue Fred- A brown fish who is usually seen in the background, during times of chaos, he shouts "My leg!" or "My legs..."
  • Larry the Lobster - A buff lobster who is the lifeguard at Goo Lagoon.
  • Squilliam Fancyson - Squidward's rival from high school. He is very wealthy and rubs his success in Squidward's face whenever he can.
  • Mermaid Man - Retired superhero who resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home.
  • Barnacle Boy - Retired sidekick of Mermaid Man who also resides with MM at Shady Shoals Rest Home.
  • Flying Dutchman - A ghostly fellow who haunts Bikini Bottom.
  • King Neptune - The King of Atlantis. Also Father of Triton (As seen below).
  • Triton - Neptune's son, he is a prince and the heir to his father's throne.
  • Queen Amphitrite - The Queen of Atlantis.
  • Nancy Suzy Fish - A female fish with white hair. Another usual Krusty Krab patron.
  • Don the Whale - A buff whale who is a usual beach-goer.
  • Bubble Buddy - A main character in The Bubble Buddy Show, the episode "Bubble Buddy", and "Bubble Buddy returns" made a cameo in "The Above Life" (2019).
  • Old Man Jenkins - An elderly fish who resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home.
  • Octavius Rex - an anchovy dubbed as "Long, Tan and Handsome."

Bikini Bottomites (Background characters)

  • Charlie - A short blue fish with a red swimming suit. His name is revealed in "Hocus Pocus".
  • Hoopla - HOOPLA!
  • Billy Bob Star - One of Patrick's Ancestors who appears in the episode "Rule of Dumb."
  • Monroe Timmy - an orange fish who is the son of Tom and Mable.
  • Perch Perkins - a news reporter in Bikini Bottom, not to be confused with Johnny Elaine, the more recurring news reporter.
  • R.R. - Sandy's ex-boyfriend from Superstars, Sponges, Cephalopods, and Squirrels. Not much is known about him, except he's a mysterious grey-squirrel who is seeking revenge on the group his ex joined. He is known to be greedy, talented, and evil. He crossed is moral event horizon when he murdered a character.
  • Daisy Shinding
  • Randy Bubblebottom
  • Ruben Meepson - A Bikini Bottomite who works as a Journalist for the Bikini Bottom Gazette.
  • Quincy - A Banker he works as Bank Cashier/Bank Boss and House Taker and Hotel Worker

Fan Made-Characters (From the Fanon Series or Spinoffs)

  • Tina SquarePants - SpongeBob's younger sister
  • Mike Star
  • Po Star - A character in a fanon series based on Kung Fu Panda.
  • Jervis Tech - Another main character. His debut was in the episode The Human. He is very knowledgeable to SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Patrick Jr - A smaller and dumber version of Patrick, who was created by Patrick accidentally. Premieres in Season 38.
  • Pattus- An Atlantean alter-ego of Patrick who appears in the episode " Sponge vs Society".
  • Nickolas Star - Patrick's older brother.
  • SpongeBecca RhombuSkirt - A female Sponge that makes her debut in the season 2 episode "To Love A Sponge." Debatable whether she or Sandy is SpongeBob's love. First appeared in Season 2's "To Love A Sponge " and will be a main character Season 3 onwards.
  • Barnacle Bob - Ex mayor of Ice Cream City
  • Mr. Finn - Principal of Abc University
  • Seth Hamm - Protagonist of the fanon series, Welcome to Bikini Bottom!. Seth is a human who lives across the street from SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick with his brother, Caleb. He is best friends with SpongeBob and Patrick. He works as a waiter at the Krusty Krab and goes to Mrs. Puff's Boating School with SpongeBob.
  • Caleb Hamm - A main character of the fanon series, Welcome to Bikini Bottom!. Caleb is a human who lives across the street from SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick with his brother, Seth. He is best friends with SpongeBob and Patrick. Like Patrick, he does not attend any school and does not have a job.
  • The Traka- An ancient monster that destroyed Bikini Bottom a millennia ago.
  • Alexandra Velocity Electra- A female human who can breathe underwater.
  • Warren Cook- An intelligent video maker and hacker.
  • Caillou- A bratty, but intelligent kid. (Actor promises the director and creators the character will be good in newer episodes)
  • Donald Klump- A rich Billionaire. A parody of Donald Trump.
  • Nebby - SpongeBob and Sandy's mutant daughter in SpongeBob n' Stuff.
  • FatBob Squarepants- SpongeBob's fat Brother and the main protagonist of FatBob is Worthy
  • Squidla Jumbokan - FatBob's Girlfriend in FatBob is Worthy
  • SpongeCock SquarePants
  • Fatrick Star- A fatter and more stupid version of Patrick Star in Life in Bikini Bottom.
  • Pissing Pearl - A whale who pisses all the time and has to see Dr. Nick twice a week because of this.
  • Professor Sedgewick - A scientist who helped create Prima Vodka in Life in Bikini Bottom
  • Dr. Nick - The main doctor (and other occupations) in Life in Bikini Bottom.
  • Shitward Testicles - SpongeCock's neighbor.
  • Scotty Kraps - Eugene Krap's son.
  • Bobby SquarePants - SpongeCock's son.
  • Sheldon D. Bastard - SpongeCock's arch-enemy. 
  • Shitty B - An experienced musician who seeks competition. 
  • Puff Daddy - A rapper who created a vodka brand named Ciroc and appeared as a guest appearance in "Prima Vodka"
  • Assy Cheeks - A squirrel who is a stripper.
  • Gory the Snail - SpongeCock's weird ass snail.
  • Dr. Shrekton - An assistant doctor for Dr. Nick and even though he may be an assistant, he appears to be more skilled than Dr. Nick himself.
  • Bobby Debastardo - An alien who came to Bikini Bottom who was on a secret mission.
  • Myzard - Citizen who lives in Splizzard in A Spongy Discovery.
  • Byglard - Citizen who lives in Splizzard in A Spongy Discovery.

Sir Alfredo Les-Linguine Star IV - Patrick's rich grandfather. He makes her debut in Dummy Dancing .

Ma'am Quincillica Ali-Patella III - Patrick's rich grandmother. She makes her debut in Dummy Dancing .

Gobble De'Gook - World famous sea turkey who debuts in SpongeBob Fanon Season 170

Alter Egos, Things and Others

Real Life Characters

Anime Characters

  • Rio Wesley - An Athlete of Nakajima Gym from Vivid Strike
  • Sariel
  • Corona Timil
  • Takamachi Vivio
  • Einhard Stratos
  • Yumina Enclave
  • Fuka Reventon
  • Rinne Berlinetta
  • Jill Stola
  • Shinonono Houki
  • Orimura Ichika
  • Cecilia Allcott
  • Lingyn Huang
  • Mastur Chief
  • Proto King (new)
  • Golden King
  • R.2
  • N
  • Hazuki Kurumi
  • Mito Mashiro
  • Luluco
  • Iris Freiya
  • Miruku-chan
  • Zero
  • Hazuki Ebisu (Vivid Strike! New Revolution!)
  • Meguru Amatsuki
  • Sumire Kisaragi
  • More Anime Characters....


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