Billy Jr. (the 2nd) and Maurice Fishington are twins that appear in Bikini Bottom Academy and Life at the Krusty Krab. Billy is the moderate one. Maurice is the bad one. Billy is fun to hang out with while Maurice same but Maurice is sort of hard.......... Maurice like to make fun of Squidward and Mr.Krabs from his Grandfather Billy Sr. Billy thinks boys wearing ear rings is gay, while Maurice does not. Maurice is Badder than Billy. As in an Episode Maurice punched a fish in the Face and has secretly threatened SpongeBob on a BBA Episode. For an awkward reason Billy halfly does not like that. According to Billy Maurice is very popular and likes girls (obviously) they can be told by the color of there hats.
Maurice and Billy

Maurice is in the left, Billy is in the right. they can be told by there colors of there hats.


Middle School lives of Bikini Bottom Academy

SpongeTales (cameo)

The Life of the Krusty Krab

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