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  • I live in New Zealand (New Zealander)
  • My occupation is Mainly editing on Spongebob fandom
  • I am Male
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  • How many episodes on your season? (so I can put it on the episode guide)

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  • You can add any of your episodes on it now.

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  • Hi there, my spinoff lasts 7 to 9 years.

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  • These are episodes that exceed the ratings

    if I get banned, that is fine, 

    because those episodes arent aimed for teens, the later modern ver of it, will be when it goes darker, with darker humor, and more profanity, so, the earlier episodes are for teen.

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  • Hello, just to say, a user called Erik Nicholaz replaced the title card for your episode There Was An Accident, But Was a Hoax. You should put the replaced title card on the page.
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  • Can you add their plots soon and make a title card for "Lost An Item, Did You?"?

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  • Hello there! Salut! Hola! Ciao! Kamusta! By the way, this wiki is in English, and there's nothing else than this and the Tagalog version. Anyways, welcome to the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki. This is an automatic message sent to you by an admin or bot. If you want to know how to do the basic American dream, starting out as a nobody new user but turning into a famous b-crat, I reccomend reading below to help you out.

    The SpongeBob Fanon Wiki is a terrible wiki about, well, SpongeBob fanon. Fanon is anything the fanbase believes about a work that isn't official (or canon). In this case, this fanon is on the animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants. On here, for our fanon, we create numerous things, such as video games, movies, musicals, and songs. Yet, mainly, we create spin-offs, which are continuations of the original work. Before you start editing, it's best to leave your social life by the door. Because once you start editing, it'll be as good as gone.



    The rating is the first thing the reader will notice when they visit your spin-off. The rating should be verified by the author's content and use of language. On this wiki, there are three main ratings:
    • G - Allows all users of the wiki to read the spin-off.
    • PG - No users under eight years of age are allowed to read the spin-off.
    • PG-13 - Highest rating on this wiki; only mature users allowed (13 and up) are given mild caution.

    And there is also a special rating that requires permission from admins to use:

    • R - This rating is only allowed to be used if the content is posted elsewhere from the wiki (Google Drive link, etc) and the content is justified by an administrator. After said justification, the administrator gives mature users strong caution.


    • What is the name of the spin-off? The name is what gets the user tempted to read the spin-off. As long as the name is compliant with the rules, knock yourself out with this!
    • Who is the main character? The main character is who appears mainly in the spin-off. He or she is the most important. He or she is what sets the mood of the spin-off.
    • What motives are set for the character? The motive is what writes the spin-off. Have a good motive, and the spin-off practically writes itself!
    • What is the spin-off about? This is what makes up a majority of the spin-off. What the spin-off is about is what makes the spin-off interesting (hopefully).


    • Adding an infobox episode template (for episodes only).
    • Adding proper categorization (such as "Spin-Offs", "Series", etc.).
    • Adding proper sections (Characters, Episode List, Polls, etc.).
    • Adding an EpList under the correct section.
    • Adding a legitimate rating (consult the Rating Guidelines).


    To get users to join for your show, you can make [[User blog:<insert name here>|a blog]].

    NOTE: This is if you want users to join your spin-off.


    Go out there and get some inspiration! To help you, take these very sexy and attractive spin-offs that are very arousing for example.
    No stealing ideas! (You scumbag)
    There's more to this wiki than just spin-offs! There's books, musicals, songs, video games, characters, and more that you can create!

    A complete list of all administrators/bureaucrats can be seen here.

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