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Monkey Man Madness
Series Plankton Lives With The Raw
Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate July 17, 2015
Production company HotDogCloggy Studios

Kingshire Animation

Story by New Kelp City, WithAY2002
Written by Calaz
Storyboard artist(s) WithAY2002
Directed by Calaz
Creative director(s) New Kelp City
Animation director(s) New Kelp City
Title card by Calaz
Previous Episode Krack-a-Karen
Next Episode You May Kiss The Laptop
Monkey Man Madness is a TV Movie about Plankton and friends to save the world when the Monkey Men enter the world.


Tune in to these channels at 7 PM on July 17 to see the movie. All channels are numbered by the Bikini Bottom Cable TV.

  • Bikini Bottom TV (Channel 6)
  • Kingshire TV (Channel 162)
  • Chocolate TV (Channel 165)
  • NKCTV (Channel 167)
  • HDC (Channel 201)


  • The title card is printed with "Monkey MEN Madness" instead of "Monkey Man Madness".


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Bikini Bottom is the most peaceful place in the universe. No war, no violence, everything is perfect.

Plankton: Ah! Good morning. Lets read the new edition of Villians Weekly!

Karen: Don't you have anything to do now.

Plankton: I'm a faliure! I spent 50 years finding the formula and nothing happened!

Karen: Don't be sad.

Plankton: Yes I am

Karen: Don't be sad

Plankton: Yes I am

Two Hours Later

Plankton: I'm depressed [Plankton turns TV on]

Perch: Some "Monkey Men" have terrorized Bikini Bottom. Houses destroyed. Boats looped. Here I am at the Krusty Krab. Here I am talking to Eugene Krabs, the owner of the place. Mr.Krabs, how do you feel?

Mr.Krabs: I am making more money! With the fee for entry at $12.00, I'll be filthy stinking rich!

Perch: Here you have it this is Pe... [Monkey Men enter the Krusty Krab, steal the formula, and looted all the money] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Voice: We are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please come again.

Mr.Krabs: ME MONEY!!! [faints]

SpongeBob: Mr.Krabs! [revives Mr.Krabs with a Krabby Patty]

Refugees: Why, Why, WHY???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plankton turns off the TV

Plankton: Did you see that?!

Karen: That was terrible!

Plankton: Exactly! They stole stuff I was going to steal!

Karen: You do have no heart.

Plankton: We must defeat them!

Karen: But how?

Plankton: By following them

Karen: Don't you need help?

Plankton: Of course!

Karen: Who would want to help YOU?

Plankton: Don't worry my computer wife, I know two dingalings who would help me

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