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Monster! is the second episode of Underwater Shorts. It was written by Platipig and is about SpongeBob and Patrick entering a cave for shelter but finding a monster. It aired on August 31st 2016.


  • SpongeBob
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Sea Lion (debut)




(we see SpongeBob and Patrick in the middle of nowhere and it's raining)

Patrick: Well, I think we're lost.

SpongeBob: Well done, Sherlock. Hey, how did we end up here anyway?

Patrick: It all started this morning.

SpongeBob: (pause) Patrick? Are you okay? Oh, he must be doing one of those flashback things again.

Patrick: Hey look, a cave! (points) How convenient? (they enter the cave)

SpongeBob: Patrick, you can stop pointing now.

Patrick: Aww, I wanna look like Superman.

SpongeBob: Cut it out!

Patrick: Sorry.

SpongeBob: (pause) Patrick, why are you still pointing?

Patrick: (scared) There's a scary shadow over there!

SpongeBob: No, that's just Puddle. (we see a puddle) How's it hanging, Big Guy? (whispering to Patrick) We were in science class together.

Patrick: SpongeBob, you've probably got dumber this episode so I'll say it again. (scared) There's a scary shadow over there!

SpongeBob: No, I said it's just Pud- (wilhelm scream)

Patrick: (scared) What do you think it is?

SpongeBob: (scared) Probably a monster the size of a Double Decker bus!

Patrick: Oh no... (imagines a Double Decker chocolate bar in the shape of a bus)

SpongeBob: (scared) It's gonna eat us! (the thing roars and they scream in pain but it's revealed to be Squidward)

Squidward: (laughs) You should've seen your faces!

Patrick: Squidward? What are you doing here?

Squidward: I was on my way to Musical: The Musical when I got lost and came in here for shelter.

SpongeBob: But why did you roar at us like that?

Squidward: Roar at you? I didn't r- (his jaw drops at the sight of a sea lion who roars at them)

Patrick: (turns around with SpongeBob) Oh my.

SpongeBob: Would now be a good time to scream?

Squidward: Yes. (they scream in terror)


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