Nathaniel "Nat" Peterson
81px-Nat peterson
Gender Male
Age 36
Nationality American
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Professional Information
Profession Snail Po Executive
Friends and Family
Parents Lynn Peterson (mother in fan series)
Nicholas Peterson (father in fan series)
Siblings Sarah (sister in fan series)
Children Susie (daughter)
Baby Billy (son)
Spouse(s) Natette Peterson (wife in most fan series)
Friends Randy Bubblebottom Fred Rechid
Behind the Scenes

Nathaniel "Nat" Peterson is a fish from SpongeBob SquarePants. He has had more appearances than any other background character. He is a yellow fish with a purple fin and blue pants. He is mostly seen dating with Shubie, but he is also often seen with Abigail-Marge, Tina, and Sally. He was also once seen dating Martha Smith. He has two kids with Shubie, which are Susie and Baby Billy. He was paid to go to the Chum Bucket everyday by Plankton's wife Karen in the episode Plankton's Regular.

Appearances in Fan Series

  • Nat's Son
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Back to School
  • Uncle Day
  • The Smell of Money
  • The Cent of Money 2
  • The Cent of Money 3
  • SpongeBob Moves in
  • All of the movies



  • in Livin' in Atlantis, Nat becomes best friends with Duke Toro and Harold.
  • In the episode, Boatin In Atlantis, Nat appears tanned again.
  • Nat is a TV star.
  • In one episode, Nat turns into a bacon strip, just like in Sun Bleached, much to Shubie's dislike.
  • Nat is similar to Duke Toro.
  • Nat is in Carkle's profile pic, saying "Really?"
  • In an episode, Nat's fin is blue.


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