Cover by TheJasbre202
Developer(s) ¡Laro!
Publisher(s) 2K Sports
Distributor(s) ¡Laro!
Director(s) SBCA
Designer(s) Doctor Bugs
Producer(s) The Imperial Ghost
Lead programmers SBCA
Doctor Bugs
The Imperial Ghost
Platform(s) All consoles compatible with POBA 2K15
Released January 5, 2016
Genre(s) Sports
POBA 2K16 is the codename for the video game add-on by Luis TV iLaro! and 2K Sports for POBA 2K15. It is not considered a major release in the POBA 2K franchise and was released on January 5, 2016. It was downloadable as an add-on update for POBA 2K15 on all capable consoles. The cover art was created by TheJasbre202.


During the making of the first POBA 2K game, the title was originally going to be POBA 2K16 like most standard sports video games. However to avoid confusion, the name was changed to POBA 2K15. The critical mistake was seen and to avoid the naming loophole scheme (2K17 in 2016, 2K18 in 2017), the add-on, POBA 2K16 was created.


Roster Updates

Seven new rosters have been added to coincide with the new episodes in release at the time, namely:

  • Mayan Mermen
  • Darktown Killers
  • Barrier Reef Barnacles
  • The Ghastly Operators
  • The Royals
  • Funktown Fungus
  • Bosstown Bone-Crushers

Game Mode Updates

MyPark (New)

A new online park game mode was added to the game, based on the NBA 2K game mode. It was praised for it's smooth gameplay and servers.

MyCareer (Updated)

Previously, the feature of playing for the NBA Jammers was possible via trade but not through the draft, however even that functionality was removed in this add-on.

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