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Party Tem



Developer(s) PI
Publisher(s) Nintendo (Nintendo Switch release)
PI (Picon release)
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Picon
Released ???
Genre(s) Party
Party Tem is a party game, similar to the Mario Party series, developed by PI, initially as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, but the game was later ported to PI's own system, the Picon.The game sees up to four players moving around a board trying to collect 'stickers' whilst playing mini-games on the way.


It is SpongeBob's birthday and Temmie and the all-star gang are determined to throw him the best birthday party ever. Everyone is given a scrapbook to house 'stickers' they find along life-sized board game boards created by Sandy Cheeks. Whoever has the most stickers at the end of the game wins. Everyone was invited to the party except Bill Cipher who decided to crash the party by adding 'Cipher Spaces', 'Phony Stickers' and simply showing up every now and again to change things up a bit by adding his own rules and stealing stickers. Now the all-star gang must make this the best party ever without having the fun ruined for all of them.


Party Mode

In party mode, up to four players travel around a board trying to collect stickers that can be found in certain spaces, won in mini-games or found in a certain space with a load more of them. Every turn a minigame is played. Party Mode has two versions: Normal Party mode (which is basically every typed before what is after the brackets) and Story Mode which is exactly the same but there is a story to it, every board is played in order and there are boss battle mini-games after each board. This mode can be played online.

Minigame Mode

Minigame mode is where minigames can be played and selected by the player/s any time. This mode can be played online, but players have to vote for the mini-game.

amiibo Mode (Pal Mode in Picon Port)

amiibo Mode is a mode which has to be played with two or more players and there are no CPUs. Each player plays as a compatible amiibo that they own and the goal is to simply make it to the end of the track by rolling the dice. Data can be scanned onto amiibo and they can be played against like CPUs in all modes and they will be harder if they win more often when playing with a friend. This mode can be played online.

In the Picon port, this mode still exists within the game, but is played without amiibo entirely. The player can create a 'pal' of any character they've unlocked, and the mode is played with them. They can also be trained and played against or with in all other modes.

Sticker Mode

Sticker Mode isn't really a mode but more of a bonus feature. Players can look at all stickers they have collected in their scrapbook and can trade stickers online with other people to collect all stickers you can get.



  • SpongeBob
  • Patrick
  • Temmie
  • Squidward
  • Sandy
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Karen & Plankton
  • Nat Peterson
  • Robbie Rotten
  • LightBob*
  • DarkBob
  • BlueBob
  • Hoopla! (Picon Port Exclusive)
  • Medieval SpongeBob (Picon Port Exclusive)
  • Picon Avatar (Picon Port Exclusive)

* - In the Picon port, LightBob uses her re-design


Unlockable characters either have to be rescued in the story mode, or bought from the shop with in-game points obtained by playing the party mode.

  • Mermaid Man
  • Barnacle Boy
  • Batman
  • Perch Perkins
  • Mrs. Puff
  • Kenny
  • Sans
  • Pluto (Picon Port Exclusive)
  • Maja (Picon Port Exclusive)
  • Dame Tu Cosita (Picon Port Exclusive)



SpongeBob's Pineapple
Conch Street
Mr. Krabs's Krabby Kafe
Plankton's Secret Lair
Squidward's Art Academy
Patrick's Ice Cream and Donut Sundae
Bikini Bottom Town
Robbie Rotten's Rotten Express


Toy Shop
Bill Cipher's House of Demons
Temmie Central Studios

Types of Spaces

Image Name Action
Normal Space Nothing happens
Sticker Space Awards one sticker
Special Sticker Space Awards twenty stickers, there's only one of these on each board and its position changes every time someone lands on it
Minigame Space Launches a minigame, another minigame is still played at the end of the round even if that is when the space is landed on
Cipher Space Bill Cipher appears and casts a generally negative effect on the player who landed on it, there are no Cipher Spaces at the start of the round but Bill Cipher puts two/three Cipher Spaces on the board every time he visits
Back Space The player who lands on the space moves back on space
Roll Space The player who lands on the space has to roll again
Empty Space The player who lands on the space claims the space as theirs and whoever lands on it afterwards must give them one sticker, if the player has no stickers then he/she goes into minuses
Change Space The player who lands on the space changes places with another player
Duel Space The player who lands on the space engages in a die-fight where they both roll a die and whoever gets the highest number takes half of the opponent's stickers
Reverse Order Space When landed on, the players' positions change (e.g 1st place becomes last place, last place becomes first place, etc.). This space only appears on the Bill Cipher's House of Demons board and there is only one of them
Item Dispenser Despenses an item


Items are items that are dispensed from the Item Dispenser.

Image Name Effect
Sonic Speed Shoes The player puts on special shoes and moves and whatever number rolled on the dice is multiplied by two for three turns, meaning the player moves twice the amount of spaces.
Skrink Ray The player shoots itself with a shrink ray which causes the player to be able to access mini spaces. The effects wear off after five turns.
Backwards Hat The player moves backwards the number rolled with the dice for three turns.
Sticker The player is granted one sticker.
Slow Die The player is granted a slow die, which rolls slowly so the player can essentially choose the number he/she/it wants. It disintegrates after one turn.

Idle Lines

All characters have some interaction lines with other characters when idle, even some characters have lines to Bill Cipher and he has lines to them when he comes to watch over gameplay. A complete list of idle lines can be read here: Party Tem/Idle Lines.


  • Bill Cipher was meant to be playable but was given an antagonizing role later in development.
  • Perch Perkins was originally purple like in the show and earlier all star games.


Name Description
The Party Don't Start 'Til I Walk In Complete your first board
Partyin' 'Til Midnight Complete Party Mode
Party Poopers: 0 Complete Story Mode
Mini Mini Mini Game Play every minigame in Minigame Mode
Trading Sticker Game Trade a sticker with someone online
Internet Required Explore the online modes
Easter Egg Hunter Find all hidden secrets at Patrick's Ice Cream and Donut Sundae
Ghostbuster Play Bill Cipher's House of Demons (unlockable) on Halloween
Breaking the Fourth Wall Unlock Temmie Central Studios
All Your Characters Belong To Us Unlock all the secret characters
Walking Small Unlock Pluto
Into the Wild! Unlock Maja
Give Me Your Little Character Unlock Dame Tu Cosita
It's Party Tem! Unlock all previous achievements
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