Patchy's Underwater Treasure Cove is a fan made horror game for SpongeBob SquarePants.


In 2005 in California, a place called " Patchy's Underwater Treasure Cove" was made. It stars Patchy the Pirate about treasure hunting and going on an adventure with SpongeBob and his pals. It has games, a treasure hunt, food, and Aquarium, and more. It was a success. However 1 year later, an incident happened. Patchy has gone missing and nobody knows where he is at in the Cove. They did spot some blood on the floor. One kid came crying saying that there was something inside the cage in " Gumpy's cage". The place then is closed down until the mystery is solved.


You play as an investigator named " Cameron Kimble" and you got to check out the Cove and see what's going on in the place. However, many things in the cove is after you.


You first start in the Entrance. You have a week in the Cove. You walk around the Cove collecting data. You goal is to survive from 9 to 12. There are enemies after you, to avoid them, you must either run in another room, hide, or stand still. As each night goes on, it gets harder and more enemies appear on each night.


Cameron Kimble



Possessed Gary

Patchy the Pirate

Suicide Bob

Unknown Small Fish Humanoids ( pink,blue,green)

Possessed Potty






Gumpy's Cage

TV room

Mascot room


Treasure hunting room

Supply Room


It's possible that Deathrite killed Patchy as he is seen wearing his clothing.

Gumpy was a Person with a Fish as a head and was very friendly to the kids and is a good friend of Patchy's it's unknown where he is at and if he will be an enemy in the future.

Some of the characters were possessed during the incident for unknown reasons.

This game will be getting a remake edition.

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