Patrick Star is the deuteragonist of The Life of SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a starfish. He is the best friend of the title character. Patrick is dim-witted, yet friendly and fiercely loyal to all of his friends, especially SpongeBob, who also happens to be his neighbor. They love to fool around when they have nothing to do. Both SpongeBob and Patrick are despised by their other neighbor, Squidward Tentacles, who abhors what he sees as their endlessly annoying and childish behavior and hates the idea of living next to both of them.


Patrick is generally seen as dim-witted and unintelligent. He appears to live a simple life. Nevertheless, he has a deep sense of friendship and loyalty and will always stand by his friends, especially SpongeBob. Like SpongeBob, Patrick is generally good-natured; he loves joking and fooling around with SpongeBob, especially when they have nothing to do at the moment, and both of them can be very childish. Both of them are despised by Squidward, who is constantly annoyed by their behavior. However, SpongeBob and Patrick are oblivious to this and embrace Squidward as their neighbor.


Patrick lives in Bikini Bottom. He has two neighbors: SpongeBob and Squidward. He is usually unemployed, although he did serve as temporary cook in the Krusty Krab during the time when SpongeBob was Temporary Manager of the Krusty Krab ("Our Temporary Manager, Mr. SquarePants"); he was eventually fired - right before SpongeBob's resignation - because of the erratic quality of the food he cooked (his only education in this field was a crash course given by SpongeBob).

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