Plankton's quest for Spot is a platform game for PC created by Rockbottom789.


One day,Plankton can`t find Spot,so he starts an epic quest to find him with the help of his new robo-armor!

At the end of the game,Plankton finally finds Spot.


1-Chum Bucket:Plankton has to collect 30 ameba goo samples to reveal clues about Spot.

2-Downtown:after anallizing the goo,Karen says that Spot should be under a building or in Rock Bottom.Plankton heads to Bikini Bottom,destroying every building,but he can`t find Spot.

3-Jellyfish fields:Plankton travels trought this zone,while being attacked by a huge wave of clams!

4-Road to Rock Bottom:Plankton uses the speedmode to travel in the road of Jellyfish fields.

5-Rock Bottom:here Plankton fights Mr.Krabs,who wanted to stop him.

6-Rock Bottom 2:Plankton has to sneak in the museum while avoiding cameras,but he can`t fins Spot.

7-The road again:Plankton returns to Bikini Bottom.

8-Destroyed Bottom:some angry citizens attack Plankton due to the things that he did on level 2.

9-Trought the ruins:Plankton sees some ghost heading to the Chum Bucket,so he follow them.

10-The ghsot team:Plankton battles the Dutchman and Lord Poltergeist at the Chum Bucket,which had teamed up to posses Spot and use him to scare everyone.Each one has the moves o the previous bosses.

Plankton's Moves

Plankton can run,jump,shoot chum and create a platform under him,but it will fall slowly once steped.


  • Jelly:moves slow in an up-down movement.Unlinited health.
  • Spike ball:stand still.Unlimited health.
  • Worm:chases Plankton.1 health point.
  • Clam:flys in randomized ways.2 health points.
  • Tuff fish:stand still while trowing stuff that falls near Plankton.5 health points.
  • Ghost:stand still while firing plasma balls to left and right.3 health points.
  • Mr.Krabs:jumps arround the level while calling randomized enemies.30 health points.
  • The angry citizens:throw projetiles that bounse on walls in randomized directions.30 heatlh points.
  • Dutchman:same as Krabs.20 health points.
  • Poltergeist:same as Citizens.20 health points.
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