Plankton Moves: Battle for New Plankton City is a video game released for the Spin Off Plankton Moves May 4th 2018.


Mr Krabs is at his desk bored when Spongebob bursts in suggesting another visit. Mr krabs disagrees however and goes to his closet to fish out the Robot Krabs. He reactivates the krab and requests it to visit Plankton itself but it goes berzerk and builds a super army of robots. The robots swarm to New Plankton and destroy everything. Plankton is watching tv and notice the swarm and him, Plank, Crackpot and Dr Plankton try to do something.

At the end they go to the Krusty krab and see Mr krabs tied to a chair while the robot krabs produces more robots and fight it.


The 3 planktons will need to collect enough Robot scraps by completing missions inside levels. They need to get a certain amount to proceed to the bosses.



  • Plankton (abilities: death ray, slam, Dash attack)
  • Plank (abilities: dash attack, rope swing, sneaking (exclusive to him) )
  • Crackpot: (slam, Alien Spray, Dash, Slam)
  • Dr Plankton (bombs, dash, and slam)


  • Mr Krabs
  • Plankton jr
  • Plankman
  • Citizens


  • Plankton's house
  • Streets
  • Convience store
  • Rooftops
  • Space
  • Krusty krab
  • Inside computer (8bit)

Bosses (in no particular order except the final 3 bosses)

  • Robo Plankton
  • Squidbot 500
  • The giant robot of doom
  • Virus
  • Plankbot
  • Robo Spongebob
  • Robo Squidward
  • Robo Krabs
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