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SBFW Campsite
Created by SeemsGood
Original run August 11, 2018 - present
Genre Comedy
# of seasons 2
# of episodes 32
Spin-off status Active
Directed by Purple133
Writer(s) SeemsGood
Creative directors Purple133
Executive producers Purple133
Television producers SBCA
Production company Luis TV Productions
Original network Luis TV
Purple TV

SBFW Campsite is a spin-off created by SeemsGood and TheJasbre202. SeemsGood left the show after the wiki was shut down in September, and then finally got back the status of the series to us. Matchy was made owner, but handed it to Purple133.


The show was created in early August 2018, by SeemsGood and TheJasbre202. SeemsGood picked the show up for one season, and eight episodes came out while he was still in charge. After SBFW was shut down, SeemsGood left the wiki and hope for any new episodes from this show were low. Then, via Roblox contact, the show was given to FireMatch, who gave it to Purple133. The show's first season was later confirmed by Purple to be 16 episodes long. A second season was confirmed in July 2019, and is expected to have 16 episodes.


The SBFW users are staying in a campsite, created by Ponyo Fan and now owned by Jasbre. They experience insane shit and life problems.


Season 1

Title card # Title Airdate

"Accused" August 11, 2018
CrazySponge gets accused of being a Hoopla fetishist by SeemsGood.

"Law and Polar" August 14, 2018
Bong sues Polar when he portrays Bong as pregnant in his comic known as SBFW Go!.

"A Trip In The Woods" August 15, 2018
SeemsGood and Matchy get lost when they go on a trip in the woods.

"FD's Back(up)" August 20, 2018
FD's back from his ban and makes an assistant counselor (rollback in the SBFW Campsite universe) request. He rages when everyone opposes his request and he destroys the camp in anger. Now the SBFW users must stop him before he causes more chaos.

"SpongeBot's Drug Problem" August 25, 2018
When SpongeBot starts using cocaine, the other campers have to prevent him from doing it more.

"Retrovania" August 26, 2018
After seeing the AVGN's game room, SeemsGood starts to collect retro games. Meanwhile, Bong tries to encourage the other campers to drink.

"The Great SBFW War" August 29, 2018
Matchy and Jasbre have a gigantic fight, leading to Jasbre starting his own camp! Can Matchy get all of the converted campers back?

"Nintendo Bitch" September 1, 2018
FoxyGrandpa shows up to Purple's house and beats all of his Nintendo Switch games!

"Arrival of the Fittest" July 12, 2019
A new batch of campers arrive, with some immediately fitting in, while others like Floating Coin being seen as easy targets to make fun of.

"Jasbre Retires" July 24, 2019
Jasbre retires from being a cabin counselor, making everybody sad, causing riots across camp until he agrees to do something at the camp.

"Bring Back Bot" August 2019
SBCA feels like Bot isn’t the same as he used to be, so he tries to get the “old” Bot back.

Green Mist
"Green Mist" August 2019
The campers are feeling down, until Dan introduces a new drug to them called Green Mist. Meanwhile, Travis has other plans for the new Green Mist.

The Big Birthday Blowout
"The Big Birthday Blowout" August 25, 2019
The campers celebrate Crazy's birthday at camp, but slowly everyone starts to break the fourth wall and have mental breakdowns as they realize they're on a TV show.

Muy Drastico
"¡Muy Drástico!" September 2019
Tired of always feeling “left out” of the camp, Granite decides to try and make his presence known to the rest of the campers by taking some drastic measures.

Game Night
"Game Night" September 2019
SBCA and Jasbre gather a bunch of campers together to play some games at SBCA’s cabin.

Twenty Seven
"Twenty Seven" September 27, 2019
Purps develops a weird obsession for saying “27”, and everyone tries to figure out what it means; most campers think it’s just something random he says, but the answer ends up being much darker than anyone could have imagined.

Theme Song

Main article: SBFW Campsite Song


The series has received mostly positive reviews by critics. Gene Scallop of The Gene Scallop Show critically acclaimed the show.

  • FireMatch - A great show that surpasses Better Days. It's very interesting and I wanna see where the show goes in the future. (Yeah this is biased) 9/10
  • Purple133 - This show is great! I love the parallels from jokes on Discord to drama on the wiki being translated into a camp setting! (This is also biased) 9.5/10
  •  155644924231207882Nirvana (MCE)  August 26, 2018 6: 43 AM EST  Great show. How could no one like a show with the plots of SBFW Go! but in a campsite? 9.99/10

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