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SBFW Rock Band is a music game for the Nintendo Switch, all Xbox One models and the PS4. It is developed and published by Polar Inc. It is similar to the rock band games where players are scored on their ability to match scrolling notes to their instruments connected to the console by USB. The instruments are the drums, guitar, keyboard, piano, cymbals and triangles. There is also a USB microphone that can be connected to song. Modes include single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.



A single player story-driven campaign mode which sees the player progressing through the game as a rock star, going through the different stages of a successful career and ends with the player not being popular anymore.


Up to six players can choose a song from the tracklist and play it. Each song has an easy, medium and hard mode.


All songs are randomly selected set to hard mode and all players must pass the previous song to move on to the next one.


Players can compete online and cross-platform in this mode which sees players competing to get the top score in their lobby.


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