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Sagwa Miao is the main protagonist of the PBS Kids animated series of the same name and one of the titular main characters of the Jasbre Two series SpongeBob & Sagwa. She is the middle kitten of Mama and Baba Miao, the younger sister of Dongwa and the older sister of Sheegwa. Sagwa is voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.

Role in SpongeBob & Sagwa

In the video game, Sagwa is one of the main playable characters alongside SpongeBob and Patrick. She has the ability to dig for hidden treasures, dodge enemy attacks with her acrobatics and let Fu-Fu help her cross gaps. Throughout the entirety of the game, Sagwa helps SpongeBob on their journey to rescue Patrick and stop the Jade Bats from invading China.

However, there are two instances where she isn't playable. During the fight between SpongeBob and the One-Eyed Sea Turtle Crew, Sagwa and Dongwa get tied up a giant spider and then the sea turtle hires a huge red octopus to carry them in its tentacles to make sure they don't break free (which was what happened in the Sagwa episode "Sick Day"). When SpongeBob defeats the crew, the octopus falls down from its defeat and Sagwa and Dongwa are set free. In the cutscene where she and SpongeBob are escaping the Jade Bats flying after them, Sagwa's role is affected by the player's choice. If the player chooses SpongeBob, then she will get captured by the Jade Bats and will become possessed under Bianfu-Wang's influence until SpongeBob snaps her out of her corruption. If she gets chosen by the player, she will have to do the same thing, break Bianfu-Wang's corruption spell put on SpongeBob.

In the television series, she and SpongeBob have become great friends and always have fun with each other while secretly keeping the Jade Bats from alarming China.