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Sheegwa Miao is a recurring character in SpongeBob & Sagwa. She is the youngest kitten of Baba and Mama Miao and the younger sister of Sagwa and Dongwa as well as Shang's best friend. Sheegwa is voiced by Jesse Vinet.

Sheegwa is known to be very playful, but she is also sensitive and doesn't like being called a baby.


Sagwa and Dongwa

Sagwa and Dongwa are her older siblings.

Baba and Mama

Mama and Baba are her parents, as with her siblings.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Sheegwa really seems to like SpongeBob due to his cheery nature and positive attitude.


When Sheegwa first met Shang in the episode "New Cat in Town", she wanted to get to know her very well and became her best friend.