the First issue of [[The Spin-off buzz|The Spin-off


buzz]] released June 3rd, 2018.

Introduction (pg 1&2)

"Hello, and welcome to the very first issue of the spin off buzz! And we know the cover misspelled 'buzz.' Don't correct us. Anyway, this magazine is mainly about news of other spinoffs and reviews of them! Without further ado, let's get right in!"

News (pg 3&4)

"This section is where we will post news about spinoffs. These can range from anything to the start of new spinoffs, cancellation of spinoffs, or new episodes that are released."

New Plankton Moves episode announced!

The twitter for Plankton moves announced a new episode is coming out soon. The episode is named "old-school"

Mr craps' Survivor

Are you a fan of survivor? Do you like the character Mr craps? Then the new spinoff Mr craps' survivor is for you!

Reviews n stuff (pgs 5, 6, & 7)

"This section is pretty mucn for reviewing spinoffs and stuffs. We will rate the spin off 'bold n brash' or 'belongs in the trash'. We will be reviewing Sbf today!

So the sbf series is pretty much the heart of the site. It is the most famous spinoff. However, the spinoff has gone downhill quickly over the past few seasons. There isn't that much creativity anymore, y'know? Anyway, i know the review was short, but i rate this:

seasons 0-69

Bold n brash.

Seasons 70-85

Belongs in the trash.

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