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About Sponge-Revue (TSRC)

Sponge-Revue (Or The Sponge-Revue Chronicles) is a hypothetical Spongebob miniseries by me, BlueRevue. There's no real catch to this spin-off, these are just a batch of fanmade Spongebob episodes I came up with on my free time. (These episodes will be transcript-only, by the way. Just thought I'd mention that as well.)

So if you're interested to see what I have to offer, feel free to stick around. You never know, I may reveal a new episode you could like!

Season 1

Episode 1: Fit, Fat, Or Pat ; Pineapple Peril!

When Patrick tries his hands at physical activity after being inspired by an athlete, he turns into a larger, buffer version of himself; After a herd of nematodes eat the flowers around Spongebob's house, his pineapple floats upwards to the surface

Episode 2: Lucid Ice Dreams ; Shopping Spree

Patrick - alongside Spongebob - set on a quest in an unknown land to find a mystery ice cream flavor they have yet to try ; When Spongebob's spatula breaks, he is given 11 minutes to get another at the Barg-N-Mart. But he ends up shopping on Blue Wednesday, the most chaotic shopping day under the sea.

Episode 3: Quick Cash! ; Door Stopper

(16 Minute Special!)

Spongebob is in need to make some more money, so he desperately enters himself into multiple contests in order to make a quick buck ; Spongebob's front door won't close properly, so he goes to extreme lengths to get it shut before he ends up late for work.

Episode 4: The Schnoz Job ; Neck Of Time

After an accident between the two, Spongebob and Squidward have go through nose surgery. But after a mix-up, they have their noses switched, which end up greatly affecting their personalities ; Spongebob's Grandmother gives him her giant grandfather clock, but when something within the clock is malfunctioning, Spongebob - alongside Patrick - venture inside the clock before it falls apart.

Episode 5: Glove Touched ; Power Planted

Spongebob and Patrick participate in a game of fish-hunt at Glove World. But when the one who's it is after them, Spongebob and Patrick scurry around Glove World for a place to hide ; Squidward loses his clarinet in the kelp forest. But when he,  Spongebob and Patrick go and look for it, they stumble into an abandoned factory, housing Squidward's clarinet.

Episode 6: Fort Squidward ; Patty Snatchers

Squidward makes his house more fortified in order to keep Spongebob and Patrick away from him. ; Spongebob decides to bring home a krabby patty for Gary, but his walk ends up being a wild goose chase away from Mr Krabs, Plankton and Patrick, each of which have their own use for Spongebob's krabby patty.

EPISODE 7: The Krusty Kartoon  ; Hold the Phone

(16 minute special!) The Krusty Crew bands together and make a cartoon as a mode of entertainment for the customers. But when they end up being overworked, they begin to hallucinate and everything as a 40's cartoon. ; Spongebob and Patrick go to extreme lengths to win a call-in contest.

EPISODE 8: Angler For Perfection ; Dummy Dancing

Spongebob and Squidward spiff up Amelia Anglerfish for a date she has coming, but Spongebob and Squidward seem to have different ideas on how to make Amelia look good ; Patrick is invited by his rich grandparents to come to a ballroom dance, so Patrick tries to be and act more posh and high-brow in order to gain his grandparents' respect.


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