SpongeBob kart is a racing game based of is avalable on Wii,PS3 and XBOX360.

Tracks and arenas

Krabby cup

  • Conch street
  • Bikini Bottem downtown
  • Bikini Bottem uptown
  • Bikini Bottem midtown

Sponge cup

  • Mermalair
  • Middle of nowere(Pizza delivery)
  • Gummy Wonderland
  • Mr.s Puffs Boating School

Dream cup

  • SpongeBobs Dream
  • Patricks Dream
  • Mr.Krabses Dream
  • Pearls Dream

Patty cup

  • Gloveworld
  • Rock bottem
  • Goo lagoon
  • Barrgin Mall(like bargin mart but way bigger)

Mermaid cup

  • Land of Lost Stuff(legends of bikini bottem)
  • Moon
  • Past
  • Future

Barnacle cup

  • Shell city
  • Deep,Dark,Hideous,Dangerous,Monster Infested Trench
  • County Line
  • Dutchmans Ship

Rock cup

  • SpongeBobs house
  • Patricks house
  • Squidwards house
  • Kelp forest

Super cup

  • New kelp city
  • Slime caverns (legands of bikini bottem)
  • Planktropilous
  • Bikini Bottem Stadium


  • Sandys rocket
  • B.B rooftops
  • Krusty Krab
  • SpongeBobs attic
  • Abyiss



Paint jobs

Texture changes

Theese cool things change the backround of some tracks or arenas to a certain theme

Futrestic Bikini Bottem

Bikini Gulch

Passing Quotes

When you pass someone,your charecter usely says something funny


  • "Greetings conrads."
  • "Tats the power of a Krabby Patty!"
  • "Aloha and Aloha"
  • "Bye Bye."
  • "I pass you."
  • "(beep,beep)Hey!Outa the slow lane!"
  • "Sorry."
  • "You mess with the sponge,you get the!(HONK!)"
  • "Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh"


  • "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
  • "Why is everyone so slow?"
  • "I`m supposed to do that.Right?"
  • "Even I know where the gas pedal is."
  • "See ya!"
  • "This is so much fun"
  • "I could do this with my eyes closed!"


  • "Ha Ha Ha!"
  • "Goodbye,Loser!"
  • "Winners Podium,Here i come!"
  • "(Tune to nick theme)Squid,Squid,Squid,Squid,Squid,Squid,Squid,Squid.Squidward Rules!"
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