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"I'm not SpongeBob! I'm my original character! Uhh... I don't know my own name..." ― Spongetrocity

Spongetrocity, alternatively known as The OC, is a minor antagonist of SpongeBob & Sagwa 2 as well as the eighth boss of the game. He appears as a wretched, clustered and surreal clone of SpongeBob unknown of his origin.

In anticipation, Spongetrocity is expected to become the secondary antagonist of the SpongeBob & Sagwa series starting at Season 2, with Starfury's anticipated future role being the main antagonist.

Spongetrocity is voiced by Paul Tibbitt.


Spongetrocity looks identical to SpongeBob, except he has bizarre physical characteristics to him. His sponge pores are distorted and pink in color, his nose is brown and slightly crooked, his right eye is green with lower eyelashes while his left eye is larger and blue with a green swirl for an iris as well as abnormally long eyelashes, his cheeks are small red triangles, his white dress shirt has two collars, his red tie looks ripped and his pants are baby blue with the black belt lines shaped like the letter M. His mouth is lined with crooked and serrated teeth, his right arm has pointy fingers while his left arm is shaped like a spatula, the socks on his legs have two pink strips and his left leg looks normal while his right leg is made entirely out of abstract shapes.


In his debut, Spongetrocity has an insane and bizarre demeanor to him and is known to be incredibly scatterbrained, as he often gives his best effort at trying to be dangerous and intimidating, only to fail himself every time. These traits are enough to qualify him as a comic relief villain.


  • Spongetrocity is based on unoriginal character recolors and alterations commonly found on Deviantart, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog "OCs".
  • Spongetrocity has also been used in the Halloween version of an Alternate Wiki Wordmark.