The Fancy Eatery is a magazine that is sold across the ocean.


It was first released in Ukulele Bottom and New Kelp City on January 1989. At first, it was released every 3 months, covering the months. It didn't gain popularity until the July 1994 Issue, the title despite the conventional topic of a leaked sandal in the Ukulele Bottom Office. It grabbed many teens and Adults and made them follow the magazine. It was described by people that "it was a[n] underrated magazine that shows news in a [new] vision never used before." By March 1995, they released throughout the seas. By 1996, its demand was so high, they had to make it monthly to feed the fan base. It is to this day a popular magazine, but it has lost a considerable amount of its fan base due to its very conventional topics. Despite this, a large amount of teenagers and a group of adults.


Note: These are the ones that are just named on this page, all of the unlisted issues are left to your imagination.

March 1989: A Krabby Crab Opens Up a Krabby Restaurant That Gains Him Ground (and Money)!

July 1993: Top 10 Shows You Should Watch That Are on TV!

July 1994: An Ukulele Bottom Office sandal of Epic Proportions with a Cash-Out!

September 1999: "The (Great) Reefer" Gets a Surprising and Outraging Construction Shutdown!

January 2000: What Should You Expect For the Next 100 Years for the Seas!

July 2003: Ukulele's Best Local Entertainment!

January 2007: Best Tips to Live With This Lucky Year!

December 2009: Every This Christmas' Hits!

October 2011: The Scariest Stuff to Scare You Off Your Pants!

September 2013: Best Collages in the Seas!

January 2016: Is Screentime Killer?

May 2016: Why You Shouldn't CARE About Politics!

June 2016: TWOFACE: Should You Gets OR Not?

July 2016: How Luck is Seen and Made All Over the Seas!

September 2017: Is New Kelp City Getting Better?

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