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The Leaky Patty
Series SpongeBob's NEW Fanon Wiki
Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate July 15, 2019
Story by CrazySponge
Written by CrazySponge
Directed by Not Known
Title card by PolarTem

The Return of Kelpy G is the second episode of the first season of SpongeBob's NEW Fanon Wiki. It was written by CrazySponge.


A (debut) denotes that this episode is such character's debut to the show, while a (debutF) denotes that this episode is such character's debut to the franchise as a whole (they have lacked presence in both the 2016 series and the film).

  • TBA


French Narrator: Ahh, what a beautiful day. The Sun is shining, clams are singing, and there are new users on the wiki...wait, what was that last one?

(Theme Song plays)

SpongeBob: Good Morning Gary!

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Time to...skip eating and go straight on the wiki!

CrazySponge: (Breaking the 4th wall) HEY! That’s what I do!

SpongeBob: Anyway...let’s see what’s new!

(SpongeBob logs into the wiki and Discord.)

SpongeBot: hey spongebob

FryCookDaBest: Heyo!

Matchy: Did you hear that several new users joined last night?

FryCookDaBest: wait wut

(It zooms out to be an episode of Wait Wut)

PolarTem: So...what do you guys think?

(We see several comments)

CrazySponge: wait wut movie when

InternetExploring: It’s ok, not the best, but, good.

DedodatedWumbo: i don’t get it


PolarTem: idk

FryCookDaBest: I never knew there was a series like this. Pretty funny by you taking a real life thing and making a joke of it.

(The new users see the comment by SpongeBob, and talk about it in the Wiki chatroom.)

GenericSpongeName44: Did you guys see that!

RockSTAR89: see what

TheSplinterwasGood: THAT COMMENT!

Season10Stinks: By doing some research on this wiki, I found out that this is the REAL SPONGEBOB!

Sweetexas05: Ya think we could leak the krabby Patty?

RockSTAR89: huh?

TheSplinterwasGood: i’ve always wanted to try the krabby patty

Season10Stinks: what if people think i’m plankton tho

Sweetexas05: eh

GenericSpongeName44: But how could we leak it?!

Sweetexas05: We trick him.

RockSTAR89: what da plan

Sweetexas05: Rock, i’m 99% sure your underage.

RockSTAR89: says the person with “05” in their name

Sweetexas05: so?

RockSTAR89: as in “2005”?

Sweetexas05: i dont follow...

GenericSpongeName44: Hello?!

Sweetexas05: what

TheSplinterwasGood: WHAT’S THE PLAN

Sweetexas05: oh yeah, that

FryCookDaBest has joined the Krusty Krab

Season10Stinks: dang it, we’ll have to discuss this in a group dm on discord.

(Season10Stinks is Blasting Off Again!)

(RockSTAR89 is Blasting Off Again!)

{TheSplinterwasGood is Blasting Off Again!)

(GenericSpongeName44 is Blasting Off Again!)

(Sweetexas05 is Blasting Off Again!)

FryCookDaBest: Where did everyone go?

(Cut to that discord dm they talked about)

Sweetexas05: Ok guys, I’m wondering, if SpongeBob is on this wiki, are his friends too?

RockSTAR89: uh yee

GenericSpongeName44: I saw some edits made by them this morning.

TheSplinterwasGood: I think I saw Plankton’s account too.

Sweetexas05: Yes! He’s what we need! Season10Stinks, go ask Plankton to go help us with this.

Season10Stinks: oh boy. I’ll try my best.

(In Plankton’s DM in Discord)

Season10Stinks: hey uh, you wanna help me and some other new users leak the secret formula from SpongeBob?

Plankton: I would, but I’d be blocked. And I enjoy writing fanfics of me destroying Krabs. I don’t wanna lose that. Wish you luck!

(Back in the group DM)

Season10stinks: he can’t help us

Sweetexas05: Aw shucks.

GenericSpongeName44: Then we’ll do it ourselves!

(One day later)

BREAKING NEWS: Several new users tried to leak the secret formula from FryCookDaBest, but luckily DeodatedWumbo was able to block them just in time.

FryCookDaBest: How’d you do it Pat?

DeodatedWumbo: It was an accident.

PolarTem: Curses! Now even more people like Patrick as admin. I’ll have to make a better plan. Heh-heh.

CrazySponge: Polar! I know that you’re not real, but I missed you!

PolarTem: What-

CrazySponge: I released the episode.

Polar: Cool. Ok bye.


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