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The Mr. Krabs and Patrick Show is a spin-off that airs on MY LEG! NETWORK. It's about the adventures of Mr. Krabs and Patrick and premiered April 16, 2019, it was created by CartoonGuy277, and adopted by NoNameExists after it was cancelled.

Main Characters

  • Mr. Krabs
  • Patrick

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Season 1 (13 episodes)

Title Card # Title Writer(s) Airdate

"New Cash Register" CartoonGuy277 April 16, 2019
Mr. Krabs must find a new cash register after his old one explodes.

"Patrick's Servant" CartoonGuy277 April 27, 2019
After Patrick gets food poisoning from the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs must be his servant for a day.

"Fake Patrick" CartoonGuy277 May 4, 2019
Mr. Krabs thinks Patrick is Plankton in disguise.

"The Hat" CartoonGuy277 May 20, 2019
Patrick, after seeing a cool guy with a hat, buys a hat.

"Stranded on an Island (Part 1)" CartoonGuy277 May 26, 2019
Mr. Krabs and Patrick get stranded on an island.

"Stranded on an Island (Part 2)" CartoonGuy277 May 27, 2019
Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and the clones try to escape from the island.

"Plankton the Pickle" CartoonGuy277 June 25, 2019
Plankton disguises as a pickle in a jar to get the formula, but Mr. Krabs finds out and makes Patrick eat him. But he then tries to get him out, as he misses fighting with him.

"Catch the Dollar!" CartoonGuy277 July 1, 2019
One of Mr. Krabs' dollars accidentally falls in Patrick's pocket, and Mr. Krabs must get it back.

"Patrick Through the Looking Glass" CartoonGuy277 July 4, 2019
Alternate-universe Patrick (who lives in the Krusty Krab mirror) convinces Patrick to go to his universe..

"Whale Sitter Pat" CartoonGuy277 July 5, 2019
Patrick babysits Pearl.

"Sleeping Patrick" CartoonGuy277 July 6, 2019
Patrick has been sleeping all day in the Krusty Krab, and when it's closing, he is still asleep. Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and Squidward must wake him up.

"Best Pals" CartoonGuy277 July 6, 2019
Mr. Krabs tastes a Krabby Patty for the first time and loves it, which leads to him and Patrick becoming friends.

"Patrick Krabs" CartoonGuy277 July 10, 2019
After watching Star Wars, Patrick thinks Mr. Krabs is his father.

Season 2 (22 episodes)

Title Card # Title Writer(s) Airdate

"Pilot Patrick" NoNameExists October 13, 2019
Patrick tries to become a pilot.
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