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The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star is a show about the daily life of our favorite pink starfish. It was created by JCM .


Season One

  1. Patrick Comes Out Of His Rock
  2. Patrick Meets The President
  3. Patrick Runs Over A Seahorse
  4. Patrick Has 24 Hours To Live
  5. Patrick Has One Hour To Live
  6. Patrick Steals A Shoe
  7. Patrick Outsmarts A Sea Monster
  8. Patrick Forgets To Take A Shower
  9. Patrick Marries A Lamp
  10. Patrick Divorces A Lamp
  11. Patrick Finds A Piece of Gum
  12. Patrick Annoys His Boss
  13. Patrick Drinks Purple Tea
  14. Patrick Goes To Sleep
  15. Patrick Wakes Up
  16. Patrick Befriends His Bellybutton Lint
  17. Patrick Loses His Brain
  18. Patrick Swims To China
  19. Patrick Takes Up Fiddling
  20. Patrick Fiddles As Rome Burns
  21. Patrick Writes A Book
  22. Patrick Falls In Love With A Mermaid
  23. Patrick Visits His Grandparents
  24. Patrick Saves The World
  25. Patrick Destroys The World

Season Two

  1. Patrick Goes to the Doctor
  2. Patrick Lifts Weights With Larry
  3. Patrick Breaks Fred's Leg
  4. Patrick Mourns the Death of His Lamp
  5. Patrick Holds a Funeral in Squidward's Backyard
  6. Patrick Solves a Rubix Cube
  7. Patrick Takes the Name of Texas in Vain
  8. Patrick Buys a Hat
  9. Patrick Forgets How to Eat Again
  10. Patrick Cleans Up SpongeBob's Shelf
  11. Patrick Sings the Blues
  12. Patrick Gets a New Job
  13. Patrick Loses His Tooth
  14. Patrick Winds Up in Prison
  15. Patrick Busts Out of Prison
  16. Patrick Does The Twist
  17. Patrick Watches Paint Dry
  18. Patrick Swallows a Bug
  19. Patrick Meets His Nephews
  20. Patrick Abandons His Nephews
  21. Patrick Eats Too Much Ice Cream
  22. Patrick Plays in the Olympics
  23. Patrick Goes to a Comic Book Convention
  24. Patrick Dies
  25. Patrick Rises

Season Three

  1. Patrick Returns From a Vacation
  2. Patrick Wears White After Labor Day
  3. Patrick Prank Calls Squidward
  4. Patrick Shows Up Late to Work
  5. Patrick's Fan Mail #1
  6. Patrick Gets Lost in a Corn Maze
  7. Patrick Is Not Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
  8. Patrick Kicks Flatts' Butt
  9. Patrick Encounters the Megalodon
  10. Patrick's Fan Mail #2
  11. Patrick Gets His Boat Fixed
  12. Patrick Covers Up
  13. Patrick Meets John K
  14. Patrick Locks Himself in the Freezer
  15. Patrick's Fan Mail #3
  16. Patrick Tries to Get His Favorite Television Show Back on the Air
  17. Patrick Runs a Marathon
  18. Patrick Breaks the Camel's Back
  19. Patrick Does Plankton a Favor
  20. Patrick's Fan Mail #4
  21. Patrick Serves in the Army
  22. Patrick Gets Sent a Bunch of Snail Facts
  23. Patrick Sings the Bikini Bottom National Anthem
  24. Patrick Gives Mrs. Puff An Apple
  25. Patrick's Fan Mail #5

Season Four

  1. Patrick No Habla Español
  2. Patrick Has a Cruddy Birthday
  3. Patrick Breaks Fred's Leg (Again)
  4. Patrick Quits His Job At the CB
  5. Patrick's Fan Mail #6
  6. Patrick Joins a Traveling Circus
  7. Patrick Attempts the Dirty Bubble Challenge
  8. Patrick Makes a Sandwich
  9. Patrick Gets a Pet Worm
  10. Patrick's Fan Mail #7
  11. Patrick Hides From An Axe Murderer
  12. Patrick Gives Birth to an Alien
  13. Patrick Is Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
  14. Patrick Didn't Start the Fire
  15. Patrick's Fan Mail #8
  16. Patrick Tells a Story
  17. Patrick Wins the Lottery
  18. Patrick Needs Glasses
  19. Patrick Eats the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  20. Patrick Reunites With His Parents
  21. Patrick's Fan Mail #9
  22. Patrick's Fan Mail #10
  23. Patrick's Fan Mail #11
  24. Patrick's Fan Mail #12
  25. The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star #100

Season Five

  1. Patrick's Fan Mail #13
  2. Patrick's Fan Mail #14
  3. Patrick's Fan Mail #15
  4. Patrick's Fan Mail #16
  5. Patrick Star Wars
  6. Patrick Does An Elaborate Disney Parody
  7. Patrick's Fan Mail #17

Season Six

  1. Patrick Star Wars: The Farce Awakens
  2. Patrick Gets a Haircut
  3. Patrick's Fan Mail #18
  4. Patrick's Fan Mail #19
  5. Patrick's Fan Mail #20
  6. Patrick Goes to Pizza Castle
  7. Patrick Stinks
  8. Patrick Shuts Down the Government
  9. Patrick Helps with An Experiment
  10. Patrick Protests the Bubble Bowl
  11. Patrick's Fan Mail #21
  12. Patrick's Fan Mail #22
  13. Patrick's Fan Mail #23
  14. Patrick's Fan Mail #24
  15. Patrick Gets His Own Planet

Season Seven

  1. Patrick Star Wars: The Rise of Starwalker

Uncanon Episodes

Fan-made episodes go here. Some may be adopted by PlutoSpongebobandTeenageRobots for the Revival series.

  1. Patrick Has 15 Minutes To Live - by RamDarre
  2. Patrick Tries to Open a Door - by MrScience12
  3. Patrick Dreams of Marshmallows - by William Leonard
  4. Patrick Goes to the Bathroom - by SaiyanGokuDBZ
  5. Patrick Breaks A Window - by ChrisGriffinXx
  6. Patrick Becomes a Singer- by TopherGopher
  7. Patrick Makes A Fanfiction On His Own Fanfiction- by RamDarre
  8. Patrick Makes Sandy Dumb And Himself Smart Because He Felt Like It - by Skullbones123
  9. Patrick Orders the Government to Ban Internet Memes - By Bingbang32
  10. Patrick Eats Lunch With Friends by IRmjii
  11. Patrick Tries to Open Another Door - by William Leonard
  12. Patrick Buys a Restaurant - by MrScience12
  13. Patrick Works As A Police Officer - by SethStewart90
  14. Patrick Tries To Promote Coca Cola And Fails... - by The Imperial Ghost
  15. Patricks Watches Attack on Titan - by Gavin The Otter
  16. Patrick Joins Wikipedia - by SpongeBot678 (adopted)
  17. Patrick Goes to Austrullia - by WalkingBird
  18. Patrick Works For Lionel Playworld - by PlutoSpongebobandTeenageRobots (adopted)
  19. Patrick Stars in a Masquerade - by HippyDippyHoop5 (adopted)
  20. Patrick's UnCanon Fan Mail - by PlutoSpongebobandTeenageRobots
  21. Patrick's UnCanon Fan Mail 2 - by PlutoSpongebobandTeenageRobots
  22. Patrick Does Something by PolarKey

Patrick: Fan-fiction about fan-fiction? My head hurts.

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