Are you looking for the feature film or the the series?

The SpongeToons Movie is an open world game based on the television spin off, SpongeToons. It is going to be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii (As one of the last games for the console), Nintendo Wii U; Xbox 360 & Nintendo 3DS. It was planned for Xbox One, but due to too many console releases it got cancelled. The Nintendo Wii; PlayStation 3; 4 & Xbox 360 versions will be released on December 6th and the Nintendo 3DS version will be released on December 7th of 2014.


The video game is a platformer/shooter in which you control either Sandy, Patrick, or SpongeBob. A few levels only allow you to control one character, others let you control either you'd like, and sometimes you must play a different character than them (such as Plankton). Each world has a hub that fits the theme of the area, and levels can be started by walking to blue floating circles with numbers on them (which appear in order of level completion). Every world has a new weapon and gadget to collect in the first level, other than Bikini Bottom's first level. The gadgets known of so far that you can find are a skydiving suit (allows you to glide around when you walk onto a green spot) and a grappling hook (which allows you to swing from blue spheres on a rope and change the ropes' length with the joystick).


SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) finds a hidden camera on his way to work which has been spying on everyone, so he asks Sandy (Carolyn Lawrence) who did it. She thinks it is Plankton (Mr. Lawrence), so they send him to jail, yet he insists he was innocent. He escapes and SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) battle him due to this. However, they discover he truly was innocent, and someone named Fanon (voiced by himself) is the real criminal. He tries to hypnotize everyone into doing whatever he pleases, and his first target is Rock Bottom. SpongeBob saves everyone, but Fanon attempts to hypnotize people in Anchovie City. SpongeBob again saves them, so Fanon goes to a nearby island, which has the Shell City gift shop on it, to invent a new hypnotizer that will work distantly so he won't be stopped so easily. SpongeBob and his friends go to Shell City to ruin his invention, but they are too late. He attempts to go on a super-fast plane (which he has due to the fact his father is a famous pilot) back to Washington to use his distant ray, where they will never find him, however SpongeBob and his friends sneak in. Sandy falls off the plane while Fanon tries to shake them off. He assumes they are all dead and lands in his docking bay. He walks the rest of the way, while SpongeBob and Patrick jump into his pocket. They get to the house, and Fanon plans to use the hypnotizer the next day, so he plays video games. SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to get to his invention when he isn't looking, but Fanon's minions that tried to stop SpongeBob earlier come back, and aren't very happy. When Fanon discovers them about to rewire his invention, he takes the machine with him and goes to the Space Needle, and places the machine on the very top. However, SpongeBob manages to get there with Patrick by jumping along the rooftops. However, Plankton appears on the building right next to it, saying that he admires Fanon's villainy, so he stops them from getting there by challenging them to a battle. While this happens, Fanon finds a flaw in his machine and attempts to fix it. Just at the moment he fixes it, SpongeBob and Patrick are on the Space Needle. They do all they can to hurt him. Fanon trips on SpongeBob and falls off. SpongeBob and Patrick think he is dead and all is done there, so they head to Ghastly's flat for a visit as they do not know anywhere else they could go. When they get there and tell Ghastly what happened he is startled as he knows that Fanon probably faked his death. They return to Seattle to find a funeral held for Fanon. They are convinced that he truly died and decide to stay at the funeral, but when they discover his dead body is slightly different than what he looked like before, they are ambushed on the spot by Fanon, who never really died - but this time with heavier weapons that SpongeBob and Patrick are no match against. Ghastly attempts to rid of Fanon once and for all, but unfortunately that isn't working. SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to hide themselves from the madness, however they are having difficulty. Ghastly and Patrick are knocked out by Fanon. This angers SpongeBob, and he is mad now, so he hops into a nearby car and attempts to ram Fanon. Fanon runs hopelessly and realizes that the hypnotizer is still intact on top of the Space Needle, which he could use to hypnotize SpongeBob. SpongeBob realizes Fanon's plan and attempts to get to the machine via car. However the Space Needle is crossed off with police tape as a death happened there. SpongeBob hops out of his car and goes under the tape and makes the elevator go to the top, and Fanon reaches the top with his super-fast plane. Fanon reaches the top, and SpongeBob arrives right after that. SpongeBob and Fanon have a real battle, but not far in to their battle, Fanon presses the button and fires the ray before SpongeBob can do anything, however SpongeBob makes a sacrifice and jumps in front of the ray, which blocks the ray from doing any harm to others. The ray pushes him down off the Space Needle, and the machine burns out as it was a one-time use. Ghastly and Patrick come to him and mourn over him, while Fanon mocks their mourning, however everyone from SpongeToons gathers around SpongeBob's body (except for Fanon) and mourns over him. The love and caring of all of them magically revives SpongeBob, as well as taking the hypnotism off of him. Fanon curses at SpongeBob, yet SpongeBob is unable to hear him since they are so far apart. Fanon drops the broken machine onto SpongeBob in an attempt to kill him, but it does not work. SpongeBob and everyone else leave, but Fanon manages to use his less-distant hypnotizer ray to hypnotize Luis and TheITChap into doing whatever he pleases, un-noticed by the others. THE END.


World 1: Bikini Bottom


  • Mission 1: The Camera

SpongeBob spots a camera on the way to work, and it turns out it had been recording the entire area through the whole night. You have to control SpongeBob and ask people who did it. Sandy is the only one who knows, she suspects that it is Plankton. Asking Sandy will complete the mission.

  • Mission 2: Finding Plankton

SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick hop into a boat and try to find Plankton. Unfortunately SpongeBob is driving. You control only the wheel going left and right, SpongeBob keeps going forwards. However, while you are driving each time you hit a fish or go off the road for one second, your "boat health" goes down by 5, and you have 100 boat health. When you run out of boat health your boat explodes and you are taken out of the mission. But if you keep your boat safe, at the corner of Shell Street and Seastar Drive Plankton is sitting on a bench nearby. Turning onto Shell Street activates a cutscene where you find Plankton, and the mission is complete.

  • Mission 3: To The Jail

Sandy must escort Plankton to jail for spying on everyone. Plankton will follow Sandy, but sometimes he will run away. If you grab Plankton he will follow you again. However, if you let Plankton go 100 feet away from you (his distance from you is displayed on a bar) then red text appears on the screen, saying "Plankton got away". Then you will be taken out of the mission. However, if you keep Plankton with you all the way to the jail, a cutscene activates. In the cutscene Plankton tells everyone he is innocent, and tries to tell them that someone else put the camera there. Unfortunately the police and Sandy do not believe him, so they put him in the cage.

  • Mission 4: Escape From Prison

Plankton attempts to escape from prison at night, as he is innocent. He simply walks through the bars of the cage to get out. You need to exit from the front door without being spotted by the cops, who are holding out flashlights. If you get in one of the flashlights, or touch a red laser, the cops will put you back in the cage and you have to restart the mission. Until you complete the mission, you are only able to play as Plankton inside the cage. Getting out the front door and walking down the street ends the mission.

  • Mission 5: PlanktonBots

Plankton's robots suddenly activate and attempt to kill SpongeBob. SpongeBob believes that Plankton must have gotten out of jail to activate them, so he tries to get to the Chum Bucket. However the PlanktonBots prevent him from doing so, and SpongeBob has to fight them all, with his Krabby Patty Blaster 2.0. If you run out of ammo or pass out, you are taken out of the mission. If you defeat them all, a cutscene activates where SpongeBob goes to the Chum Bucket with Patrick and Sandy at his side, and talk to him about the bots. Plankton tries to tell them that he is absolutely innocent, and someone named SuperFanon is the one who set up the camera and bots. Unfortunately they do not believe him, so SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy try to beat him up. In an action of self-defense, Plankton begins to control a huge PlanktonBot.

  • Mission 6: The Truth

SpongeBob fights against the giant robot. Plankton shoots lasers out of his eyes and scans the room left to right repeatedly. SpongeBob has to jump over these lasers, and punch the Plankton bot 10 times. If SpongeBob hits the lasers 3 times you must restart the mission. After you hit him 10 times, he throws a wild punch at you that sends you onto the wall unconscious, it is impossible to dodge this. Patrick volunteers to continue fighting him, he must do the same thing as SpongeBob did, but after punching him 10 times, Plankton makes the bot send out tinier bots, the ones SpongeBob fought earlier. Patrick takes SpongeBob's Krabby Patty Blaster 2.0 and begins shooting at the tiny bots. If Patrick is knocked out then the mission is over, but if you go through 3 waves of the tiny bots, another wild punch will be thrown at Patrick that knocks him on the wall unconscious, also undodgeable. Sandy fights Plankton, she must do the same things SpongeBob and Patrick did, but automatically dodges the wild punches, then Plankton starts to do the lasers again, while he sends out tinier bots that are laser proof at once. Sandy must destroy the bots (minding the lasers and bots, otherwise you restart the mission) and hit the main bot 10 times. When both of these things are done, the bot Plankton is controlling falls on its side. If you jump onto the visor, it will break, and a cutscene activates. Plankton is unconscious, and Patrick and SpongeBob begin to regain consciousness. Suddenly, a PlanktonBot begins walking around. Sandy is confused how it could be controlled. Then she looks at the wall, and a shadow on the wall seems to resemble a human body with a PlankBot controller, laughing evilly. A voice is heard from the middle of nowhere, saying "I've been controlling the PlankBots..... and I'm the one who put the camera up. I'm going to hypnotize everyone, everywhere, into being my servants, doing whatever I please.... first I'm going to hypnotize Rock Bottom.... and eventually, I might even hypnotize Bikini Bottom.... including you! Don't worry. I've already gotten plenty hypnotized..... Man Ray, Squlliam.... and now, Plankton." A blue laser strikes onto Plankton and shows his eyes swirling. A blue ray is shot at SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy. Fortunately they jump out a nearby window and escape. Sandy suggests that whoever this mysterious person is, they should stop him from hypnotizing everyone, so they go to Rock Bottom via boat. Again, SpongeBob is driving. He crashes into something offscreen, then the cutscene ends, as well as the mission. Completing this unlocks the world map, which shows all the worlds you can go to. At first it shows only Rock Bottom and Bikini Bottom.

World 2: Rock Bottom


  • Mission 1: Skydivers

A cutscene activates, and you are at the edge of the cliff with a super-steep road. You see a few skydiving suits nearby and you put one on. You automatically jump off the cliff in the skydiving suit. However Purple PlankBots (which can shoot missiles at you) are at the bottom and launch tons of missiles at you. Use the joystick to glide around. Hitting even one missile makes you have to restart the entire mission. While you are falling, your skydiving suit becomes worn down due to the fact it is raining in the level. You have to collect floating skydiving suit icons that replenish your skydiving suit. If you do not collect one of these in 30 seconds, you restart the mission. Another hard thing about this mission is that an orange bus goes up and down the road frequently, which you must dodge (but exclamation point icons warn you of them). It takes about 2 minutes to fall all the way down, but once you are at the bottom, you get a new weapon: The Mustard Gun. It has better rate of fire than the Krabby Patty blaster, however does not do much damage until you have been firing it for about 5 seconds. If you don't like it you can toggle between the two weapons with the back bumper buttons. Then you must face off all the Purple PlankBots that were shooting the missiles at you. The mission is complete once you finish off all the bots.

  • Mission 2: Eyes on the Prize

SpongeBob finds an arena which is granting a 1,000 coin prize if he can survive three waves of PlankBots with only his Mustard Gun. SpongeBob automatically accepts, as well as Sandy and Patrick, and you must fight them. The announcer seems annoyed that you haven't died yet at the second round, and the audience begins throwing tomatoes at you, that are apparently on fire. At the end, you are trapped in the arena, and Fanon comes out (who was the real announcer), as it was a plan to kill SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy. However, they survived, so he leaves with the lights off and tons of active PlankBots still trying to attack SpongeBob.

  • Mission 3: Dancing in the Dark

SpongeBob finds a flashlight and attempts to escape. He meets a PlankBot that is actually nice and does not want to kill him, as he does not trust Fanon. He says he will let them go if they are friends as he is very lonely. SpongeBob accepts this, and the PlankBot says that you must do a special dance on a dance floor nearby to open the gates. He tells you the dance (which you can't hear him telling you as he whispers it), and you go on the dance floor and do button combos in order to do the dance. There are icons that tell you which buttons in specific, you must press them when the icon floats onto a yellow bar to the left of the table on the bottom of the screen. Missing 10 moves will make you fail the mission. The buttons that appear can be from the D-Pad, the main buttons, as well as shaking the controller. After completing the dance it will show how many perfect moves you had, how many you missed, and how many OK moves you had. Every perfect move grants you 100 coins, every OK move gives you 10, and every missed move deducts 50 coins. Every time you replay the level, the perfect moves and OK moves are worth 10 coins less, while the missed moves deduct more points at an increment of 10 to prevent easy coin grinding on this mission.

  • Mission 4: Hypno Sponge

SpongeBob discovers where Fanon is about to hypnotize the people from, so he tries to get there and stop him, however some PlankBots come and try to kill SpongeBob and stop him, while Fanon is targeting at 3 fish, which you must protect from the hypno-ray and the PlankBots. After 3 minutes of staying alive, Fanon states "You did horribly". Suddenly a Red PlankBot begins shooting fire at you, while a blue one shoots ice at you. If you let them touch together three Purple PlankBots appear. You must defeat the Red PlankBot and the Blue PlankBots and any Purple PlankBots they make. A Green PlankBot appears, it regenerates if it has not been hit in 5 seconds. After killing it, a crowd of red, blue, normal, green, and purple PlankBots come. You have to get to a cannon nearby while they chase after you, while they are chasing you they are indestructible. Hop into the cannon and shoot them from far away. If you let them get to your cannon you are killed and must restart the mission. However, if you kill them all with the cannon, you win the level.

  •  Mission 5: Deeper Into The Abyss

You must scale down an ominous abyss where at the bottom Fanon is going to use his ray. It is raining very hard, you can use your skydiving suit however it will wear out n 3 seconds. There are paths that are on the side of the abyss that wind down to the bottom, however there are cracked parts that if you step on, you will fall down since it falls off. There are also many enemies you will encounter, also there are many Purple PlankBots at the bottom that keep firing missiles at you. About a quarter of the way down the path comes to a halt and there is only more path very far down. On the wall is a door-shaped hole that you can enter. When you come in you will find a rock that is blocking some water, jump over it and dive in the water. Mind the spikes and Waterproof PlankBots, and swim to the bottom where you will find that there is a hole, go through it and you will fall into another cave, then the hole closes up. If you don't get from the start of the previous room to here in 30 seconds without collecting a bubble icon you will drown, so move quickly. In this room you will find another hole, go through it and you are on the lower section of the path, a little over half the way down. Unfortunately the rest of the path crumbles and you are only standing on a tiny ledge now. Once you get here the rain gets less intense, however, and you may use your skydiving suit the rest of the way down. Mind the Purple PlankBots and the icons. However, there are much less skydiving suit icons than in the previous skydiving section so you must be very careful. Getting to the bottom and killing all of the Purple PlankBots ends the mission, and activates a cutscene. Fanon doesn't seem to care about you for some odd reason, he just sits there. Suddenly the half of the floor you are standing on collapses, and you fall extremely far down, into a mineshaft of sorts. You see a pickaxe and break a stone barrier someone put up, as you are curious why there is one there. Then you see very hot lava in a pit far below, and you notice a circular platform in the middle. You try to run up the mineshaft as the lava begins to get unbearably hot but at one point it gets too steep. The mission ends.

  • Mission 6: Luminous Lava

In the beginning, you must climb along some stubs in the wall and get very high up over the point where the barrier was. The stubs you can automatically climb on, just move your joystick the way you want to go (on PS4 Touchpad works too, on Nintendo Wii you can also use the Wii Remote's motion). When you are at that point, press the jump button and you will launch through the air onto the platform in the middle. Suddenly Man Ray appears, stating that "You will die today, either from me or the heat. Either way will do". A 3-minute timer goes off, if you let the timer go all the way down you will burn from the heat. Get water bucket icons to cool yourself down (adds more time to the timer). However, they do not appear very frequently, so try and do as much damage to Man Ray as possible before the time runs out. He fires lasers and electricity at you, try and kill him before time runs out. If you do, he falls down. Take off his mask by walking on it, and put it on his belly. Jump on the mask, it is bouncy. Keep bouncing until you do a rather unrealistic bounce that bounces you up a hole that leads to a narrow hall. Walk down the narrow hall until you see light on the side, walk out of there and you fall onto the still-intact side of the abyss floor where Fanon is reading, still not noticing you. Go to his table and you will automatically take his hypnotizer. Go to the other side of the floor and you automatically drop his ring down the pit. Fanon then notices you and yells at you, saying "Hey!" Jump on top of a nearby fan laying on the floor (should be somewhere south of Fanon's desk) with your skydiving suit equipped and jump on it, this will blow lots of air on you which your skydiving suit catches and you go up the pit. Once you are high enough glide to any part of the pit's rim and the mission activates a cutscene, where Fanon states that he will get his hypnotizer and go to Anchovie City next. Patrick suggests they go to Anchovie City then, and SpongeBob volunteers to drive. However, Sandy says "I think I'LL drive this time......" The mission ends.

World 3: Anchovie City


  • Mission 1: Swinging Through The City

You start at a high cliff nearby a boat, and the cliff is right next to Anchovie City, which has lots of very tall buildings that you are still lower than. You find a grappling hook and must swing across several blue spheres far above the street, if you fall you will die due to the momentum, and you will also get run over by cars. After swinging around about 10 of the spheres, you will land on top of a building's rooftop (which is still dangerously high). There will be a weapon laying there called the Krabby Grenade Launcher, which allows you to shoot sticky Krabby Patties at enemies, and they will eventually blow up as well as any nearby enemies (making the weapon great for taking down crowds of enemies). You are ambushed by many Green PlankBots, and Black PlankBots (which can take more damage). After killing them, you will see a fish named Professor Minnow, who walks out of a nearby door, and thanks you. He asks you if you need anything, giving you three answers you can choose: "Not at the moment", "Have you seen anyone called Fanon?", or "No thank you, can I help you with anything else?" Saying "not at the moment" will let you walk around the top of the building and do whatever you want (nothing to do really), but you can come back to him and ask him other things. Questioning him about Fanon makes him say "Never heard of him. His name doesn't ring a bell". But asking him if you could help him with anything else makes him say "You could help me make my new invention." which makes him walk to the door he came out of and open it. You follow him inside and it is revealed that the building is an apartment complex. You can see two rooms: "Room F01" and "Room F02". He opens the door to Room F02. If you try to go down another floor, he drags you up and says "Where are you going?" Go into Room F02 with him, and he locks you inside the room. Looking around, you can see pictures of Fanon and him together, as well as a dartboard with SpongeBob's face on it. You soon realize that Professor Anchovie actually works for Fanon. When you discover this (by looking at 5 pieces of evidence of that) you automatically look under the table, trying to find a key. You control the camera, and if you get the camera to clearly reveal the key hiding under there, you grab it. If you go to the door it won't open, however if you go to some glass doors on the other side of the room it does open, and you are on a small, but high-up deck. A few blimps that have blue spheres on them will pass by frequently, they all advertise "SeaBlu Toothpaste". Grapple onto the spheres and ride them, they will all come to a top of a building which is much higher, and the top has a skybridge to an even higher building. The blimps will stop here as the top of this building is actually the building that produces the toothpaste. They will stay on the building for a while and go for another cycle near the deck and back. Walk across the skybridge (which is rather long) and you will be fought by many Black PlankBots and Purple PlankBots. Defeat them and move on. Suddenly a Black PlankBot runs torwards you and punches you off the bridge automatically. You fall down not very far where there is a blue sphere that you have to grapple on (otherwise you die). Swing from it onto another which should be to the left of it, and slightly higher, and swing along a few other blue spheres until you are swinging next to the very high building, and swing into the open window. You can clearly see that the building is an office building now, and the fish working in that room is extremely scared. The door is locked, so you must ask him for a key for the door so you can exit by walking up to him. However, he says "Who are you? Do you work for Fanon?", which lets you say "No, I go against him", or "Just gimme the key" or "Um..... yes, yes, I surrrrrrre do". If you say "no, I go against him" he is pleased and tells you that Fanon his been terrorizing the city with his PlankBots, and he gives you the key and asks you to take out the main base of the PlankBots. Asking him for the key again will frighten him and make him say "You probably DO work for Fanon!" and he shoves you out the window and says, "Wow, I really need to go to an anger management class." Fortunately you will land on the office's advertising blimp and the driver lifts you back to the window. Saying you really do work for Fanon makes him say "You have a real good sense of humor. You should see the Comedy Club in Bikini Bottom, you'd be interested in them", and he hands you a ticket to the Comedy Club. Exit the room by using the key and you automatically toss it back to him. Walk anywhere you want in the hallway, but there is nothing to do, and the elevator is broken so you are stuck in the hallway, except you can walk to the deck and swing on a few more spheres to another rooftop, where the level ends.

  • Mission 2: Bot Bash

You start on the building you were on in the previous level. You see a light blue pad with a slightly darker blue X on the middle of it on a telephone pole, and you automatically say "I wonder what that could do....." and you are left there for a while with nothing to do. Suddenly, a fish appears with the same grappling hook as you. He greets you, and suddenly, he throws his grappling hook onto the pad and he is hurtled towards it. Then he jumps off it and grapples onto another pad, which launches him onto it, then he grapples back to the building, and he tells you how to do it. Get on the telephone pole pad and grapple to the second one. Make sure you do this quickly, because if you are on the pads for more than 5 seconds you slide off the pad. From the second one you will see two blimps side by side, with a pad on both of them. They are hovering at their spot. Jump onto one of the pads and they start moving, jump between their pads so you will not fall, when you are next to a building that is near a very tall mountain that goes above surface, the blimps will go opposite directions and eventually you will fall off the pad onto the building. On the edge of the building closest to the mountain, you can skydive down towards a cave in the steep mountain, which has Purple PlankBots at the ledge of it. If you miss the ledge, about 5 meters above the ground you will be destroyed by a Purple PlankBot missile automatically. If you do land on the ledge, however, you will have to kill the PlankBots. Walk into the cave, and you will find that the cave is swarmed with all kinds of PlankBots. Defeat all of them (the Krabby Grenade is extremely useful here) and you are confronted by a striped PlankBot. It is striped blue and red. A black and green PlankBot appears as well. The striped ones have the abilities that those colors indicate: so the blue and red shoots fire and ice, and the black and green regenerates and can take more damage. Kill both of them, after doing so a dark grey PlankBot appears: it takes even more damage than a Black PlankBot. It is rather hard to defeat, but once you do defeat it, you must report what you did back to the fish in the office. A blimp is hovering by the cave ledge with a blue sphere on it, ride it back to the window of the office and talk to the fish. You can ask "I got rid of those bots" or "Say, uh, what's your name?". Asking him his name makes him say "Steven Krill", while telling him you got rid of the bots he will say "Wow, really? You might as well take on Fanon if you're that powerful. I know just where Fanon is: at the top of this building. Someone broke the elevator on purpose just so Fanon couldn't hurt us. Unfortunately, now we have to live here because we can't leave..... here's a key to open the elevator. Maybe you could climb up the shaft." The mission ends.

  • Mission 3: Drafty Shafts

You start off at the elevator door. Open it with the key to reveal the elevator, which has no floor selection as the buttons have been taken off, and only wires can be seen instead. Shoot the door at the top of the elevator that leads to the shaft with any weapon and it will break. A pad can be seen on top of the elevator now, grapple yourself up to the top using the pad. Suddenly, the game acts like a side-scroller, you can only move left and right, and the camera is zoomed out, looking at the side of your body. The door is open from the next floor, and you are not able to walk in it due to the side-scroller physics. A TV can clearly be seen in there, with Fanon's face on it. He says "Oh great. YOU." and he walks offscreen, and tech noises are heard. Then the elevator starts moving up again, and the emergency door closes. He says "HA!" and then Purple PlankBots begin shooting missiles at you from ledges on the sides of the shafts, which you cannot reach. Survive for at least 3 minutes, and the camera will stop acting as a side-scroller, and the elevator stops. Suddenly it starts falling very far down. Grapple onto the pad on the middle of the elevator, and you will be sent up into the air with the rope at maximum length. The Purple PlankBots keep shooting at you, so you must dodge them by swinging. After about one minute, the momentum of the elevator's falling becomes so strong it sets on fire, so you automatically let go and fall onto a ledge. Wait for a little while and the elevator returns, going up very fast. Hop onto it and it will elevate you so fast that you are crouching down. Three pads are on the elevator now, hop onto one. After doing this the elevator sets on fire again, grapple across these pads for 5 cycles. The top of the elevator explodes, so it's safe to fall onto the platform below. If you go on the platform it falls into pieces, however there are a couple of blue spheres connected to the bottom. Hang onto these and the elevator goes insanely fast to the top, it abruptly stops, and the lack of momentum launches you up through the hole and into the open door at the top. In this floor there is a set of stairs that you walk up to a door. Open it with the key and you are at the top of the building. The level ends.

  • Mission 4: Chasing Fanon

Fanon spots you just as he is about to fire the laser. Fanon takes his hypnotizer and hops on a scooter with no wheels, but rockets instead. He jumps off the building and begins flying away using his rocket scooter. You must follow him. Fanon is attempting to get to the WaffleMart building (which sells waffles) and sneak into the employee room to activate his hypnotizer. You need to follow him quickly, as he goes very fast and if he gets to WaffleMart it's game over. To follow him you hop onto a few metal rails which has small carts containing waffles going the opposite direction you are, signs nearby say that the area is taking bad waffles to the dump. Some of the carts you can jump over, however most are too big to jump over. You can switch between three rails using the joystick. You are automatically balanced and always going forwards. One minute into the rail-swapping course three big carts come. You should see a blue sphere to the right, go to the rightmost bar and push the joystick to the right. You will hop off the bars. Grapple onto the sphere before you fall and you will see a whole path of blue spheres. At the end of the path you will find a grapple pad with a green X. It spins around in circles. Get on it and when it is flipped the other way you will see a grapple pad with a purple X. It shoots missiles out of the sides of it. You must jump onto it and hop onto another pad you will see: a grapple pad with an X that is half green and half purple. It spins AND shoots missiles. Jump onto it and spin to the other side where you will see a blue sphere. Grapple on, there are no more blue spheres. If you do not get to this spot in 2 minutes or less than you fail as Fanon shoots the ray. Alternatively, if you do get there in that time, Fanon flies by and you will automatically hop on. Fanon is disturbed and annoyed by this, and he will eventually punch you, making you fall off, yet you grab a ledge and pull yourself back up. Suddenly buttons appear at the bottom of the screen which are moving towards a yellow bar on the bottom left. Press those buttons when they are over the bar to dodge Fanon's attacks, as similarly to the dancing level in Rock Bottom. The coin system works the same however the coins you get are doubled, the price decreases a double amount, and having a miss takes half away from your score. Getting two misses makes you die. Don't worry however, there is a checkpoint once you are on the blue sphere so you will be able to swing back on and restart the dodging part. Get to the end of the dodging session (which takes about 2 minutes) and get your coins if you get past. Fanon then realizes he had forgot to drive the hovership and it starts falling. Jump off to a nearby building you will see, and Fanon begins to pilot it again successfully. If you do not jump off he will fall down and you will die. However he pilots away at the last second. When you are on the building he will begin chasing you on his hoverboard, shooting lasers at you. Dodge the lasers, you will notice you can only move left and right. You will notice Fanon is following your exact moves behind you once you have been running one minute. You need to think fast to beat this part: throw a grenade in front of you and run around it, Fanon won't spot it and he will drive onto it, causing his hoverboard to be blasted out of sight. If you don't do this in 10 seconds he will shoot an aimbot laser at you, which instantly kills you. If you do, Fanon attempts to chase you, but you are much further ahead of him. You reach the ledge of the building shortly after this and you must skydive, try and dodge Fanon's pistol shots. When you reach the bottom you see Fanon still at the top, looking around. He takes out his cell phone and calls Professor Minnow to come. You realize that Patrick and Sandy are nearby and they go inside the building you just ran on (which is apparently "Donut Dunkin'") and you follow. Inside you will see Professor Minnow on the phone with Fanon, and turns around and sees you. The mission ends.

  • Mission 5: Donut Dunkin' Death Day

You reach Donut Dunkin' where Professor Minnow is chasing you, and you find a large crack in the room that leads underground, where there is an oversized factory that makes donuts. There is no hitbox for the factory, the factory seems to have long corridors and obstacles that you must pass through.

World 4: Shell City

Beta comes at an unknown time, there are two bosses, one of which is Hypnotized Plankton, the other is the main villain, however, it is not the final stage, as you do not actually defeat the villain. Based on "Shell City" from the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. An ending cutscene (part of which is shown in the E3 trailer) shows SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy going on a super-fast airplane on the island Sandy says they are going to the villain's house. The scene cuts to a map of the USA, and a red line goes towards some northwestern spot of the USA (as a reference to Indiana Jones), and no more of the scene is shown in the trailer. The spot they go to is near Seattle.

World 5: Fanon's House

Depicts Fanon's house, some cutscenes and gameplay from trailers hint at this as well as the story. The gameplay shows SpongeBob and Patrick on a brown couch, fighting Squilliam, while Fanon is playing a game on his PS4 in the background. Some people say he is playing LittleBigPlanet3, however this is unconfirmed. The couch and other scenery is animated realistically, to make it look like real life, while the characters remain cartoony.

World 6: Fanon's City

Footage is the only proof other than story, again has the realistic animation, but cartoony characters. Fro the gameplay, we can tell that SpongeBob and Patrick are somewhere on the top of a building in Seattle. There are two bosses, the first one is Plankton, the second one is Fanon, which is being battled on the top of the Space Needle, according to footage from the E3 Trailer. The Beta for the first mission was released on September 17th.

  • Mission 1: Radio-active!

The plot for this mission is that Fanon is to make a world broadcast and the team must destroy all 5 of the Radio transmitters. In this level, you take control of Ghastlyop again after the second and third missions. To get the other side, you must use Ghastly's new weapon (his whip), Ghastly is used for three of the transmitters and then SpongeBob takes out another.

  • Mission 2: TBN

World 7: Fanon's Funeral

Some footage hints at this, and the story confirms this world. The footage shows that this world takes place in a cemetery near Seattle and there are only 3 missions: A Heartbreaking Event (likely playing through the funeral, and at the end they discover the false body), False Funeral (the ambush part), and a Fanon-tastic Finale (final boss fight).

Mission 1: A Heartbreaking Event.

The funeral for Fanon takes place, with all of the characters except secondary appear. SpongeBob senses something is wrong and asks everyone but they are too sad to talk except the grave digger, ask him about where and when did you find the body and then ask if you can dig him up. The Mission ends when you ask him to dig the body up which plays a cutscene where you find his body.

Mission 2: False Funeral

After you find the dead body, every grave turns out to be Fanon's goons. The start is easy with the easy goons and then it gets harder with the goons until you beat 78 of them, then you call Fanon which he tells you to look for him. SpongeBob and the gang start to drive off into the final boss fight.

Nintendo World (exclusive to Nintendo Wii & 3DS)

A Nintendo exclusive world, where you can play minigames. According to the game developers you unlock it after beating Fanon's City if you are playing on any Nintendo system.

LittleBigPlanet World (exclusive to PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4)

A PlayStation exclusive world, where you play a big long level. This is unlocked the same way as the Nintendo World.

  • Everything is Fanontastic

You play as FanBoy (who speaks nothing), aided by the help of Fanon himself. You must get through the level defeating the Ghastly boss at the end.


The PlayStation 4 version of The SpongeToons Movie received high moderate reviews due to the upgrades in the version over the seventh generation versions (released for every console even reviving the Nintendo Wii for it being the final game released.).

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