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Total Drama SBFW
Logo made by CrazySponge
Created by Purple133 and
Original run June 21, 2019 - February 9, 2020
Opening theme I Wanna Be Famous
Genre Comedy
# of seasons 1
# of episodes 27
Starring SBFW Users
(Team H-E Double Hockey Sticks)
(Team Steve)
Spin-off status Completed
Directed by Purple133
Writer(s) CrazySponge
Creative directors Purple133
Storyboard artist(s) CrazySponge
Plot creators CrazySponge
Producer(s) SpongeBot678
Supervising producer(s) CrazySponge
Executive producers SpongeBot678
Television producers Purple TV
Production company Purple Incorporated
Original network Purple TV
Preceded by N/A
Followed by Total Drama Entropy

Total Drama SBFW is a the first season of a fanon SBFW Total Drama project created by Purple133 and SpongeBot678 because of the amount of drama on SBFW. It premiered on Purple TV on June 21, 2019, and the finale aired on February 9, 2020. It also airs on LTV.


The idea for this show came from the amount of drama there is on SBFW. The show is literally has drama in the name. On June 12, 2019, CrazySponge was hired as a writer for the show. On June 13, 2019 Lock was hired as a writer. On June 15, Dan was hired as a writer.




Casting done by CrazySponge, Purple133, and TheJasbre202.

  • Danielle Panabaker as Alex
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Bot
  • Rick Gervais as Cici
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Crazy
  • John Cena as Dan
  • Katie Cassidy as Elli
  • Donald Trump as FD
  • Joshua Segarra as Golf
  • Simon Cowell as Granite
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Ian
  • Lindsay McKeon as Image
  • Chris Pratt as Jasbre
  • Sean Giambrone as Joey
  • Barack Obama as Lock
  • Rainn Wilson as Matchy
  • Tom Kenny as Para
  • Ariana Grande as Polar
  • Zachary Levi as Purps
  • Danny Trejo as Rocky
  • Jacob Batalon as SBCA
  • Stephen Amell as Steve
  • Danny DeVito as Travis
  • Sarah Silverman as Vanessa
  • Charles Martinet as Waluigi


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Click here to see the elimination table: Total Drama SBFW Elimination Table

Contestant Team Status Placing
Lock H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 1st 22nd
Matchy H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 2nd (Returned) 12th
Polar H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 3rd 21st
Travis H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 4th 20th
Rocky H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 5th 19th
FD Steve Eliminated 6th 18th
Jasbre Steve Eliminated 7th (Returned) 8th
Steve H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 8th 17th
Granite Steve Eliminated 9th 16th
Para Steve Eliminated 10th 15th
Elli H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 11th 14th
Ian Steve Eliminated 12th 13th
Matchy H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 13th 12th
Golf Steve Eliminated 14th 11th
SBCA H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 15th 10th
Crazy Steve Eliminated 16th 9th
Jasbre Steve Eliminated 17th 8th
Cici H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 18th 7th
Bot Steve Eliminated 19th 6th
Purps Steve Eliminated 20th 5th
Vanessa H-E Double Hockey Sticks Eliminated 21st 4th
Image Steve Eliminated 22nd 3rd
Joey H-E Double Hockey Sticks Runner-Up 2nd
Dan Steve Winner 1st


Leave reviews for the first season down below!

  • Yaaaaasssss -CartoonGuy277
  • Other than the controversy and hiatus the season has taken, it's a great idea for a show, with some pacing problems and some mediocre episodes now and then, which i'm hoping the next season addresses all of these issues and avoids them. 6/10 - TheJasbre202
  • I’m gonna give it a solid 7.5/10. In my eyes this show is far from perfect but still pretty good. Some of my biggest issues are pacing issues and lackluster writing in some episodes, but I’m working to fix that so that the second season is the greatest content I’ve ever made. - Purple133
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