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SpongeBob in his Ultra Instinct form

Ultra Instinct SpongeBob is a non-canon character from SpongeBob SquarePants, he's a parody of SpongeBob's goofy goober form and ultra instinct from Dragon Ball Super who is portrayed as a god who is undefeatable.


  • Omnipowers
  • One punch
  • Transformation
  • Zenith
  • Trilogy
  • Omnivores Mastery
  • Meta Miracle Manipulation
  • Lock Bypassing
  • Nonexistance
  • Immortal Slayer
  • Infinite condition
  • Animation manipulation
  • Shape shift
  • World master
  • Meta Powers
  • The Great Force
  • Infinite manipulation
  • Creation of everything
  • Infinite and unlimited powers
  • Perfect essokinesis
  • Power Bestowal
  • Use any % of his power
  • Stealing his enemies' powers
  • Blinding his foes
  • Fictional awareness


He originally came from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie where Plankton turned the entire Bikini Bottom people into his slaves, he then went to his goofy goober wizard form before he became a slave then uses his wizard form to revert everyone back to normal, another time was when he insulted Patrick just so he can control Patrick without touching him. These 2 scenes causes the origin of this character which is a parody of SpongeBob SquarePants and Dragon Ball Super.



SpongeBob defeating Goku

Goku was known to be SpongeBob's main enemy in his ultra instinct form. SpongeBob was able to dodge Goku's attacks in every attack and managed to take him down along with his main rival, Jiren.


Watch fight here
Saitama starting fighting SpongeBob, when he was coming out of his building and entering Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob was calling Saitama a "tubby" but Saitama seems to fine with it, Saitama then tried to punch SpongeBob in the face but all of the sudden, SpongeBob managed to not die, Saitama was confused on what happened and then punched SpongeBob again just to find out SpongeBob was a sponge so he can't be punched. SpongeBob then managed to finish Saitama by simply one punching him back. Saitama was then all of a sudden confused on why he lost and then SpongeBob straight up mocked him.


Superman was one of SpongeBob's hardest enemies to fight, SpongeBob was in the middle with a work on Sandy while Superman was coming to fight him, SpongeBob then told Sandy to go away. SpongeBob then asked Superman if he wants a krabby patty before they fight, Superman then noticed he's hungry so he said sure, after SpongeBob gave Superman the Krabby Patty, it turns out it was actually kryptonite which caused Superman to become weak causing SpongeBob to win.


Watch fight here
Hulk is also one of SpongeBob's worst rivals to exist, SpongeBob met Hulk during the Avengers area calling Hulk a "tubby" which caused Hulk which scared SpongeBob, Hulk then throws a car at SpongeBob saying no one can beat him and then punched him to the ground, Hulk then attacked SpongeBob again but then SpongeBob shot laser at him, SpongeBob then met up with Hulk again with Hulk throwing SpongeBob away but then SpongeBob came back, after Hulk tackled SpongeBob, SpongeBob went to his Goofy Goober form and then finished the Hulk off.


Sonic is another rival that is a challenger for SpongeBob and then stated to SpongeBob that he's the fastest thing alive, with Tails telling Sonic he's going to regret this. SpongeBob then made fun of Sonic for a lot of things like his super Sonic form and his bad games, Sonic keeps telling SpongeBob to stop making fun of him and then used 75% of his power to finish Sonic off.


Mario was one of SpongeBob's second most easiest rivals yet, after SpongeBob defeated Sonic, he decided to go back home and take a break just for Mario to come out of nowhere and disturb his piece. SpongeBob isn't pleased and stated Mario is joking but then made coins come out of SpongeBob's head which then, SpongeBob hits Mario with the coins and get a victory.

Amy Rose

Aside from Mario, Amy is the most easiest fighter for SpongeBob to take down. When SpongeBob defeated Sonic, Amy then tried to attack SpongeBob for killing her love interest with SpongeBob making her for being a stalker, before Amy hit SpongeBob with her hammer, SpongeBob pulled out his power and killed her.


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